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Wayne Says Cash Money Has Signed Limp Bizkit; In Talks with Ashanti

(AllHipHop News) Despite a blossoming roster at Cash Money Records, the Universal Republic backed label is again adding artists to its repertoire.

The newest edition to Baby and Slim’s lineup is Jacksonville, Florida bred rock group Limp Bizkit, headed by Fred Durst.

In an interview with 98.7 KISS FM’s KISSing After Dark with Lenny Green, Lil’ Wayne confirmed that Cash Money signed Limp Bizkit and was considering adding Ashanti to the roster as well.

“Actually yea, as far as Cash Money we are always listening and looking at acts, so honestly its like just the other day I hear about someone new signing to Cash Money,” Wayne told Lenny Green. “Not speaking about R&B, its like just for example, the other day I just found out Limp Bizkit signed to Cash oney. They’re signing everybody with Cash Money, everyone’s getting a chance. I think, but I dont want to overstep any boundaries, but I think we are working with Ashanti.”

Lead singer/rapper Fred Durst confirmed the signing via Twitter as well telling fans, “The game is missing danger, electricity, and rock n roll!!!!” Cash Money Limp Bizkit.”

More details about Limp Bizkit and Cash Money’s new relationship will be reveals as they emerge.

  • dominicancoke

    that’s a silly idea like wtf? limp biscuit lol dudes fell off years ago they had a wake a burial and that’s it for them they money got talent(if you call overly animated skinny jean wearing sell outs who make senseless rap songs) talent but it pays the bills and tops the charts they even sign busta rhymes who’s around 40 something years old and only gets on songs cause of his fast delivery is working for him(but is getting old son!) who will they sign next mims? lil zane?
    murphy lee? bizzy bone? lol ashanti c’mon son! bi#ch aint even hot no more plus she cant hit high notes

    • James Reyna

      Well you just got the award for the most ignorant statement of the day. 

      • dominicancoke

        thank you thank you i will accept this award and thank every one who made it possible for me to get the  m.i.s.o.t.d award. first i would like to thank god and second satan and them paint lead chips i ate as a child to marijuana and vodka you made this possible and to james reyna’s sister for allowing me to skeet in her throat on a nightly basis thank you all thanks(crowd claps standing ovation)

  • suge380

    I guess they will sign anyone. If you make a hit, its cuz GMB (you know what the G stands for and it ain’t gangsta) helped you. If you flop, you was done already and they look like the good guy for giving you a chance. I bet the Busta album don’t even come out. They got a good scheme going though Drake will be gone once he realizes he getting fcuked in more than one way. ROFL

  • the music the label drops is garbage, but they know what they are doing, Limp Biz can sell under that label, what people need to know that people will pay attention to something when they are attached to something that is popular at the time, people wont make their own minds about music they will listen to people cause they are attached to a crew or label,  just like Slaughter House no one bought the first album or was even talking about them or playing the music or anyting, once they sign to shady they in interviews on tour on shows people talking about them being the best super group when they were not giving a sec to take before, thats why music sucks right now, somone could be good but you wont listen cause they are not with TI, or Jeezy, or Jay or Wayne,  once they get on the radio or tv you are on they sack,lol


  • rep87

    If they are trying to sign Ashanti they feel that gimmick Nicki nasty time is up i think Ashanti is a bit to classy for this trashy fruit loop troop and add snitch to the click Tyga went out on his boy down in Miami

  •  Limp Bizkit  had mad hits everyone liked them i think this is a good move for them, think lil wayne on one of there songs will get them to blow up again . and ashanti i mean she just needs some publicity people always gonna be down with her.

    • suge380

      I think the LB thing is just them trying to cash in on some white money. They just don’t know, EM killed them a while ago. Thats why they can’t sell crap. Ashanti need to stay as far away from them as possible. Let them blow her up, then sign with a major, but No Money Click will only hurt her badly.

  • palindrome82

    I love Limp Bizkit and I really want to see them make a comeback. They have that rock hip hop vibe going on and I think it could really work.

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