Rosa Acosta and Nipsey Hussle

Pink Dolphin Draws Celebs During Magic Show Convention

Fastest growing clothing line, Pink Dolphin premiered at the Magic Show Convention in Las Vegas this week.

Celebs mingled with owners Neima Khaila, Cena Barhaghi and rapper Young L, who entertained buyers, fashion influencers, celebrities and convention goers at the Pink Dolphin booth, in addition to their afterhours luxury suite.

Check out some pics of rapper/Nipsey Hussle, Model/Rosa Acosta and NFL/DeShawn Jackson, who all hosted the Pink Dolphin festivities.

  • rep87

    Magic show make all them wack azz rappers disappear now thats a show

  • DrPrepper

    Can’t imagine the streets rockin anything with the word or color pink in it. Jus Sayin.

    • MrMarvlss


    • mezzaino

      Ptah Williams~~A “Pink Dolphin” is an X-peel …so obviously your not from nor in the streets so keep your “just sayin” to yourself …but never the less im just saying

  • Another Brand Another Day…What is the meaning behind this line..are they donating to help save dolphins from poachers or from commercial fishing nets?…whats the science?..or are they just another hipster/fag label

  • illymac

    I only clicked on it cause ol’ girls picture..
    She can get it..

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