Damon Dash Launches DD172 In Hong Kong

(AllHipHop News) Rap executive Damon Dash has set his sights on Asia and is launching a new branch of his DD172 brand in Hong Kong.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Dame Dash has partnered with Hong Kong rapper MC Yan and American business woman Shelly Pecot, who now resides in the country.

According to the article, their goal is to launch DD172 as a “talent incubator,” much like the business he opened in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York in 2010.

The business will incubate the talent and host local acts, as well as international artists.

“The point of these shows – these collaborations – is to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern music,” Damon Dash told the Wall Street Journal. “Music and break any barrier, be a cultural or language.”

Damon Dash and his new business partners are currently seeking space in Hong Kong to launch the DD172 brand.

  • rep87

    Dame Dash its over dude and you know it taking it cross water might do a little something but its all ready been done this is nothing new good luck

    • woohah623

      is it really necessary to hate on every f*cking thing you read? jesus. Do you even know a damn thing about what he’s doing with DD172? Educate yourself dumbass.

      • rep87

        its no hating dumb azz did you read the article you dick riders allways trying to talk ,educate yourself it shows you are one dumb azz in your comment

      • Lol yeah it does seem kind of silly to comment when you really are not in the loop on what he is doing.

      • rep87

        DAme looking like a crack head and you dick riders must be smoking to loop that

      •  Not a “Rider” but i know certain things are true and not true .you do seem young so i will leave you to the silliness he is not a crackhead dude is a diabetic and secondly he is in his 40’s we all get old .lol

      • …….

      • …..

      • NoGoBoi

        Maxwell you are one of the few on here that speaks with some sense. Rep87 you do seem young and immature by some of your comments, which paints a picture of ignorance (not clowning you, just using the word for its true meaning). If you are a Jay-Z fan, that’s cool but don’t let being a fan taint your mentality/perspective on a situation you know nothing about and start spewing a bunch of nonsense. Smh, you maybe young but you are old enough to know better.

      • rep87

        NOT clowning you but i see you must be Ignorant dude i commented that JAY Z dropped DAME over some ignorant things he Dame was doing DAMN  you are following what some other dummies who missed read or cant read what i said correctly

      • NoGoBoi

        So you’re saying Jay dropped Dame because of some ignorant things he did, ok Mr. ROCAFELLA insider/TMZ what ignorant things did he do exactly, I’m curious to know since you you got the inside scoop? The 2ndword ignorant comment you made was that he’s done, career wise and him going over seas is a loss already, how-so Mr. ECONOMICS/BUSINESS? Now if I’m, “misreading or can’t read correctly” show me exactly where because you sir are looking like a true idiot right now playboi.

      • rep87

        Music wise hes done IgNORANT AZZ

      • NoGoBoi


      • NoGoBoi

        Oh yea your 3rd comment ignorant thing, everybody under Dame is broke and over, lets be honest right here young man exactly who are you speaking on regarding that statement? State Property? If so, wrong again lil dude, Jay was making the decisions regarding them and Beans, I’m a die hard Beans fan but stepping asisde as a fan I can see Beans doesn’t make smart decisions regarding business because Jay would of never got over on him if so. DAME gave Kanye the Go, got Dip Set poppin, Curren$y in a good position/lane but nobody wanna phuck wit Dame doe right? You sound like the typical cat who will go for anything with the right price, prob hard for you to get a good read on people off initial interaction because you get blinded by the “things” and lose sight of the means. Youngin’

      • rep87

        Damn for the last time some azz hole on here miss read what i said its some real dumb azz’s in the world

      • rep87

        IT doesnt take a rocket scienctist to know what a drug user look like theres millions of people out here who are diabetic and dont look like this what dumb azz comment from you

      • Adrian Barron

        you worse than R_REAL_TALK @ least he be dead on “sometimes” with his hates … you just on here typing spit you dont know about

      • rep87

        Really i havent seen or read any thing you ever had to say of any intelligence

    • Adrian Barron

      man you dont knor SPIT from shoeshine LOL

      • rep87

        ITs a waste of time bro it shows you are really ignorant

      • rep87

        it shows who is ignorant on here you are just because i said what he is doing is allready in effect its some real uneducated busters on here eat a dick

      • rep87

        ROC NATION flurishing on a whole new level

  • Papi Peligro

    Yo that’s a nice move. If the water dries up in the US. You always can do the ASIAN THING. 

    • Adrian Barron

      its called expansion … what you DONT know is ASIA has a BIG market for hiphop and supports indie artists HEAVY — DAME is a conduit of sorts – trying to help out artists who otherwise wouldnt have the reach, knowledge, or know how

  • jboat123


    • For what? he is going overseas they have a better understanding of hip hop overseas anyway more than the American fan.

    • Adrian Barron


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                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

    • Adrian Barron

      get rep87 young azz the phuck outta here –

      • rep87

        YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A COMMENT JUST A DUMB AZZ WISE CRACK! Heres my comment son Dame’s venture is not the first and i wish the brother luck and some dummy on here who couldnt read took it the wrong way and Dame is washed up in music bizness so dont be a FOLLOWER IN LIFE because some NOT ALL on this site have a BRAIN

  • rep87

    This is the same dude who stole from Benie and the smartest thing JAY Z did was drop him and people on here defending him

    • You only going by what they say he made jay -z rich….. Jay z actually did  not drop him Jay-z got rich by two things happening .Biggie got killed and Damon working his ass for him to make him a household name.

