Allen Iverson

Hip Hop Rumors: Allen Iverson is Broke As a Joke!

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson is broke, and now is reporting that A.I. is in deed having major money issues. The article reveals that over the course of his career, The Answer made over $200 million and that amount does not include his endorsement deals!

One of A.I.’s ex-teammates shed light on his exuberant spending habits, including buying a new wardrobe at every city they traveled to so that he wouldn’t have to carry luggage! Now that’s just plain old silly! Allen has also reportedly spend hundreds of millions on jewelry. Still, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

Forbes reports that over 60 percent of NBA players are broke within five years of leaving the game! Those are sick, sick statistics that all NBA rookies need to wrap their head around fast.



    I can’t feel sorry for ANYONE that would blow $100 million on jewellery! He’s the very definition of a “COON”!!! LOSER!!

    • Casor_Greener

      This dude did not spend 100M on a jewelry.  This site does it’s best to make black people look stupid.

      • churchboy2

        …and sometimes black people don’t need the help.

    • Brian Miller

      So does the fact that you don’t know how to spell jewelry make you the defintion of a stupid wetback?

      • why you gotta be racist… maybe that stupid wetback was born here… so  that makes em a stupid american… but he is stupid for calling him a coon… but don’t single out all the wetbacks lol

    • shieky24

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    • shieky24

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    I smell bullshet…….

    And more bullshet……….

    His last year in the league he made, 20 million.
    And that was in 09 i believe.

    Plus i dont remember him, putting his money from reebox, as a rookie,
    In a trust, for him. & his kids. I think it was 25 million, and that was 96.
    Now i dont know, how long the trust was, 10 or 20 years,
    Or maybe 5. But i doubt AI is broke.

    Not to mention, he still got a 2 million dollar mansion in philly,
    That has been vacant for 2 years. And he took it off the market, when he re-signed with the sixers.
    In 2010. He still got two houses in virginia, and a house in atl.

    That lawsuit over the jewlery, he didnt even bother to show up,
    So that why the judge levy on his account, which i doubt he has money in.

    Celebrities dont keep they money in regular checking accounts, like normal people.
    That amount of the judgement, wasnt even in thst account.
    FDIC only ensures each account holder, 250,000 dollars.
    I doubt AI had half of that in it.

    He might not be balling out of control, like when he was 20.
    But dude aint broke. by an longshot.

    If worst come to worst, he can sell all his properties, move back to his philly mansion.
    And still get treated like he the off spring of an god. Lol

    Plus that nba pension aint to shabby either.
    My money says he straight. Dude aint file bankryuptcy,
    And even uf he did, stillndo mean he broke

    • Dwayne Burtin

      It cost money to maintain all that stuff. If your outgoing bills exceeds what you got coming in, you’re either broke or its only a matter of time. 

      • Upkeep > Income = Downfall

        If your upkeep , exceeds your income , that equals your downfall.

        Sounds like you took basic economics ( at least )!

        Good Point!
        Fabulous just spent 45 racks on 120 bottles at the club?

        How many people owe IRS?

        Stick a fork in him…..cuz he’s done!

    • mike malarkey

       naw this is true. stephen a smith reported this two years ago. dude is banned from like 5-6 casinos in ac and Detroit. running up the bill and dipping. and they say he was drinking his pain away every day.

      • EL_BARK


        True, but steve A smith, also said he wasnt broke as well.
        And he was skipping out on the bills.

        He was getting drunk, and him and cru thik, were acting a fool in the casino,
        Which led to him getting banned.

        I think in one case, he was drunk, & took a piss on the casino floor.

        Steve did say. He was an battling alcholol, but i dont know how true that is.

        Liquor hasnt been his drug of choice, now puff pass,
        That up his alley.

      • A.I. also liked to gamble BIG….I saw him in AC about 8 years ago in the off-season playing blackjack at a private table with 10 people around him
        swigging from a bottle of Rose and playing 7 hands at 10k a hand…
        That my friends is a recipe for disaster, just ask another past 76er, 
        Charles Barkley
        And don’t forget, if he did blow all that $$$, then of the 200 million, Uncle Sam took 1/3, his agent 15%…that leaves 100 million…from 1996-2010 thats 14years which means he cleared 7 million/year or $140,000 a week. If you have an entourage of 50, like serious bling, expensive cars, gambling, mansions to maintain, a wardrobe in every city, hoochies to support (probably 1 in every city), $140,000/week ain’t shit.

      • mike malarkey

         Yea and that was two years ago. I know that well done dried up. he got a 800,000 bill on jewelry, he maybe richer than regular people but broke in rich people terms.

      • EL_BARK


        Yeah but you make it seem like, that money he got to play for the sixers was all he had left.
        I sure it wasnt. Also the bill wasnt 800,000
        That just the amount, the judge hit him with,
        Because he failed to show, intresrt, & court cost,
        And all that extra shet, for not appearing.
        The original bill was, less then that, i think,
        300,000 or something.

        And i sure he got it, but just like game
        Who got hit with the 5 million dollar suit.

        When u rich, u can tell regular people pretty much kiss your ass.
        They wont never see a dime from AI,
        That shet small change to a giant. Plus who going to make him pay???

        The fact that judgement is double the amount owe,
        Means he really not going to pay it.

        As far as him being rich people broke.
        I take rich people” broke” anyday, over poor people “rich” lol.

        Ex. 5 million a year is lower class to rich folks.

        I mean you rich, but you not white people rich.

        Jay puff, and them niggah prolly laugh at that money.
        Cause they do 40-60 million a year.

        But them niggahs little niggahs to a mark cuban,
        Or a warren buffet.

        That bitsh sydney should has you broke,
        That an insult and going a tad bit far.

