Trick Daddy and Plies

Hip-Hop Rumors: Trick Daddy Calls Plies a “B*tch,” Doesn’t Like Kobe Bryant!

Oh man, Trick Daddy is going in on everybody in the new issue of Ozone Magazine. Check out a few excerpts from the magazine below, with Trick Rick Ross calling Plies “a bitch.” hating on Kobe Bryant, and speaking on his issues with Rick Ross.

On Rick Ross:
“Everybody’s doing music. They read my interview in OZONE or hear my interview on the radio and then they go from being a Trick Daddy fan to thinking they can be better than Trick. Think about someone who has a clean [criminal] record who graduated at the top of their class. They have a clean driving record and always say “yes ma’am” and “yes sir.” If he gets on a record and tells all these lies about robbing and killing and dope dealing and you fall for it, and later you find out [it was a lie], he should be punished for that. I never did music like that; that’s why my music is timeless. People don’t do that anymore in rap music, it’s all LaLaLand, so when the rainbow washes away it ain’t nothing but a sad story. Everybody’s looking crazy and dumb and all the fourteen, fifteen, sixteen year old killers are on First 48. I refuse to be the victim. I refuse to be the one on the other end of the stick and they’re saying, “Yeah, he’s locked up for killing Trick.”

Are you referring to a fellow Miami rapper whose occupational background may or may not affect the credibility of his music?

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve always been a fan of the man’s talents. I never really had a problem with it. I think what blew [the whole situation] out of proportion was that he had a problem admitting it. I don’t have a problem with him. We never had no beef or nothing like that. I just felt like the people who were around him at that time when [that news] came out could’ve avoided all that. You can’t have too many yes-men and mini-me’s and me-too’s around you. I think if the right people had been around him, [that situation] wouldn’t have went that far.

I know you and Plies had issues at one point. Was that ever squashed?
Plies is a b*tch. Me and Plies’ problem started because I walked up on Plies [in Orlando at the Roxy] talking about he didn’t want me at his show, and I was only coming to support. Ever since then he has refused to even get on the phone like a man and talk to me about it. Anytime I walk by accidentally they start running. When I shot the [DJ Khaled] “Out Here Grindin’” video shoot in New York, Plies wouldn’t come because he didn’t know I was on the record.

What would you want to tell Plies?
I just hope he understands he’s still a Trick Daddy fan. That “bruh bruh” sh*t, that’s some Miami sh*t. He just took it and ran with it. I know he’s still a Trick Daddy fan. Don’t let the animosity and envy that you have for the man interfere with the legacy.

But why would Plies would have animosity towards you in the first place? Some n*ggas just ain’t built for this. I don’t like Kobe Bryant. I love his basketball game, but I don’t like him as a man. I don’t like the sh*t that happened with him and Shaq and what happened between him and Pau Gasol. I didn’t like [the alleged rape] situation. He went straight from high school to the league with a hundred something million dollar contract. You never see him at parties. You never see Kobe on TMZ. He doesn’t have any friends. He’s not sociable. He’s very arrogant. He thinks he’s better than a b*tch.

You could be the greatest player in the world but [that attitude] takes a lot away from you. But I saw him say something last week that made me understand him. They asked [Kobe] on [TV], “How do you compare yourself to Robert Parrish and Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and all the big-name basketball players?” Kobe said, “I would never put myself above them because I got everything I learned from them.” If Plies would realize that I’m the ni*ga who made him wanna get in his ugly ass ‘vert and ride to Slip N Slide Records and sign [a record deal], he shouldn’t have no hatred in his heart about me.

I just think Plies should just realize that it’s easier to be amongst us than on top of us. When I listen to [Plies’] music, he tries to be so ghetto and hard. Then I research and find out the n*gga graduated at the top of his class. The n*gga went to college. I would trade for that. You could be Trick Daddy, sh*t. If I could go to college and have a clean record and graduate as valedictorian, I’d trade Trick Daddy for that.”

Wow, hate much???

Source: Ozone Magazine

  • rep87

    Trick just keeping it real, Plies is one fake azz gangsta rapper talking and rapping bout nothing , Ross should have came clean bout working a job as a correction center officer hell feed ya family he still got his fan base anyway, we got registered informants and str up snitchers in the game as well , homos devil santanic crap men wearing women clothes they are trying to ruin the legacy of the rap game and doing a good job of it today

  • Real Spill!

    Trick said nothing wrong!

  • Michael Jones

    Trick my dude and I love his music…but those of you who listen to music to measure a persons gangsta are probably not going to make it to far in life anyway . If you ever really listened to Plies in an interview you can literally see how smart this cat is the moment he opens his mouth….so if he has the good sense to put on an act and rape the game for everything its worth like 90% of the other rappers out there so be it. Every time he drops a single it spreads like wild fire, when he fist came out he was dropping albums every 6 months on a major.  and since when was it wrong to not have a police record, go to college and want better for yourself and be called unreal for it (not talking about Trick)……Plies keep dropping heat… those of you who don’t know this is entertainment I really feel sorry for you

    • I agree with you… But I also agree with Trick Daddy. He’s essentially saying that rappers need to be themselves in a deeper way… And you know what? I think he’s onto something.

    • Casor_Greener

      Real talk, all these dudes are lying so why be mad about it.

      • In the famous denial video, reporter Tricked him , by saying Trick Daddy outed him ( Which wasn’t true & The Fawlse  , went in on Trick , hard, dissing , threantening Trick Daddy, etc. etc., 

  • Trick is just speaking his mind and telling the truth. Why would you front for the camera when you know you’re not really like that !! Thats always been a issue with Hip Hop when being “Hardcore” & “Gangsta” became the platform for stardom. CB4 is not a parody anymore, thats todays stars !! Its too easy to sell a gimmick, telling the truth is now a negative.

