J. Cole

J. Cole to Judge Amateur Dunk Contest With LeBron, Darryl Dawkins

(AllHipHop News) Rap star J. Cole will make a high profile appearance during this year’s NBA All-Star weekend in Orlando, Florida.

The rapper’s serving as a judge in the finals of The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown, which was a nationwide search for the best amateur dunker.

J. Cole will be assisted in picking the best new dunker, by Miami Heat All -Star LeBron James and NBA Legend Darryl Dawkins.

The rapper will perform before the final competitors compete for the
$10,000 prize and nationwide recognition.

The competition takes place on Friday, February 24 at 4:25 EST and will be streamed live on NBA.com.

J. Cole performs at 4:00.

Check out the finalists in the amateur slam dunk contest:

Kenny “K. Dobbs” Dobbs:

Kendall “Kasper” Boyd-Hill:

Michael “Airdogg” Stewart:

Zach “Jonesy” Jones:

  • Winner should get the ten racks + minimum NBA contract!

    Then again, Dunking or even str8 balling 1 on 1 , doesn’t equal a good TEAM player , but it would be a nice ending for the winner to get a shot!

  • rep87

    Damn them dudes can out dunk most in the pros and can hang with and elimnate alot of the guys in the  NBA ALLSTAR DUNK CONTEST

  • This guys can JUMP!

  • Man that K Dobbs aint no joke. That boy will hurt the NBA Dunk Contest if could enter

  • Ronald Grant

    Not surprised at this one…Cole does a good job of intersecting his basketball past and his hip hop present, so it’s a natural fit. All these dudes are killin it, but my man with the Vince Carter arm-in-the-net joint is SICK!

  • LeBron’s an asshole for saying that he might enter the Slam Dunk contest, then enters only as a judge. I feel like he’s planning a P.R. campaign where he’s going to come back to Cleveland AND enters the dunk contest in the same season.


    why would j Cole be a judge hes not a baller hes a side line nn?igga didnt yall get the memo of the name of his album?????

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