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Piers Morgan Calls Bobby Brown “Disrespectful,” Rev. Jesse Jackson Defends Singer

(AllHipHop News) CNN anchor Piers Morgan addressed Bobby Brown’s appearance at Whitney Houston’s funeral today, labeling the singers actions “disrespectful” for leaving.

Piers Morgan made the comment at the end of Whitney Houston’s funeral, as attendees left the New Baptist Hope church in Newark, New Jersey.

Morgan, who did not attend the funeral, seemed to trash Bobby Brown in front of a national audience.

Bobby Brown defended his choice to leave, saying that although he was harassed by security and is “distraught” over the incident, he chose to leave quietly, to prevent creating a scene.

“My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions,” Bobby Brown said in a statement. “I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi-Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. My children are completely distraught over the events. This was a day to honor Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.”

CNN’s Don Lemon cleared up the controversy, during an interview with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who sat on the stage for Houston’s entire funeral.

According to Rev. Jackson, Whitney Houston’s family did not accommodate Bobby Brown and members of his entourage, prompting the R&B singer to leave his ex-wife’s funeral.

“They wanted him to move, and I don’t think they made proper accommodations for him,” Rev. Jackson told CNN’s Don Lemon. “They couldn’t make proper accommodations for him, so they asked him to leave. That was a very difficult moment for all of us. I tried to get him to stay, but they wouldn’t make room for him.”

Rev. Jackson confirmed that Bobby Brown left the funeral quietly and peacefully, despite growing reports that there was some sort of altercation

“He came, he said in the front row, but they said that was reserved for family of which is a part and a real sense,” Rev. Jackson said. “He is Bobbi-Kristina’s father, and she [Whitney] was his wife. To me it seemed they could’ve accommodated him better then they did.”

Bobby Brown has had a history of bad blood with Whitney Houston’s family, because the family believes the singers drug and alcohol addiction help enable Whitney Houston.

Mayor Cory Booker said police are investigating the matter.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    SMH, even at a funeral they gotta make some form of controversy out of it

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Black folks need to reevaluate their  priorities.

  • rep87

    Piers Morgan was disrespectful in his comments towards Mr. Bobby Brown , Bobby was mistreated by being ask to move so many times by security Whitney im sure wouldnt want her family acting like this on a day like this to the father of her child , Big Ups to Rev .Jesse Jackson for letting Piers Morgan you are wrong .

  • Carmen Michaels

    i thought he was the only one “invited”…so why were the others there?

    • christopher logan

      Carmen, who said Bobby was the only one invited, and if that was true, then something was wrong from the start Whitney had two step children they too should have been invited bar none, would you not agree.

      • Ronlg1

        3 step children…Landon, Bobby Jr. and LaPrincia

  • No i don’t thick Piers whass disrespectful he justh cond get up on move it’s his ex wife so  be respectful to Piers he now’s what to dow and what to say Bobby brown is Bobby Brown her Ex justh move and say nothing

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yo what phuck are you trying to say ?? That is all.

  • King Cold

    Damn shame. That was his ex wife and they couldn’t get him a seat for him and his fam? Smh. Now they got police investigating it? Wtf? Sounds like people just love pointing fingers at Bobby

  • Bobby could have been on some “n*gga sh*t” and totally ruined the whole event. Bobby did the classy thing, in my opinion. Furthermore, why is Morgan talking about it when he wasn’t even there? Bobby Brown = convenient scapegoat. SMH.

  • christopher logan

    I  keep reading entourage, Bobby had an entourage, to me it looked like his two other children who Im sure Whitney loved very much and they loved her, that was Whitney’s day, and no matter the case Bobby and his two children should have been apart of that day. Bobby showed nothing but true class, today he acted like a true gentleman, the Boston Gentleman truly came out in him today. Bobby and his kids have to be really hurting even more today after that sign of disrespect.

    For Rev Jackson “To me it seemed they could’ve accommodated him better then they did.” 