      • Romia Blue

        if Jay got rich by Dame working his “ass” off for him, then why hasn’t anybody flurished under Dame’s hardwork? Meanwhile, Jay got Rihanna, Ne-Yo under Universal <—these are really the only two I have to mention.
        Dame was a hype man under the guise of brains; the front man if you will and got too cocky with his assumed fake position. Everybody under Dame's umbrella has failed or is struggling to stay relevant. If Dame did so much to make Jay the household name you claim, then him staying relevant should've been relatively easy…

      • blackdynamite79

         Kayne West was made because Dame believed in him.  They even asked Kayne on an MTV interview, if Dame fought so hard for you to be a Roc-a-fella artist, why was it that you went with Jay when they spilt up?

      • stanthetech

        I concur , to much Sam Raustine

      •  Does Jay -z have rihanna or def jam have rihanna? hmmmmm?

      • Erin Quinn Moreno

        Jay Z signed rihanna to def jam. She is signed on to his management company, and from what I hear they dont do sh!t for her. She has her own crew that does the hard work and roc nation takes 10%.

      • Believe me i know and you have no clue what you are talking about honestly Damon Dash started Rocafella with money that was left for him by his mother Carolyn. and uhm Jay-z was STRUGGLING  ANYONE REMEMBER HAWAIIAN SOPHIE???.JAZO.????……DAMON DASH PUT JAY-Z ON WITH CAN I GET OPEN BY ORIGINAL FLAVOR …… THEN HE STARTED ROCAFELLA BECAUSE HE BELIEVED IN HIM.YALL HAVE ZERO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT I KNOW PERSONALLY.

      • Not true Damon is arrogant and white people hate arrogant Black men they want  yes men and that he is not .

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         True but there is a difference from just being arrogant and being an arrogant asshole. Dame is smart no doubt, but you can’t burn bridges in that business.Why doesn’t anyone want to f@ck with him?  I want Dame to succeed to tell you the truth because I love a good underdog story. But if your are a jackass to EVERYONE including underlings well, you may deserve to be shunned.

      • Erin Quinn Moreno

        Are you saying Curren$y didnt flurish under Dame. He got one of the best record deals out there. Dont get it twisted Wiz Khalifa has to split his money 4 ways. Thats why he has to work so hard to drive a Camaro and act like its the shit and Curren$y rocking a bentley. Is it smart IDK

      • rep87

        Thanks for letting these dudes know whats up if Dame was such a force in the game the guys that stayed with him he could have blown them up but instead like yyou said they all are struggling most ! BIG UPS MY MAN !

      • neyo and rihanna starting to fade out 


  • water_ur_seeds

    Its no secret Dame burnt his bridges making sure him and Jay didnt get taken advantage of, Dame was ‘the asshole’ that did all the work and negotiating… When Jay left, Dame was left with burnt bridges, while Jays name was good… Either way Dame is struggling Hes had million clothing lines since He parted ways… Hope it works out for him…

    • bigfoot2011

      Diddy negotiates too, why didn’t he burn bridges?  Every executive has to negotiate but Dame was an arrogant asshole who didn’t think he would one day need the ppl was being disrespectful to.  I once read he never wore the same clothes twice.  Not even the same sneakers or socks.  How do u remain rich with such impudence?

  • he should focus on other things like movies or retail cause that music money is very slow 

  • Well hopefully thats works out for them, you have to take chances to know if it will work, say what u say he was a big part of Jay-Z career, no one wanted to sign Jay-Z they went to everyone and thats why they started they own label, it took talent also from Jay but i mean it was a combination of both case the industry is not all about how good you but how good u can promote and sell your product,

  • $18592567

    I know Jay-Z is laughing on the inside every time he sees Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy.smh…

  • slumlord_vinny

    A man who has made over $100 mil in one year is nothing to laugh at!  Don’t let the cameras fool you, Dame is actually a down to earth person with a good heart and has helped a lot of people. 

  • Tril Beats

    Dame done aged… i thought that was Spike Lee when i first glanced! lol…

  • breed500

    For the people placing misinformed comments on how Jay and Dame got to where they are,I suggest you read the Big Payback by Dan Charnas..it tells the whole story,you can hate Dame for grandstanding and letting his ego burn bridges,but there is a method to the madness and it wasn’t Jay as much as his current manager that played divide and conquer,with Jay’s greed and ego as catalyst..Dame made mistakes but he was loyal to Jay..know what you’re talking about before you decide to give  those two cents up or go watch daytime..

  • Tony G.

    So for all the “Dame its over” folks on here..I guess once the Roc went down Dame was supposed to just crawl in a hole and die..will he ever be on the level he was when the Roc was rolling..highly doubtful..but the man is a born hustler..and he knows how to generate checks…he wasnt exactly um…broke when the Roc went down..and has had his mix in a hand full of projects since…he’s always gonna be on the grind…and going to get that overseas money is a definitely win…I see as usual there’s a lot of people talking about what they dont know..thats what happens when u use gossip sites on the net to get ur info and think becuz of what they say u know everything about people and their lives….Dame will grind til he drops…