Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Drake Lose His VIBE Cover For Acting Like A Diva?

Rumor has it Drake was supposed to be on the cover of the February issue of VIBE , but he came to the set eight hours late and refused to cooperate with the styling for the issue.

VIBE contributor Lola Ogunnaike revealed:
“He was slated to appear on the cover of VIBE magazine to accompany this story [The Dark Side of Aubrey Graham]. But he fouled that up when he arrived more than eight hours late to the shoot and refused to wear any of the wardrobe provided for him.”

“He brought his own clothes, which was mostly Hemès and leather bomber jackets,” revealed a source at the shoot. “But it was a shoot about spring fashion. He was going on and on about wearing his leather bomber, and wasn’t letting it go. He said the [female] stylist was too aggressive, that he wasn’t a model and he wasn’t feeling the vibe. He hopped in his SUV and left.”

Do you think Drake had a good reason to walk out n the shoot? One man’s loss is another man’s gain…or in this case – woman! Nicki Minaj ended up scoring the cover instead. Check out Nicki’s cover below:

  • xXBXWXx

    Why are you so goddamn UGLY Drake ??? 

    • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

      Blame his damn momma.  She chose not to swallow, so now we gotta see the ugly muthafucka……

      • she did swallow he is a survivor, as soon as he was shited out he squermed back inside throu a different entrance next to the back door. thats the story of drakes struggle

      • extol4000

        LMAO! Will Themick- You a FOOL!

  • I bet he’ll regret it down the line!
    Props to Nicki for handling business.

  • therealest1

    Jew Boy diva shit.

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  • Coop

    Here’s the thing… (before I say this, I need to say I do like the dude’s music…well most of it, anyway…) Aubrey was in show biz before he finished puberty. Am I the only one who watched Degrassi on the weekends? To make a long story short…he’s spoiled and he’s been that way for a looooong time. 

    • digitallife

      In other words he’s a prima donna…no wonder he liked kanye so much.

  • nastinupe

    lol @ “why is Drake so angry”

    • SharksBreath

      Because he can’t come out the closet. Just like Kanye.

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Nah. I think thats a publicy stunt.  Think about it, the article is about the “dark side of Drake” and they continue to put “why is Drake so angry?” on the cover that he “angrily” walked out on. C’Mon Son!  Spring fashion is February, huh? Sounds more like Drake is trying to shake his squeaky clean image some what. VIBE complied.

    • digitallife

      When else are you supposed to show folks what’s hot for spring and summer? In spring and summer when they’ve bought their clothes or in the winter when they can stack bread to buy it when it drops? Think about it..there’s a reason fashion week is held in the cold months of winter for summer lines.

  • I think his music is commercial garbage for pop fans, but they are making it sound worse than it is, like he said he is not a model he doesnt have a contract with them to be a puppet for them, If its something im not feeling i wouldnt wear also, now you see the puppet Minaj will do anything for money, music sucks on the radio and tv,   to many great MC;s to listen to the garbage they put on the radio

  • peter tate

    lol hes tryna sell that ovoxo bomber jacket hard huh

  • he look real “how you doing” in that pic 

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    bitchazz niqqa….smh

  • rumor is drake nicki wore the same clothes that were picked out for drake to wear

  • Morty

    “why is drake so angry” ymcmb doin damage control on drake’s soft image?

  • last one

    i would walk out 2.. they probally had thongs out for him to wear,  or some fruity ass shirts… he is fruity enough and dont need the cover of vibe to promote his fruitness,.,

  • rep87

    Thats not Drake on the cover ? My bad , Drake is not acting like a diva he is a DIVA get it right ! looking at some of the titles on this cover somebody gay over at Vibe put the whole thing together Drake is angry who gives a damn, the whole click he roll with is fruity

  • digitallife

    This kid is just as delusional as his me he’s the mix between the worst parts of mc hammer and vanilla ice. like if those two could make a baby it would be lame ass drake. Oh I love the chicks with the “but he sing nice”…bitch you ever heard of eventide harmonizer? it’s the same thing that rihanna uses to carry notes..cause neither can sing worth a damn.

  • Guest

    Digital Life u crazy,Nicki Minaj look better on the cover any way lol.

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  • BBE

    lol drake really trying to push that bomber jacket he got for sale huh

    and no, i don’t think this is planned. Looking like a “diva’ is not the same thing as appearing “hard” or no soft.   In fact, it makes him appear more “sweet”.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    either way u look @ it YMCMB is winning lol 😉

    • SharksBreath

      YMCB winning is like Republicans winning.

      When YMCB wins hip hop loses. Just like when republicans win America loses.


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        Lol good 1 😉

  • palindrome82

    That’s a nice caplet.

  • SharksBreath

    I stop reading Vibe a decade ago. I see I haven’t missed much.

    Niki Minaj. The Notorius King. They should have printed this issue on toilet paper.

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  • MindElevation

    in a industry where they try and mold you into what they want you to be i commend dude for standing up for himself, why wear shit you dont want to or feel comfortable in. if its not you its not you.

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    he didnt loose his cover they gonna put it out on the gg?ay edition dont worry????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

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