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  • R.I.P. Whitney Houston ! It’s a shame that she gone and all people can do is point the finger a Bobby! You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Ronlg1

      right and as I was telling another person, if they would just TRY to do some research, they would realize that Whitney was on drugs BEFORE she met Bobby Brown…

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yo Ron1g1

        Shut the phuck up … that is all.

      • Ronlg1

        Yo TroyMercy

        GROW the phuck up … that is all.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Lmao that is all … too early for drama .

      • Ronlg1

        ha ha ha ha…I just thought I’d hit you back with that one….I thought it was funny

  • Good Look for Bobby Brown , being a gentleman.

    Bad Look for the Drama Lords / Queens running the show!

    RIP Whitney!

  • Guest

    Well right or Wrong, about Bobby Brown leaving it is ALL over now, Whitney has gone with the Lord, Now NONE OF HER FAMILY HAS TO PRETEND THAT THEY LIKE BOBBY BROWN,

    • Uh, Bobby Brown was a multi-platinum artist in his prime. You’re talkin’ about the man like you know him or somethin’. You don’t know what took place in that household. Whitney could have been tootin’ long before she met Bobby. You can’t place ALL the blame on him, especially when you weren’t involved in that relationship. Fans. SMH.

      • Ronlg1

        not “could have”…she WAS tootin before Bobby and EVERYBODY knows this.  Bobby is being used as a scapegoat.  Not cool.  I think they are more upset that Bobby cleaned himself up, which is showing more proof that Bobby didn’t bring those problems to Whitney, she already had them.  I would LOVE for Bob to put out a REAL “tell all” book one day…not right now…but some day in the future and tell how things REALLY went down.  Everything from the drugs to the lesbianism.

    • Ronlg1

      Is it safe to say the you do NOT like Bobby Brown?  I like how people like yourself try to put EVERYTHING on Bobby Brown.  I think everybody should do research.  You would be SURPRISED at what you find.  Do some research on her and Cherrelle being roommates…Do some research on Whitney’s drug habits and you’ll interviews like the one I’m looking at right now with Jennifer Holiday where she states “I hate to say that she (Whitney) had started BEFORE she met Bobby Brown”….Research people, don’t believe everything that everybody says…

    • Weedras

       your clearly a nincompoop…. ain’t make sense to reason with you cause one of those remember me when i’m dead stans whose tryna use Bobby as a scapegoat…

    • SusieLaw

      Bobby Brown has talent!! Are you performing at concerts??? And how the *** can you tell someone to stay away from their own daughter?? You done lost your mind!! How do you know if that man hasn’t changed??? God does forgive last time I knew. And last, but not least. Maybe he needed to move on. Him and Whitney may have LOVED each other, but they were a toxic pair. Why are people so mad at him?? I LOVE me some Whitney, but she DID say she was the first to get the party on. We need to stop hating, pointing fingers, and judging because there’s shame in everybody’s game!!! REAL TALK!!

    • Dumb ass!!! She used to get high with Eddie murphy, Keith Sweat, Rick James, El Debarge,and a lot of singers back then…They used back then to stay up with their demanding schedules…but got addicted.  Ever heard of coke parties in the 70’s and 80’s shit..they still do those parties but with Ex and other mind altering drugs. Do your research before you speak on something you clearly have no knowledge about.

    • rep87

      You DEAD WRONG ON BOBBY BROWN,BOBBY HAS TALENT AND STILL SELLING OUT SHOWS ,some where along the way you been brain wash by these devils out here in the media , This man has a daughter he loves most mother inlaws dont like their son inlaw for whatever reason its common wake up dont be mislead by the media, drugs were there long before Bobby it just got out of control and it has ruin good people and killed a many and torn familys apart ruin lives

    • malaika lwanga

      I don’t like Bobby Brown but I respect the fact that he was married to Whitney for 14 YEARS! He must be hurting. You were not in the marriage and only Bobbi Xtina knows what went down between them. The fact that she still has contact with her father tells you what kind of person Bobby brown was. He should have been treated with more respect

    • rankin1

      thats the dumbest sh*t I have ever heard. What wrong has bobby ever done ? Dance nasty on stage like MJ, Prince, Go to jail for child support like most common men and women, or use drugs like every rock since the beginning of time ? He was not a monster, or a bad guy. She choose him, maybe he wouldnt have been your choice but thats your business. Almost every man or woman have dated somebody that their parents didnt approve of. You need to check youtube and lokk at video of how whitney was using drugs before bobby and how he has been clean but she wasnt and claimed to be in rehab but hanging around coke head ray j. Check your facts.

