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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Twitter Drama Between CM Punk and Chris Brown Continues!

The other day, we informed you about a Twitter war of words between WWE Heavyweight Champion and singer Chris Brown, and now the two are at it again!

It’s looking real on Punk’s end as he just released a video responding to Brown’s claims that he uses steroids and upped the ante by issuing a fight challenge with the benefits going to charity. CM Punk also stated that, unlike Brown, he doesn’t have a bodyguard, a manager, PR team – and he doesn’t delete his tweets or hit women. Punk also made it clear that he wants to choke Brown out. Watch the video below:


Never one to turn down a Twitter beef, Chris Brown responded with the following:

As Ric Flair would say, “W0000000000000!”

  • therealest1

    Stupid shit.

  • Chris needs to just talk about his music and not come at anybody with the past he’s had.

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  • Stephen Silva

    I agree with Punk… I know he will never have a chance to go hand to hand with Chris but I cannot WAIT until someone whips him.

  • This video hit the right spot. Chris brown did a bad thing a very bad thing and he wants us to forget what happen. The bible said to forgive and forget, thats not my job thats rihanna’s job. I don’t take lightly to women being abused by way shape or form by any means at all. Chris as a  artist is very talented but as a man he is scrum, and not a man at all. And if any female stands up for this dude you might want to ask yourself what kind of women are you and what if it was you. You never put your hands on a female i don’t care what she does i don’t want to hear she was asking for it. If someone disagrees with this, then let me hear you say the same when it comes to your mother or sister or even your daughter maybe your girl. I thought so. Chris never went to jail, he picked up some trash. thats the judges call. But his attitude about it is whatever like nothing happen. Maybe try bringing awareness to the youth about women abuse, because you have first hand knowledge. But yeah if CB wants to act like this, God has a way of putting things into perspective for you. CM Punk made a great point, he talked facts,bottom line. And you see what CB tweets were. Right is right wrong is wrong Period. You can get mad if you want.  

    • I don’t feel you.

      • Me either!
        I knew a pregnant chick that got the $hyt knocked out of her with a can of beans , by another chick. The bean slinger later remarked : ” If you gonna forget you pregnant… will I!”.
        ( They fought in a bodega / grocery store. )

        Different scenario:

        Some chick threatened to beat the baby out of a 8month pregnant chick. ( She started with pregnant chick. ) Would the baby’s dad be wrong for beating her  
        a$$ if she moved on his 8 mnth pregnant wife? 

        Everything in nature rules by kicking a$$.

        Not justifying what Breezy did , nor do I know why he did it , or care , but to BF Thomas , no blanket statement fits every case.

        CMpunk vs Breezy?

        That $hyt is as wack as Breezy’s music!

      • Yes i agree not blanket statement fits every case but my bottom line still remains don’t put your hands on a female. If your life is in danger then in all means defend yourself. But to you think CB life was in danger, i think not

      • Interesting Mr Pauley and why is that if i may ask. 

    • EL_BARK

      Question number 1.

      Are you white????

      Also you being very judgemental as if you were in the car with him & rihanna.
      Seems to me, that uncome across as if it was you, that was once physically abuse.
      Or as if you seen it first hand.

      I agree, a man shouldnt hit a women, however a women will take you there.

      Now throwing a close fist at a women and fighting her as if she was a dude, was wrong on chris part, he didnt had to beat her that bad, to where she had a busted lip, black eyes, and all them brusies. That was not acceptable.

      However, i do believe she started hitting him
      First, over some shet about a text. Which like any girl, who is mad cause she thinks you are cheating, prolly will start hitting a guy.

      This where rihanna is at fault just as much as chris.

      A women is not a man, so if rihanna was hitting him,
      And flipping out, she might not had deserved to get beat like that.
      But she is still responsible.

      I think this is why, she has forgave him, or atleast move on.

      If u driving down a street, and a girl keep smacking you, xhances are she not going to stop after one smack. She going to keep hitting you & hitting you. Cause she upset & women are emotional. She prolly hit chris one to many times, they prolly was both drunk,
      He snap & black out, and beat her ass.

      Me i would had slap her a few times,

      If that was my sister or mom, u prolly got a point. I wouldnt still spazz, not caring what my sister or my did.

      However, my mom & my sister wont argrue with a man, neither.
      Or try to fight one, unless their defending themselves.

      My peeps, would just make a phone call, before punches are even thrown,
      To one of us, to come handle the problem. So of yall are mad at him personally,
      And rihanna is the one that got her ass whip. Is she forgive him,
      Why yall so mad at him?

