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Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Just Signed To YMCMB!???

Limp Bizkit! That’s right, people, the “Nookie” boys have officially linked up with YMCMB, according to the band’s frontman Fred Durst, who tweeted earlier today, “‘The game is missing danger, electricity, and rock n roll!!!!’ Cash Money Limp Bizkit”.

To add more confirmation fuel to the fire, Lil Wayne hit up Lenny Green on his 98.7 KISS FM show to talk about the new additions, and when asked about new signing’s to the label and brand, he said, “We’re always listening and looking at acts. Every other day I hear about somebody new just signed to Cash Money … The other day I found out Limp Bizkit signed to Cash Money. They’re signing everybody.”

That’s not all. Word has it that Ashanti, formerly of Murder The Inc. is now down with YMCMB camp as well!

Limp Bizkit had a ton of success in the ’90s and early 2000s during the TRL era when they released several multi-platinum albums, and even a did a remix project where they worked with DJ Premier, Bubba Sparxxx, Method Man, Pharrell, and Timbaland. Seeing as how Weezy is on a Rock binge lately, this really isn’t as “otherworldly” as it sounds. Now, the end result? That’s a whole ‘nother question.

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  • Who What Why When

    zzzzzzz…huh? wha? oh…zzzzzzzzz….

  • just because they’re signing everybody does not make them a good as record label…wayne is starting to burn out and nicki is too drake is on his way out as far as the other members of young money bow wow is irrelevant and the rest just suck

  • Guillaume Pilon

    if they announced it..its not a rumor  

    • woohah623

      smh you can learn so much by clicking on a persons name. WOOOHAH

  • rep87

    the context of the music coming out is just garbage and its no hating i just like good hiphop and this is some wack shit fake gang members and playing with satanic crap im not feeling that these control puppets

    • Why you calling Weezy a fake blood? Just because he wears women’s Leopard leggings & spandex , with his butt exposed, like he’s looking to get poked from behind , while riding a skateboard & kissing another man in the mouth?

  • Limp Bizkit? This ain’t ’99, bruh.

  • Adrian Barron

    i appreciate the young niggah hustling and all … but i still wanna schlap fire out this kidd for that KATIE COURIC interview … and the mf who told that niggah HE WAS A GANGSTER need a schmack too

    IMO when HE didnt respond to BG (cuz repercussions come with that) said it all to ME

  • therealest1

    This isn’t that new, everyone learned of this yesterday evening. But does that mean Limp Bizkit now has to also become bootleg white Bloods since they have signed to Young Money/Cash Money like all those other clowns on there?

    • No, but they will end up being kissed in the mouth by another man!

      • therealest1

         Oh yeah, that’s right, the label figureheads, those 2 bootleg ass Bloods, Birdman and Lil Wayne like to kiss each other in the mouth.

  • dominicancoke

    they signing who ever they can son cause they top artist are getting saturated on radios and people are quite tired of it(i am)  here’s the official list of the cash money and young money roster for 2012-2013

    bizzy bone
    tevin cambell
    vanilla ice
    dylon( from making the band)
    b rabbit from 8 mile
    keith sweat 
    young buck 
    kevin federline 
    lil flip
    fonzwoth bentley

    • No fuggin way! They signed Tevin Campell?

      • dominicancoke

        it was a joke son! lol i wrote that because cash money is signing all these old acts like ashanti and busta rhymes and limp bizkit

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  • David Sentongo

    but on a more serious note, i’ll just sit back and watch, these might be a good move for them. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • people that like rock dont even like them lol

  • brotha_man

    Its clear since the Bling Bling days of cash money that their primary target is only to the white community. you got lil Wayne dressing like Elton john, he went from blood to skater I have never known Wayne to be a skater. Nikki is confused, and wants to be gaga. Drake is…..well drake (garbage). if this is the audience YCMB wants to embrace more $ money to ya brah.but Nas, Common, The Roots, mos def, Brotha Ali, etc. will always get ply because its what I feel, its real and I live what they rap about i cam from the basement and rose to the attic. I’m a successful professional (not a rapper) and still reach out to my community all day long….never sell out

  • chaseHARDER

    Yah, the usual options and things you can relate to get the most respect KINGS AND QUEENS from Tyga, Wale, Nas but do we buy the shh? That’s one of the main issues.

    Is cash money going for the white audience? No doubt but they’re also trying to go bigger and harder which consist of a white audience, the internal book company shh they got going for instance. You can stay the same forever or change, adapt, and go with the flow while trying to keep parts of who you were at the start.

    • brotha_man

      as far as the white fan base  (money) wayne always had that. but to not even make music for the N.O or any other hood across America is career suicide don’t get me wrong he’ll always make money of music but to dumb it all the way down to where the black audience cant relate is just wack. I will never be a skateboarder and will never be apart of that movement.Im not talking drugs and violence, im talking just real music. Sum’time i think Im listen to musiq soul child instead of drake, the way he be crying and carrying on, all im saying is that me and 95 percent of the black community cannot relate to the YCMB movement…now outkast, the roots, nas, mos def that a different story. they (outkast, the roots, nas, etc.)keep us informed on real ish.

      • chaseHARDER

         I feel this though. I was just thinking to myself, does Wayne even listen to what people are currently saying about him and does he realize what his style is at the moment? If he does, he doesn’t seem to care. I don’t think he could even go back to the NEW ORLEANS Wayne at this point. Seems that died with Carter 2/3

  • This is G-Unit all over again….

  • digitallife

    LMAO my former boss who bought these guys contract like 10 years ago must’ve just caked off this deal lol..betcha fred and company ain’t get a nickel for signing to YMCB lol..big scott strikes again.

  • Lady Smith

    Diddy has MGK, Eminem has Yelawolf now YMCMB has Limp Bizkit…Why not??? It was only logical that they would make that move.

  • wilmancolon

    ill give them a year till they collapse like G-UNIT