    • Yo are a damn idiot, with a fourth grade education…..who clearly doesn’t know anything about music or Bobby Brown….Bobby is and always will be the Original King of R&B, all of the artists after him owe him, because he changed the game, check the stats……Whitney’s fam is not only childish, petty and ignorant but most of all they are greedy hypocrites who are trying to keep Bobby away from his daughter just so they can suck Whitney’s estate dry, with Bobby out of the picture it will be an easy 20 million to take!!!!

      • ayo_ayo

        hmmn, i beg to differ. i think Usher got this R & B king thing on luck. It use to be a three way split between Bobby, R Kelly and Usher.  Then Bobby screwed up with drugs and R Kelly became a child molester living Usher with the crown and boy, talk about running with it, even Usain Bolt couldn’t catch up to Usher. Sh&t, if you ask me, Usher had the crown before R kelly started molesting young girls. Diddy was like yo Usher, take that, take that, take that and Usher was like ” i just wanna take it nice and slow but here we are crusing down the street with the crown on top of my head, contemplating not to lay the crown down uh uh,  mine mine mine.

      • mike h

        you got to be a 90-00 baby cause you dont know wtf you talkin bout. fuckouttahere.

    • if bobby brown was so bad why does he have a new wife and kidif he was so bad no woman in their right mind would go near him.

  • PaulBrosamJr

    Bobby handled the situation like a gentleman.  Regardless of how the family felt, this was her ex- husband, step children and daughter. Accomodations for their attendance should have been made.  Whitney would have been saddened by this.  Bobby and his children should have been seated in the first or second row in the front along with the rest of the Houston family. Of course he felt slighted and disrespected by the Houston family.  He felt alienated. Out of respect for  Whitney, he kissed her  coffin and left, rather than ruin the event.  He showed real class.

    • SusieLaw


      • MrTroyMercy

        cosign …i didnt see your post before i posted…

  • Whitney could have chose not to be an addict after all she had a daughter to raise and show example so Bobby wasn’t her down fall she was her own with her decisions..

    • Addiction is powerful. there is no off/on switch!

  • SusieLaw


  • I think Whitney’s family should review the interview she did with Katie Couric when she explained that SHE introduced Bobby to cocaine. She was already wild before they met!

    • Ronlg1

      THANK YOU!!!!

  • Ravi Singh

    i think the only voice in the middle was rev jackson’s and seemed the most moderate and neutral.  it sounds like a difficult situation all around and as i’m going with the rev i guess i would  have to say bobby sounds like he handled himself well despite being asked to move three times.  like it or not from everything he said and she said they were the loves of each other’s lives so he should have been at least allowed to sit somewhere, but that’s imo and i don’t know all the what what.

  • MrTroyMercy

    What the fucck are the police investigating the matter for ??????!!!!! Sissy and diaonne are doing to much.. least Jesse jackson ain’t try to still the spotlight but that lil cracker calling it disrespectful that he left after the security treated him as they did …hell I would’ve tbounced too cause the media is gonna try and make it seems like he was the cause for whitney’s downfall but WHITNEY was the cause of her own downfall…

    These peopl are suppose to be christans smh..

    Still what do the police have to invesiigate anything for ??? I’m more heated that flew the flag at half mass …she ain’t fight no wars ..

    Before anybody attack me for my opimion …phuck you.

    • Well said sir..1.Whitney was getting high way before Bobby 2. He had the right to console his daughter 3. all of those fake asses in the pulpit.where was they when she needed a real intervention? Where was her bodyguard then? 4.The Family will argue with record executives and lawyers on who gets what from her sales( Clive is gonna get his ).
      And on a side note… R Kelly was trying to put his dibs in on bobbi- kristina..ya’ll know that pedophile’s going broke….