      • jerseycane

         so you admit you would slap a woman??  boy your hardcore!!  your an idiot.  and whats it matter if hes white or not??   you would calll your boys to handle it, thats one thing wrong with this country, guys like you not man enough to take a beating one on one, always gots to call your boys and gets them guns..just another wannabe

      • EL_BARK

        @ saltine
        Yes i would slap a chic, if she is hitting me,
        Like rihanna was. No i wont hit her like a dude,
        But i not letting nobody keep hitting me. Also i was raised,
        If you beef with one of us, you beefing with all of us.
        a lame niggahs on his momma porch,
        Is the only niggah, that cant understand that.

        Always the white people, that get mad when u ask them if they are white. Lol

        What does race have to do with it. Lmao

        I seen yall cracka stick together.

      • You might want watch what you say to people, somebody just might take it as you being a racist. If you not a racist your just a ignorant dude that maybe just maybe needs to be slap, like a chic since your not a man 

      • To answer your question about my race, which shouldn’t matter anyway or at any point of my life. I am multi-race individual and no “white” is not one of them.Now I’m curious why in the ……. would that matter. To the rest of your comments it seems that you and chris have the same way of thinking. You said “I agree, a man shouldnt hit a women, however a women will take you there” but in the same breathe you said” Me I would had slap her a few times,” Listen to yourself, I don’t care what a female does if she hits you in the car while its moving then guess what stop the car let her out or get out of the car. Then you would call your peoples wow. Now thats gangster no I’m sorry i just lied to you thats a B***H move to the fullest. Like i said let a man hit your mother or sister and see if your singing the same song. A man puts his hands on any female in my life…….GOD BLESS. Your job as a man is to protect and provide for your lady not beat on her. That don’t make you a man that make you a coward. Anybody disagrees with that like i said before you might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself what kind of person are you. 

  • CM Punk is a mark for even picking the fight. We all don’t agree with what happened. But that shit is long over. Turned the page. And all of a sudden this dude has something to say about it when he has nothing to do with either party. He could have just kept that between him and his circle. Publicly doing some shi* like that at this point is just wack.

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  • 3ertyfou4

    I see he didn’t issue the same challenge to Chris Jericho a professional wrestler who struck a woman in the face and this is why this shyt here is so hypocritical to me. People hating like shyt on dude and trying to get fame off him. Reminds me of the baseball player Matt who went on the rant about Chris. He ended up dating Rihanna. Motherfu-kers are getting gayer by the second out here. Rihanna is on good terms with Chris again and people are just hating on the pimping. See Chris Jericho wasn’t no young punk to this guy but Chris is.  

  • A lot of dudes are in the closet or just Gay, so you love drama, only person Chris has to answer to is God and then RI, RI. 3 years later and you still want talk about the drama if she forgave him then you should move forward. You care more them than your own kids, I bet you dont know the principal at your kid’s school but you all on here. You need to focus on real issues, let get the B.S. out our neighborhoods then talk about this.

  • Tony G.

    Wrestlemania is coming up…don’t be surprised if this is something leading up to CB making an appearance


    Oh by the way,

    I like chris, goons to stomp the shet out this wrestler.
    Since when wrestlers get tuff,

    Niggahs wearing underwear, grabbing & flipping each other, aint my ideal,
    Of a niggah that want “real beef” or drama.

    Dont be surprise, if you see niggahs from team breezy,
    Ask this punk dude for a fade. Lol

    • Perfect strategy. Not posting in English so nobody can tell how undeveloped your brain is.

      Unfortunately, it didn’t work and what little can be understood of this post is too stupid to be worth retorting.

      • EL_BARK

        I dont convo with MAGS…………

        Do you know that white people are going into slavery.
        Just thought i give yall the public service announcement.

        We Got Next

        You discapable PIG………


  • xXBXWXx

    Lets get ready 2 Rumble !!! R.I.P. Breezy !!!


    this is a publicity stunt??????

            o  @..@
             ( )–( )


  • David Gonz


  • rep87

    Fake Wrestling and a fake twitter beef wwe numbers are shrinking and Chris Brown is hot R/B grammy winner who slapped his girl freind now this punk want to cash in on this negitive situation controversy sales Bottom line money and c m punk gets a house hold name and a pay increase from Vince Mcmann

    • I don’t know what language this post was supposed to be an attempt at, but everybody who can read already knows that wrestling is scripted. Secondly, I can tell you don’t follow wrestling at all. WWE is really not that concerned about shrinking numbers, assuming it’s really happening. They’re the number one company, and their next closes competition is TNA, which makes maybe 1/5 of their numbers. Adding, CM Punk really doesn’t need a publicity stunt to become a household name. He’s already the top seller in merchandise and is legitimately talented enough to be a household name with nothing else.