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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def Diss The Throne?!

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def recently released a remix to The Throne’s “Ni**a’s In Paris” entitled “Ni**ga’s in Poorest” to commemorate the anniversary of Malcom X’s death. On the track Yasiin Bey takes the exact opposite approach that Kanye West and Jay-Z took on the track and instead raps about poverty and violence. The tone is somewhat chastising towards the original track with Yasiin rapping:

“Don’t get caught up in no throne,” and “Who the f-ck is Margiela?”

This is all pretty odd considering that last time we check, Yasiin Bey was a G.O.O.D. Music affiliate. Check out the video and lyrics below:

“These young bloods is looking scary at the mall
They wearing pants, you can still see they drawers
They rob a nigga in the bathroom stall
They took his life cause he ain’t want to take it off
Poor so hard, that sh-t cray, ain’t it, Bey? Diabetics, fish filet
Poor so hard, your house so cold, ni–a, it ain’t spring
Every winter landlord f-ckin’ with my heat again
Bougie girl, grab your hand, show you how to do this ghetto dance
F-ck your French, we ain’t in France, I’m just saying
Prince Williams ain’t do it right, if you ask me
If I was him, I’d put some black up in my family
Fake Gucci, my ni–a, fake Louis, my killa
Real drugs, my dealer, who the f-ck is Margiela?
Doctors say I’m the illest, I ain’t got no insurance
It’s them ni–as in poorest, be them rebel guerillas, huh”

Do you think Yasiin Bey is taking shots at The Throne?

  • hell no son, that’s just reality.   real people don’t live like jay and ye.

  • Mongo Slade

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY DEEP!! LOVE HOW MOS KILLT IT!

  • I salute Mos Def!



    • hhmmm, now that you mentioned it , she has been shining lately.

      +1 for Syndney….

  • rep87

    Big Ups to Yaslin Bey he bringing reality . When its the truth on subject thats just keeping it real

  • Adrian Barron

    real-mix … realer than the real song – and i aint never heard THE THRONE in it’s entirety but im convinced MOS and QWELI could “re-real” the whole THRONE cd and make it more relavant

    • Mos High

      Its a nice re mix or whatever its called but it wouldnt have been done unless the orignal artists did the track. I think its healthy for music in general

    • SadiqBolivar

      haha, i feel you. but theres sumthin out thas kinda tha same as what u suggestin. that Distant Relatives, nas n damian. shits 5xxx nicer than tha kanye n jay cd

  • Titusda

    What the fuc is Magiela! Haaaaaaaanh

  • ain’t a diss. yasiin (mos) has a track record for making socially relevant remixes of hot songs. he remixed “the takeover” by jigga and created “the rapeover” where he spittin bout mc’s being raped by their labels. “nolia clap” by utp was remixed by yasiin into “katrina clap,” i know we all know what that’s about. and now we got “niggas in poorest.” no diss. just yasiin doin what mos always did. respect.

  • BoldSpice

    Maybe it was a diss maybe it wasn’t. Who cares good parody or whatever. Don’t get caught up in no throne.

  • Mos High

    Yeah its not a diss track, Its certainly a reality mix. Jay and Kanye can talk about ballin in Paris because Im sure they did or can.  I dont take Jay’s songs where he is talking material ish to serious because I know he still spits relivant material. 

      I know this offends some of you, but how the hell you over 21 and wearing your pants under your bum showing off your ass.wtf..That is some real Battyman business. That style so wack not even funny.  Thanks Mos for opening some ears from the norm. 

  • King Cold

    Wouldn’t care if he did diss him. This is better than the original


    ho cares jay wouldn’t response nor would the devil himself kayne so whats the use other than him trying to get a cheap Canada dry buzz?????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


  • CT

    that shit Tight

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  • That $@#t CraY!

  • Thats the shit,,thats art not someone braggin about shit

  • It was a good message, It could have had better quality coming from Yasiin, even if its a positive song, I have to be honest.  I like both versions.  Not gonna shit on Jay’s and kanye version because someone did a socially conscious version.  Music is art, it don’t make you any more realer to like this song and hate on the original.  At the end of the day, most of the people who comment gonna be banging Ross, Wayne, Drake, Kanye, Meek, etc next week, all of whom, rap about the same shit as the original version.  Listening to the message and understanding it is most important.

  • My 2 cents will always be biased, I try like hell to avoid radio hip hop.

    Even if Jay or Kanye perceive it as a diss, Ef’ em. Tell em to go buy another bottle of champagne and let the big boys actually talk about real shit going on.

  • 1Imhotep_92

    Now that was dope, big ups from down south mos def, i’m tired of these blacks in sports and entertainment, embarrassing the real black people, i’m not sad to say, i think sports and entertainment have taken blacks as fas as the 2 could.  Someone should have schooled JZ and West that they eat horse meat in France and treat blacks worst than in America or if they had did their homework, they would know that Toussaint L ‘Ouverture,  a Black General from Haiti kicked Napoleon’s butt out of their country.  Instead of balling so hard, they need to pick up a book. 

  • RyanMS1

    “Beef is not what Jay said to Nas – Beef is when the workin folk can’t find jobs..Some beef is big and some beef is small, but what ya’ll call beef is not beef at all – beef is real life, happenin every day, and its realer than them songs that you get at kay slay…”

  • Nah he wasn’t, he was keeping it real. What poor person knows who & what Margiela is? He was sticking to the root of the point he was making. Folks dig the song but dont know shit about the lingo. He’s saying his rendition is more relatable to people in the struggle & people period.

  • Go HARD!!! Somebody’s got to stand up . I mean if Jay wore a thong so would y’all. You following ass lost F*^&s!! Middle finger goes out to you lost MF’s ! 

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  • EG

    The MightyMos went in on that track, seen in on another site…but he did what Malcom would be doin. POINTING OUT THE DEVILS IN THE WORLD.
    J and Ye got people’s focus of in 2012.
    Dont Get Caught up in no Throne…GOD IS IN CONTROL. Was a fan of both but they are not part of the solution, and ill leave it at that.