    • rep87

      Your right in your comments Piers Morgan tried to turn this into a circus Bobby Brown acted with class and should be commended for it, Whitney Houston moment went off in a class funeral for a Superstar of her status, Morgan trying to get rating for his show and you can bet he want  Whitney’s mother Cissy on his show he was willing to exploit a family situation i just hope Cissy doesnt fall for this , and i hope the readers on this site can see thru what this devil is trying to do to the Legacy of our Superstar Ms.Whitney HOUSTON she deserves better than what this devil is trying to  rip this family more apart before time to heal and forgive for whatever has divided them all these years MAY GOD BLESS ALL ,RIP MS. HOUSTON

  • MrTroyMercy

    Another thing , they trying to disrespect booby like this but her family should be disrespected for letting a child molester , like R Kelly perform at her funeral.. how can they forgive him but not the father of her daughter and ex husband… Piers azz don’t give a phuck about whitney …just like her estate is trying to cash in … watch it’s gonna be beef over who gets what money and this will be used…still why the phuvk is the police investigating ?

    • Ronlg1

      I thought that SAME exact thing…

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  • illymac

    why does the artical say the police are investigating this ??
    its not like they can file charges on any one..

    and honestly thats shady how they treating Bobby..

  • Hawaiidiver

    Seems Piers is still carry in the British Tabloid attitude and trying to dig up controversy with his continued search for someone to “blame” for Whitney’s death.   Give it a break Piers, the fact is she had an addiction problem, something that is difficult to control(see your colleague Anderson Cooper’s segment with Dr. Drew).   Report the news and stop trying to promote your agenda or personal feeling.

  • So is it me are is most people trying to blame Bobby for Whitneys passing? Well how bout this….Whitney was a junky and we all knew that. We talked about her every time we seen her high and/or drunk. She said out of her own mouth that her and a so called Winans use to get high on cocaine but no one wants to talk about that and that was way before Bobby. And another thing, I’m sure Bobby did his s…hare of drugs back when they first met but that man didn’t have I use cocain type of money. People…you can lead a person to water but u cant make them drink it. She got high because she wanted to not because he stuck the drugs in her hand and told her to smoke this or I’ll kill you. All these news channels and talk show host want to say she was so great but for the pass 5 years its been a dog out the junky festival….now she’s gone and they all want to forget what they said prior to this and how she was. O….”it wasn’t her falt she was under Bobbys control”. Last I checked her and Bobby have been apart for a while. He started to get his mind right and what did she do…start kicking it with Ray J and just took to the new drug of choice “PILLPOPPIN”. So lets stop trying to blame someone for the thing we all knew would happen if she didn’t change and stop useing drugs. She was a junky we knew it except it and move on. I’m sorry for her death but it is what it is. And now on CNN a few hour after the funeral that they said was so great it’s time to start back dogging her.

    • Roberto Ciamora


    • Ronlg1

      Speak that truth!!!

    • NoGoBoi


  • SDS_Overfiend

    Bob cleaned himself up and people don’t want to believe… As Much as i love Whitney.. She been getting busy off the party powder. Bobby is younger than her and Whitney is head strong like a motherfucker.Clive Know Whitney N’ nem was getting nice at his pre-grammy parties. Fucked up how he could’nt be part of the funeral with his child.

    • Ronlg1

      I think people (especially Whitney’s family) are probably more upset about that one little fact that you stated…”Bob got clean and Whitney didn’t”…

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  • Black Exodus

    R-Kelly??? for real, all of the damn Winans??? for real…all that shucking and jiving???? for real…probably a who lot of people Whitney didn’t care for but they couldn’t make accommodations for Bobby and the family??? for real. These are Christians??? for real. Rest in peace Ms. Houston, I know your are in a better place.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” youtube

  • YaheardSyndicate

    People acting like Bobby Brown is a washup but there are only 5 R&B albums that outsold Dont Be Cruel in the 80’s, with one of them being Thriller. Also, did they forget that he’s back with New Edition, a group that will never be a wash up? People obviously know nothing about music.

