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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Wanted By the Police for Theft?! Warrent Being Issued!

Oh, man, this guy just can’t seem to stay out of trouble! A warrant for Chris Brown’s arrest is allegedly being prepared by the Florida State’s Attorney’s office after a woman filed a police report claiming that the singer stole her cell phone!

Chrital Spann has filed a police report claiming that Chris Brown snatched her cell phone out of her hand and drove away with it.

According to the police report, Spann followed C. Breezy out of the club in hopes of taking a picture of him, and when he caught her in the act, he grabbed her iPhone and yelled out “Bi*ch, you ain’t giving this to no website” before driving off.

“An incident report was filed against Mr. Brown, and the Florida State Attorney’s Office will be issuing a warrant for his arrest this afternoon. I can’t tell you what time, but it will be today,” said Deborah Doty, the public information officer for the Miami Police Department.

It’s also being reported that YMCMB’s Tyga was with Chris Brown at the time of the incident and dry snitched on Chris during the police interview. Word has it that Tyga told police that Breezy took the phone because he was with two groupies at the time, and he didn’t want the photos to end up online ’cause he didn’t want Rihanna to see them!

Tyga told detectives: “The guy’s trying to get back with Rihanna, and he knows that wouldn’t happen if the photos ended up online”

Breezy’s bodyguards also told police that Brown has made a habit of grabbing camera-phones from fans who take his pictures.

“He’s done it dozens of times,” the police source added.

This is getting out of hand. Someone needs to reel Chris Brown in before he ruins his career for good! He has way too much nonsense going on!

Source: Radar Online

  • Jodie Walton III


  • Papi Peligro

    He take that female out or take dude out they’d drop all of the charges. He just need to calm down. You got about 5 people on the payroll. Just chalk it up to one of them.  

  • Guest

    Please put him in JAIL!!!

  • Tyga won’t sell….but he will tell!

  • water_ur_seeds

    chris brown is a little pussyole, some dude needs to fold him outside a club in front of cameras, that would be mad funny

  • i guess somebody didnt learn from oj to stay the F outta dodge and lay low; because sooner or later, love’s gonna get cha!

  • loool!! This is some PR stuff..   

  • David Sentongo

    if Tyga snitched, i’m shocked. for reason being that him and chris brown seem pretty tight. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

    • rep87

      Tight until Miami POLICE punked him he was never a real freind only hanging out because CB fame was bigger

    • YaheardSyndicate

      why would it be shocking they are both basically little kids

  • suge380

    Snitch City Snitch Snitch City…Just what I expect from the weak azz Undercover No money click. Really dude and he snitch and it wasn’t even major. Once again, yall need to watch who you support. Supporting cats that snitch on bs and screw they homies, Thats a no go.

  • lol at all yall who believe this fake ass shit. You know damn well it’s more to it than that. chris brown gos to regular spots and only has like 2 body guards with him usually or sometime he be with friends with no guards. I seen this cat in frisco at a gas station awhile back and I seen him in L.A at rascos chicken and waffles with two friends before. he took pictures and talked with fans before he left both times. This chick better hope chris don’t send he law back at her for lying.

  • rep87

    Who willing to give this punk bitch a pass now , what he did is on paper with the Miami Police DEPT im talking bout TYGA

    • Adrian Barron

      i actually phuck with this comment that YOU made

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    All I can say is WOW.

  • Chris Brown, U a Dumb Mother F’  aint u smarter then this?  why go places with groupies in a public spot, anybody can take ur damn pick dumbass,  get a secret hotel, and give them the room, then meet with them,  come the fuk on…   u taking phones is illegal, what the fcuk u think u above the law…. no wonder CM PUNK, PUNKED UR DUMB ASS….   now rihanna bout to have some other rapper deep in here thighs… REAL TALK!! 

  •  Coooooooooooot damn, Tyga. Would you like American, Swiss, or Colby Jack cheese with that?

  • Guess I’m the only one that doesn’t spell warrant with a E.

  • Lucas Bezerra

    not like it now he’s stealing ta  said yesterday that tava him beating another woman I know what ‘s happening he ‘s coming back to success the ‘media’ and other want their failure not to accusing AllHipHop never it only speaks about 2009

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  • brotha_man

    you big dummy ( Fred Sanford voice)

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  • damn chris u need to chill out wtf.

  • suck for him.
    on a side note i wouldn’t let chris fck me. now nicki wit a big dick can get all in my guts and suck me off….i think i can see a lame-get no chicks fat niga like ross fckn me on the low. i had this fat ngga get in me last week boi he was all happy n shit. I love the fat nggas with short dicks cuz i can barely take anything over 5. ..but u know wat it is check ya ngga out on FB

  • LongLiveTheSevyn

    Dumbass (Red Foreman voice)

  • The police just sued the Game for recording them. 

  • Like I said little boy drama will always follow him until he grows up!!!

  • Adrian Barron

    damn that boy TYGER told it all LLAMF… i bet they aint even hv to offer that niggah STEAK DINNER a pack of SQUARES an extra phone call = NO NOTHING … i almost felt sorry for’em when 40 GLOCC had young blood robbed … til now!!!


    he now the drill get ready to moon walk in the slammer for dr murry mm?othaff?uckka?????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K