BREAKING HEAT, Monstah aka Master P,Miss Chee , T.E.C.

BREAKING HEAT: Monstah aka Master P Ft. Miss Chee and T.E.C. “Did It Again”

[ahh_audio src=/2-24-12/MonstahakaMasterPfeat.MissCheeTEC-DidItAgain.mp3]

  • wtfidk

    Master P did it again its the return of the real the King is back. No Limit Forever Takeover!

  • $20434212

    Can’t lie, that hook is pretty hot…

  • Damn P, yall camp droppin new shit every damn day, i cant lie im feeling all yall new shit from the street music to the club music, when them music videos and mixtapes droppin?

  • LikeNewCells.Com

    I must say this is heat and I didnt want to like it but I do. 

  • Gotta give it to P he still sounds nice on the hooks

  • This is dope !! 

  • rippimp

    Fake Boosie and fake Gangsta Boo…  The song does sound good though.

    • Phantom_Twin

      U sound like a flip-flop azz dude.

      • rippimp

         Well thnx for spending all your days and reading every single comment and replying to mine.  Maybe I should say “the beat sound good though”.

  • BoldSpice

    Yeah buddy!

  • jaegreene

    Master P is BACK yall!!                                                                                                          WWW_MEDIAFREEFALL_COM 

  • Do Your Thing P!!!!!!!! NO LIMIT IS BACK!!!!!!

  • Damn P, Killin Them like Its the 90’s 

  • Kig

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    Master P is back. This is a rapper who done did it and should we say he doing it again? Shot the game down during the early 90s and now I’ll wait & see if he will do it again. For me he a real rapper and live what he talks and got soul to his heats and hits

  • lilgiz

    heeey dat nicca p went off that 2nd verse, yeayea nlf bringn str8 heat

  • Ronlg1

    I’m gonna need P to let them Rick Ross adlibs go……”uh”……go back to that old school “ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    • u dont relize everything rick ross is doing is MASTER P – the look “DA LAST DON”, the topics GHETTO D, the group of rappers “NO LIMIT SOLDIERS”,  the ad libs and sound is all day “MASTER P UGHHH”  – this coming froms someone who grew up during NO LIMIT hay days!!  

  • tight song…I’m with Ron tho. That Uh sounds like he’s tryin to punk the mic. But that UUUUUUUUUGH was him shittin on it like WHAT?? GET UP!! DO SUMTHN!!!

  • P BACK, CHECK OUT THAT “TMZ” Mixtape on Livemixtapes and they site TruTankSoldiers – i wanted to hate, but i aint gonna lie, P back and got a gang of talent this year. im a fan now

  • Remo212

    Miss Chee is so damn annoying 😐