Illness Forces Game To Cancel Australian Show

(AllHipHop News) Compton, California rap star Game was forced to cancel a date on his Australian tour today (February 22), after coming down with a mystery illness.

Game was supposed to perform in Cairns, Australia tonight at the Velvet Underground, as part of a stop on his “Game Red Tour 2012.”

Fans were disappointed to learn that the rap star could not make the show, after he became sick in Melbourne and missed his flight.

“We werent able 2 make our afternoon connecting flight that would get us there in time Cairns,” Game tweeted earlier today. “I got sick in Melbourne & couldn’t make the flight cuz of a doctor’s visit.”

According to Game, all is not lost.

The rapper told his Australian fans that he would make up the date before the end of the “Red Tour” of Australia.

“Promoters couldn’t get me on anything after. They’re working hard to re-schedule the show while I’m still on my aussie tour…. Appreciate you for being loyal & understanding.”

Game’s next stop in the country takes place tomorrow (February 23) at Festival Hall in Melbourne.

The news of Game’s cancellation comes within 24 hours of news breaking that the rap star was responsible for a $5 million defamation of character lawsuit.

A court ruled that Game must pay $1 million to five different Greensboro police officers for using their images in his “Stop Snitching’/Stop Lyin'” DVD.


    yall no what the illness is the 5 million dollars this nn?igga got to pay up that would make any m?othaff?uckka sick????

            o  @..@
             ( )–( )

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  • therealest1

    $5 million lawsuit illness shit!

    • Terrance Goodman

      Took the words out my mouth.,enough to make anybody “sick”

  • Terrance Goodman

    Betta get that bread now fool get over ya “sick”

  • rep87

    Hope you get well soon OG

  • jaegreene

    i kno he cried in the car!!                                                                                                       WWW_MEDIAFREEFALL_COM

  • ghhhhhh

  • by far the gayest fucken picture ive seen of the game wearing contacts. he looks like a gay ass demon. (The tranny dayz ep) 

  • dominicancoke

    better not be aids i mean he did tatted eazy e on his arm lol

  • suge380

    5 mill, I would be sick azz fcuk. rabid dogg type sick. sh!t