        If a niggah got a net worth of 10 million he not broke.
        And i know just off his houses, he worth that.

        Plus another couple million in cars.
        This niggahs was the poster boys for bentley in the late 90’s.
        He fuk around and still got all of them still.

        Any events coming up down there in the future???

      • mike malarkey

         its possible… ask hammer.. lol but I would take rich people broke anyday but when you already lived that life its hard to move backwards feel me?

        Im hitting vegas march 29th for the weekend. mj’s celebrity golf tourney again out there… its going down

    • EL_BARK

      Yeah, but when you got millions, money makes more money for you.

      The up keep of those property is small change, if he getting intrest on his principal.

      When he put his home in philly up
      On the market,

      The realtor, found about 60’g in an trash bag, in his bedroom.
      That he just left, there when he went to detroit.

      It might had been more then that, and he forgot about it.

      The niggah be in thev atl, in lambo and rolls royces.

      When he was in philly, in 2010, he cop a rolls.

      If he squander so much money, and he was onky getting a mill to play in philly.
      I doubt he would go out and spend the llil bread he has left on an rolls.

    • rep87


  • junioray

    I dont feel sorry for him. Blowing a couple of millions is one thing but tens and hundreds of millions is another. As i have always stated, give me one mil, and ill show you how to either flip it or hold on to it.
    Stupid is as stupid does..

  • therealest1

    That’s what happens when you have too many people to support. I know this dude took care of “his peeps” when he had the money, but where are “his peeps” that mooched off his money now when he could use some? Nowhere! Not his friends anymore since his NBA money ain’t flowing to him.

    If you come up, please be aware you’ll end up having friends and family you never had before. No need to support them because they weren’t there for you before the success and money. Once the money runs out or stops, they are no longer your friend or family.

    • Real Spill! ^^^^

    • EL_BARK


      Who do you think took care of iverson, before he had millions.
      When his moms was running the streets. ?????

      When the niggas didnt have a pot to piss in,
      It was his crew & the streets that look after him.

      Him being loyal to them, is him keeping a code, that most wont & cant understand or comprehend.

      By the way, he still has the same cats wit him,
      Last time i saw him.

      That was this past summer.

      • therealest1

        No doubt, I totally understand he had to take care of people who were with him before the NBA. But take care of only the most important ones there before the money and success, not everyone and their mom who came along after the money and success.

        Its honorable to reciprocate or take care of his peeps who he felt were there for him before NBA, but set a limit on who gets what and how much, and who doesn’t get shit. Not everyone is worth it like that to take care of.

        Even Carmelo Anthony said he had to cut some people off and disassociate with them after he got in the NBA because they weren’t acting right being associated with him.

  • King Cold

    Das a damn shame

  • 7yoyo7

    Not true… Check out how much he got paid to play in Turkey…

  • Q.

    Wait, Sydney wrote “The Answer made over $200 million..” then he/she/it wrote “Allen has also reportedly spend hundreds of millions on jewelry.” So, you’re saying every dime he ever earned went towards jewelry?? LOL

    That’s just sloppy journalism…or “fuzzy math”…or BOTH.

    REAL STORY: AI ain’t broke. He may not have nearly as much as he once did, probably in debt even, but he ain’t BROKE.

    Stop the gossip!

    • water_ur_seeds

      100’s of mills not including endorsement deals, he musta made rigadelieous amounts of money them to… wouldnt be surprised if he did spend that much on jewelry…

      a.i look like katt williams in that suit pic lmao

      hope he gets back on his feet anyway

      • Q.

        You could slap on another $100 mill with endorsements, and I promise you dude didn’t spend that much on bling. Hell, all the clowns in YMCMB put together ain’t spent that much on bling!

        $100 mill = more dough than you thinkin


    d?ame thats all i can say?????

            o  @..@
             ( )–( )

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    that jewelry depreciates in value as jewelry but the gold, plat, & diamonds go up in value as scrap over the years. please tell me he didn’t give it all away?

  • SDS_Overfiend

    You’s a Dickhead  Sydney if you think this Nigga is broke..

    • shieky24

      about time some body with sense

      • SDS_Overfiend

        Cause Niggas don’t got nothing else better to say.

  • rep87

    ONE OF THE BEST CROSS OVER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME  The Ansewer ! I believe A.I will be ok ! i have nothing bad to say about this man he still have alot of options sports tv commentator coaching so he will be all right good luck A.I

    • 2nPac

      Coaching? haha, right

      •  Practice? P-P-Practice? C’mon! We talkin about Practice!!

      • rep87

        Stop the hate  majority coachs played ball and this man has enough talent theres plenty of Black colleges across america who could use this man talents why so much hate towards this  man never know what life has for you the amount of money and spot light he could bring look at the big picture

      • 2nPac

        That’s where you got me wrong. I was always a huge Allen Iverson fan. Still am for the most part. But I just don’t see him coaching. It takes a special type of athlete to make the jump from player to coach. I don’t see him having the patience to commit to a bunch of kids. No hate.

  • man yall crazy, this nigga is in deed broke, do tha math, jus a year or 2 ago this he said he wasnt willing to come off the bench, now he willing to play in the d-league to get a shot. N dont give me no luv for the game shit, cause if it ws he woulda came off the bench, he broke

  • u retards need to c where he always kept an entourage wit him and his boys so he took care of the people he believed make him that was n his circle

    • niggas better start cutting these niggas off some of em are very unnecessary to keep around you 

  • David Sentongo

    haa.hahaa.haaa.haa. but wait, its not funny, someone’s literally broke. 
    common iverson. i looked up to this guy as a kid. bought his shoes and everything. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • Oknas

    Dis nigga just crossed over himself.

  • J.O.

     this is also in the “rumor” report too…dont believe everything you read!