    •  Real talk. “Don’t Be Cruel” did over 7 mil in the US alone.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    There’s no justification, for Camera Crews, being accommodated and not the father of Whitneys Child. People gotta ask what would Whitney have wanted, and until they were divorced it seemed like the 3 of them did alot of things together. Security not allowing him to see his daughter, is more damaging to her then anything. It’s a classic case of people being bitter, like if Bobby used drugs and overdosed that was the expected thing, but since Whitney did they are all bitter towards him.

  • weakling

    I was a shame of the treatment of Bobby Brown and his family, by the  Houston family, they made a statement they brought the world to chruch, but what they really did was show the world how we treat one of our own in chruch. No matter what Whitney Love Bobby however, the out come.

    A born again believer

  • He should have told them,,,, Dont be cruel cause i would never be that cruel to you,,oh oh oh oh dont be cruel

  • MissPriss1

    @ Joel. LMAO. Good one. Too funny.

  • YoungPrime

    So it’s tough being Bobby Brown. To be Bobby then, you have to be Bobby now. 

  • MissPriss1

    Keep your foot on his neck Miss Cissy Houston!!! Keep Bobby Brown away from your grand child. Let Bobby know that he can no longer be a thorn in your side.  Now it it your turn to be the “Thorn in his side”.  

    • ayo_ayo

      keep bobby away from her gramchild ? about Bobby keep everyone away from his seed i.e his daughter aka his flesh and blood. ? about that

  • ayo_ayo

    although, i have been unkind to Bobby in the past, but now i find it funny that everyone is grabbing their sword on one hand and bobby’s name on their lips,. Dude hasn’t even said much or done anything wrong so far but he seems to be an hot topic on the lips of all these people from Whitney’s side. They just wanna hold on to a grudge that does not exist in order for them to stay relevant. The funniest thing will be when the daughter who is 18 years old tells everyone to shut the F*ck up and stay away from all her millions. NOw that will be a scene to cherish

  • Whitney (rest her soul) been doing drugs before Bobby ever came into her life. Ask those who knew “The real Whitney” not the Whitney Clive Davis and her management cooked up and sold to the world.

    Bobby cleaned up his act and is doing well. WHitney on the other hand… Well, we all know how the story ended. 

  • Who What Why When

    Just goes to show how the black man has been used to be blame or scapegoat for any unhappiness in a black woman. The media pushes this very strongly to cause division of the black man and woman and many of our women are eating that shit up. its sad that they cant take a step back and see that. They got the black women on cruise control degrading and downing us(it goes both ways actually) why the ringleaders hands stay clean. And they got the nerve to wonder why so many of us walk around with chips on our shoulders. Longtime friends have come out and said Whitney used before Bobby and may have influenced him, but regardless some STILL want him to shoulder the blame. SMH when the entertainment industry exposes talent to all the ills and the most perverted circumstances they could ever imagine, but of course nobody thinks to look there when there is a “worthless” black male near. Like Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “dont EVER let anyone take your manhood…”

  • Guest

    what the hell was jesse jackson doing there? He dated Whitney when she was just a teen. He sat there, useless as usual, did not participate in a reading or a short story or say anything to the  family. No one knows why he was even there. He just tries to be in the public eye so we don’t forget about him.  Guess what? A lot of people already have. The last thing that the Rev. (whatever) that I remember is him trying to be his normal uneducated self and try to get out of being caught having another illegitimate kid. And then afterwards for him to defend Bobby Brown? Please, the man beat, hit, slapped and spit on Whitney. WTH is up with that? He and Bobby just need to  Go Away!!!!


    these people need to stay out of others people business now she gone no need for these guys to be given their opinion on what they think should have been said or done lets lay Whitney to rest and honor her music point black nothing more needs to be said cause when she was alive this same guy bashing wasint their to help word up?????

    p.s rest in peace your free now

                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )