Court Ruling Says Game Owes Greensboro Officers $5 Million

(AllHipHop News) It seems as if Game’s DVD “Stop Snitching/Stop Lying” is catching up to him, as a North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled in favor of five police officers, awarding each $1 million.

The officers claimed their appearance in Game’s DVD was defamation of character. The officers arrested Game just hours before his scheduled performance in Winston-Salem.

According to Fox News, Game’s entourage was confronted by mall security and later police, as the rapper was filming for the DVD in the Four Seasons Mall.

Game was eventually arrested for criminal trespassing, communicating threats, and disorderly conduct, following repeated requests to leave the mall .

In 2006 the officers filed the $5 million defamation suit, alleging they were libeled, slandered and that their images were misappropriated by Game and his Black Wall Street associates.

In addition to the defamation suit, the five officers who filed the previous case also filed for $10 million in punitive damages, but that suit was rejected by the same court of appeals.

“The trial court’s findings of fact were based upon competent evidence and supported its conclusions of law, which in turn supported its award of compensatory damages against Taylor,” the appeals court said in Tuesday’s ruling. “However, the trial court’s finding regarding the aggravating factor which supported the award of punitive damages against Taylor failed to indicate that the aggravating factor was established by clear and convincing evidence.”

As of now, Hien Nguyen, Matthew Brown, Ryan Childrey, Romaine Watkins, and David Gregory are all being awarded $1 million dollars each for their unauthorized and misrepresented role in the DVD.

Take a look at the 32 page court ruling here.

  • Black Exodus

    Seems like somebody don’t like hip-hop and rappers. Wow 5 million!!! Rappers must understand…they don’t like you and they gunning for you…where it hurts…the pockets!

    • The_REAL_realtalk

      the rappers dont like themselves

    • Tony G.

      this has nothing to do with folks not liking rappers fam

  • The Game is a real dumbass….

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       That he is. If there is no signed release, don’t put them on the DVD or at the very least blur their faces out. SMH

    • The_REAL_realtalk


  • BNXL

    This article doesn’t answer ANY of the real questions. How were Game and BWS trespassing? Furthermore, why is Game getting sued, when muhfuckas like Michael Moore and that idiot from Super Size me can do ANYTHING! That’s such bullshit!

    • Oswald Bates

      First part of your comment was great, last part smh

    • Tony G.

      gotta have signed releases to put folks images on videos …especially ones that ur profitting from

  • Sued for recording your own arrest????

    • Tony G.

      ud have to see the video to understand

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    Damn game, better hit the road.

    5 million ainta chump change, espically at tgis point in his career.

    That might put a dent in his safe.

  • smdh!

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  • douglas bailey

    Those dummies did not answer the lawsuit or request for admissions or go to court, so everything the cops said was admitted as fact, whether it was true or not.  When keeping it real goes wrong, smh

  • rep87

     Game lawyers are appealing this court ruling and these officers will never see a million dollars a piece tell the entire story and stop feeding off that Racist azz Fox news .Heres a little assignment go check the court records this time for yourself and remember report both side’s before you listen to Fox who is known to LIE when it comes to reporting the facts

    • Jake

      you always hatin.  facts are facts man. dude shoulda got a release, it is what it is. This article NEVER said it was the final verdict.

      • rep87

        i dont think you can read my man this article was based off what FOX reported how in the hell do you gather im hating from what i wrote the cops will never get a dime only FACT the case is on appeal , MAYBE YOU CANT READ !

      • Guest

        man.. you keep reading and Ill keep writing… just get that hate out your heart, it causes cancer.

  • Siflan

    Keepin’ the black man down … a million dollars at a time!

  • WOW.. That’s the way to piss some one off!

  • torreysn

    Stop snitching/stop lying is catchig up to all of us,as long as we keep living by this code,we our going to rise the next generationn with no ethics and standerds we hold the cops too.We will all ways be niggas pegion hold by this code.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Well he thought he was tight on funds wit his name dropping albums not selling like before.But now ya gotta pay the pigs and help them get new bullet proofs n shit……Nigga ya betta start signing 1hit wonders ………..

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Listen people. everything is NOT something against the black man.  If you are recording something that will be sold for profit you HAVE to have permission to shoot on property that is not owned by you. Can you get away with doing this sometimes? YES. But if you are famous nine times outta ten someone will see that sh@t and want to get paid. When you are shooting videos of someone and selling the video for profit you have to have a signed release. If not you can get a release, you can either choose NOT to use the footage or blur out the person face.  Micheal Moore and other documentary directors all have signed releases from the people that appear in their movies or they would be getting sued like the Games dumb a$$. This is coming from someone that has produced videos and commercials. GET A SIGNED RELEASE. 

    • DesignatedH8R

      Using Michael Moore is a horrible example. Like he got a release signed from President Bush when they ambushed him with cameras in Farenhait 9/11. Most of the people in his films he has confrontations with don’t want to be on camera. Like Game is going to get a signed release in the back of a cop car from a cop for film of his own arrest. There’s cameras in the back of cop cars by the way, we don’t sign a release for that footage either.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         I used Micheal Moore because some idiot brought him up. Like I said before if you can’t get a release you can blur the faces out. Why is that so hard for people to understand? No wonder police keep getting over on you cats.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    The “games” career is OVER….. Im glad. ITS TIME FOR REAL MUSIC, NOT BULLSHIT.

  • therealest1

    Jackpot for the cops shit!

  • DesignatedH8R

    Game fan or not: Anyone taking the police’s side in this, a lawsuit about being filmed is dry snitching plain and simple. You think those redneck pigs were so hurt by whatever was in that video that they deserve a million dollars a piece? Most of y’all just don’t like Game cause y’all got G-Unit tatted on your ass cheek in 2003, and don’t have the money to get it lazered off.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       LMAO on your BS dry snitching definition. Of course the cops are gonna try to screw him over. It’s the Games job to be smarter. BUT he was not. He is one dumb MOFO.

      • DesignatedH8R

        Sitting here talking about how Game deserves to pay 5 cops a million a piece because you think what he did was illegal is classic dry-snitching.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        PAY ATTENTION. Where in my post did I said the cops deserved to be paid? I stated what is the law in regards of the legality of having people appear in a DVD that you are selling for money. I then stated how he could have gotten away with it. The Game is obviously not very smart and so are most rappers for that matter because they keep doing stupid Sh@t that wouldn’t happen if they paused and thought for a second. I don’t feel sorry for stupid people.

  • MD42

    He doesn’t have $5 million dollars to pay… Lol. 

    • Adrian Oviedo

      lol ur clowning like u have that kind of money. 

  • Those cops are set for life.

  • youngturbo

    LMAO this dude needs to call T.I.s lawyers 

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  • Q.

    Not even a big Game fan like that…but this is some BULLSHIT.

    U.S. legal system. Wow.


    and we all no he ant got that kind of loose cash in the bank next the IRS gonna be coming for his aa?ss , game knows why this is happening shall we say Illuminati??????

            o  @..@
             ( )–( )


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  • lady Companion


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  • antalanlaw

    I disagree with the Court’s ruling and his Attorney’s should appeal the lower courts decision. In accordance with the Constitution and a basic analysis of the case. If these officer’s were filmed while in the course of there official duties, then they would be considered temporary/limited public figures and the right to privacy is not at issue. If you would like some real legal advise call (713) 300-7726 for a consultation.

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