Scott Storch

Scott Storch Arrested Over Cocaine

(AllHipHop News) Hit making producer Scott Storch continues his battle with cocaine after an arrest earlier this month in Las Vegas. reports that Scott Storch was arrested on February 4th, after authorities caught him trying to hide a bag of cocaine in a trashcan at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Hotel security called the police on the producer, after he allegedly refused to pay for his room.

Security guards noticed Storch stuffing a bag of cocaine into a nearby trashcan and when police arrived, they found 2.7 grams worth of the drug.

Scott Storch was arrested and later released on $5,000 bail.

Scott Storch is famous for producing hits for artists like 50 Cent, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and others.

He is just as well known for his addiction to drugs and alcohol, in addition to squandering tens of millions of dollars, before checking into rehab.

  • woohah623

    here we go again. storch was just getting his sh*t back together!

  • illymac

    he been on that pow wow (powder)
    for a while now..

    The crazy part is this dude is nice
     when it comes to making those beats..

    that Fat Joe- lean back song was crazy..

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug..

  • Roberto Ciamora

    SMH, if you look at the picture on this page compared to his mugshot on TMZ, dude looks like he’s aged 2 decades

  • therealest1

    Relapse shit. 

  • Landopanda

    cocaine’s a helluva drug

    • jboat123


  • rep87

    Dude got mad skills hate to here he hes back on the powder, reports are scott blew 30 million thats a bad Coke Habit

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I feel for him… ok not really.


    The monkey aint no joke
    U wanna mess wit tha dope ? ( flavor flav voice)

    Money coke & hoes is all a nigga know

    Things people got to remember, scott aint sniffing,
    That low grade, step on 30 times, cut with baking soda,
    5 more time cocaine.

    Naw when you got scott money, u buying your shet,
    From grade A drug dealers, who supply all the stars.
    I talking bout that high quality, peruvian, just came out the mule ass,
    Earlier today cocaine. I talking that you need a glove on to sniff the shet,
    The shet that numb your nose, not burn it. Lol

    I talking charlie sheen, mental break down type of coke.
    I banging out 7 grams a day, snort.

    So scott is going to keep relapsing, because nothing can replace that feeling.
    He prolly made a majority of hit beats, when he was high.

    That coke prolly gets his creative juices flowing,
    Or atleast he thinks.

    When a nigga, go through that much coke, is a rap for them.
    Scott has to hit rock bottom, and it appears he hasnt done that yet.

    I wonder if had he stay wit the roots, would he still had turn out like this.

    • thethreetinters

      Nigga you funny

  • churchboy2

    Timbaland wins!

  • Hiding it in a trash can? Sounds like he was throwing it away to me.


    another 1 bites the dust and all his money gone on drugs when will it stop yall???????

                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

  • Cool Jay

    Get it together playboy! (birdman voice)

  • 󾓦🇹🇷🇮🇱🇱 🇸🇺🇬🇪󾓦


  • slumlord_vinny

    Cocaine is a powerful drug!

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  • Trash can vs Toilet = Going back for stash 

    Didn’t pay for room & got 4 rack bail = Fail

    Good Luck with that Monkey!

  • What an idiot!

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  • Publicity stunt

  • I hope this guy goes to jail and STAYS there

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