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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Tucker Owes the IRS $12 Million!

Oh, man, it seems like every other day we hear about another celebrity having trouble paying their taxes! Chris Tucker, of “Friday” fame is the latest celebrity to get aired out by the IRS for not paying his taxes. The “Rush Hour” star owes Uncle Sam a whopping $12 million! The insane sum of cash stems from Tucker not paying his taxes for several years including 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007!

Somebody get Ice Cube on the phone, Smokey needs a loan!

Source: Reuters

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14 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Tucker Owes the IRS $12 Million!”

  1. Mos High

    Man I hope this stuff is not true or acurate, its hard to trust people with your money or taxes. Im sure he must of known someone who could of handle this tax stuff correctly. If you have ever been in Tax trouble you wouldnt make any jokes about it

  2. EL_BARK


    Chris tucker is cool, i bet that 12 million,
    Is mostly penalties & intrest.

    Not to mention, he just went in a tour last fall, sold two houses,
    And got atleast 2-3 movies coming out.

    One of which he just was in philly filming.
    He going to be straight. A couple of more tour and he will be cool.

    I seen the niggas in AC on labor day, shet was sold out and he was funny as shet.
    Dude still got it, not to mention he was cracking mad jokes, about owning them.
    And how petty the IRS is. Lol

    He had a good reason for owning them, he let wesley snipes,
    Accountant do his taxes, and got all fuk up in the game.
    If worst come to worst, he just be on the road, until he pay them

  3. 7yoyo7

    This is not news!
    Why do you think he accepted to do a new FRIDAY? This ni99a had everybody waitin until he had issues with the IRS.

  4. Rek J Carter III

    PAY YOUR TAXES CHRIS!!! I have NO empathy for his situation especially since I have to pay taxes every year, not because I want to pay taxes but it is the law and I do not want to go to prison. I am not a multi-millionaire like he is or has been in the past, but I understand how the system functions. It’s not fair for regular people like me to pay while the Chris Tucker’s of the world live the good life, buying mansions, luxury cars, etc. and refuse to pay their fair share of taxes. They already get a lower interest rate than the average american via tax shelters, off shore account, etc but to blatantly choose to not pay his taxes is just plain greedy. I applaud him for his success but it does not make him immune to paying taxes or deserving of a pass from full repayment including penalties, or going straight to PRISON.

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