Fab and 45K worth of Moet Rose

Hip-Hop Rumors: Fabolous Spent $45,000 on 120 Bottles!

Fabolous got the whole club tipsy last week at Club Compound in Atlanta, where he reportedly spent 45 Grand on 120 bottles of Rosé Moët! That’s a whole lot of champagne!

Fab wanted to show everyone a good time and decided to provide the entire club with a taste of the good stuff. The generosity was sparked by his friend, who was celebrating his birthday at the night club.

That’s way too much money to spend on booze, and while I’m sure his friend had a great time, I’m sure he would have preferred the cash instead!

Source: TMZ

  • sakiru oresanwo

    He be killing em lol

  • Apollo Showtime

    Jay-Z spent $250,000 on poppin’ bottles at Liv so Fab need to step his funds up.

    • Jonathan Garza

      He just dropped 45K, and he has to step his funds up??

      Some of you morons crack me up. Fab just spent 3 years of your yearly salary in 1 night, and he needs to step his funds up? 

      Since when is Fab competing with Jay-Z to be the most caked up? He’s doing him to do him, not to try and keep up with Jay-Z

  • therealest1

    Soon to be broke shit.

  • MadVillain

    coon behavior at its finest, what more can be said?

  • Would have been better spent on a low income Multi Unit , that provides residual income & maintains equity!

  • Thats $375 a bottle. You can buy a bottle in the store for $50….no discount for being “Fabolous”


    • Celz

       These cats aint heard a pre-gaming BEFORE you hit the club.. That aint cheap its called not getting ripped off.. If you gotta buy a bottle to get the girl you still won’t get her..

  • rep87

    This is some real silly shit if its even true


    Everybody in the club getting tipsy.!!!!!!!!!

    Shet, is prolly going to be a tax write off, so fuk it.
    Why not????

    If yall ever been to the compound, u know that how shet go down in the A.
    Niggaz went HAM in their a couple of times, and drop a nice load.
    That shet be popoing.

    • Jonathan Garza

      Please tell me how this is probably going to be a tax write off? 

      What in the tax code allows overpriced champagne to be deducted?

      Quit talking out of your ass. You sound like an idiot. 

      • EL_BARK

        Listen. You dumb fool.

        Rappers, celebrities, and other people are incorporated,
        Get a wider degree of things, they can tax write off.

        So shut your dumb ass up.

        Before you open your mouth, do so more research, and if you have an ounce of common sense,
        If would be obvious how he can tax write this party off.
        Your too dumb, or mis informed. And you are a worker,
        So you couldnt possibly, think like a BOSS.

        To people who are in to BIG business, its very simple to do dumbass.
        Even a regular 9-5 joe like yourself, get write offs,

        I did enough schooling for the day, i dont get paid to educate you morons on here.

        U figure it out, but i bet your momma last trick dollar,
        I am right……

        Business people write off a shet load of expensives,
        Why you think the argrument i politics right now,
        Is making the rich pay they fair shared.

        Another smart dumb niggah.
        Go highet an accountant, and he will explain it to you.

  • ebo

    forget popping bottles they chargin like 5x to much for that shit!!!


    let me guess he did a amber rose and use ray j credit card to buy the ss?hit????

            o  @..@
             ( )–( )


  • julianAlmighty

    I’ll get that shit in bulk at Costco for like $350.

  • nastinupe

    When I present my business plans to these MF’er next year they better not say no.  I’m about to print this shit out and show it to them.