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Niggas gotta understand Trick luh da keedz!! Trick been a real Nigga.. In short was he saying is.. if you not a gangsta don’t portray to be one then front when you called out on it. Everybody know Ross stay fronting. If the ignorant masses choose to listen to him for inspiration then thats they problem. All i know is i’ll bust ya shit if you bring that non-sense towards me and my kids.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Tricks Right on Point. If you went to college be proud of that. If you’re records clean enough to work for the state, make records for people just like you. There are more then them then thugs. Why be something youre not? I do think rappers take the “entertainment” card one step too far. Kids in the inner city cant tell the difference and are out here dying trying to be like a character that doesnt even really exist in the first place

    • a b

      So what are you saying?


    Yo it must be something in the water,
    In florida. That make these frauds ass rappers, become street niggas over night.

    I fuks wit trick back in the day, and he spitting the truth.

    But the game is based off images, and alls these rappers dude is sell an image.

    I guess thats why meek is in his frauding bag. The youth gravitate to these artist,
    Because the youth, themselves are fraud.

    I know its just entertainment, but how many kids,
    Go around rapping i ‘m a boss, whiching they could really be kingpins.???

    Or listening to ross moves 100 keys, in less then 12 hours.

    Just like the rapper make fantasy music, their fans like their music,
    Cause they themselves, glamorize, these fantasy stories.

    And they too, wish they were bosses & kingpins.

    I actually thought the lil niggah meek had some type of intergity,
    Being he from the hood, and came up in south philly.
    But once he signed to ross, it was clear he would compromise his intergity,
    For fame & money. South philly niggaz dont run with no got damn COPs or CO’s.

    But if you bout to get your frauding on, why not.

    Meek aint or never been a boss, not now or never.
    But he has sure did a good job, getting people to believe him.
    In the hood yes, did he hustle to make a buck yeah.
    But what niggah in philly dont?

    Running this city. Hell no. You can go to his youtube tapes,
    And seen him, before he got with ross.

    But as long as these fake rappers, can get away with it. The more you going to have these fske niggas, lie and fabricate their life stories.

    Wayne, jim, meek, ross, piles, i cant bear to hear they music.
    Shet just hurt my ears. Lol
    Espicially ross & wayne.

    • Meek Mills = Biggest Waste Of The Year

      The kid got skills, but once he signed with the Fawlse, it was a wrap.

    • I feel yo comment everything except about Meek you admitted he was in the hood hustling so the ‘Im a boss’ moniker its nothing wrong with that cuz he made it out and he now has the ability to open doors for some of his guys so that makes him a boss, and about singing to Ross man Ross is the hottest nigga in the game so why wouldn’t you sign to him he could have stayed real and broke or made a smart business decision and got with the man with the deepest pockets!!!

      • EL_BARK

        Being a pack boy, dont mean your a boss.
        In fact it means you at the bottom of the totem pole.
        Everybody or atleast, 7 out of 10 people in the hood,
        Hustle at one time or in their life. even if it was for a short time,
        Or just a couples of bags, to make ends meet.

        Also ross not the hottest in the game.
        Numbers dont lie, young money is.

        Self made only sold 60,000 its first week. 175,000 all together.

        Wale sold more then the group. Ross last album,
        Barely went gold after, 6 months. That whe his mmg label got drop by def jam.

        Jeezy sold more in his first week, then all of self made.

        Dont be fooled, meek is making money. But he is no where near being a boss.

        Diddy, jay, 50, dre, kayne, em,
        They are bosses. They are feeding alot of people.

        Two songs, with ross, on both of them, which means he prolly getting atleast half of the publishing, dont add up to major money.

        Dont be fooled by the promo video they are releasing. It just that a promo video.

        Also if you compromise yourself, and intergrity, for fame and money.
        That means you fake…..

        But meek not really a street niggahs. (putting in work) He always been a rapping ass niggah
        So him hooking up with a fraud, dont really surprise me.

        But the way he promoting himself is……..

        He went from ” in my bag,” “rose red” to “i am boss”

        Naw he getting his CB4 on right along with ross.

        Meek knew, he could bring street cred to ross,
        By him being a philly niggahs.

        Ross just using meek for that reason, everybody in the game know where to come when u need stret cred, or a street fan base. Go to philly and find whoever is hot,
        And watch, the street get behind them.

        Same thing jay did with mac, Ross signed meek,
        Shoot a videi in the hood, pull a couple street niggahs out,
        For cameo. And before you blink, ross all of a sudden,
        Got real niggahs in his camp, cause he put meek on.
        And he surronded by goons.

        Meek never been the image, he promoting hiself ass.
        Niggahs done lay hands on him, back in the day,
        When he was a younging.

        Ask that niggah bout the homie “streets” and streets jumping off the porch on that niggah.
        Back in the day…
        But i digress

  • NoGoBoi

    Sydney u a dumb mofo if u think Trick is hating. Shit u wrote the story and u still don’t understand what he’s saying apparently. smh

    • now thats funny…..

      i think she got a poster of plies on her wall… thats all

  • BlameJG

    I’m really not feeling this Syndney chick at all…. where the hell is Illseed? we need some news on that .. i been reading homie since 05 and he just disappear?? bad look on that one Jigsaw. then you replace him with this chick? come on yo…

    Trick wasn’t hating.. what he said was real. it was also his perspective to call that hatred is the same kinda journalism that made a beef between BIggie and Pac and East vs. West thing.. if people wanna beef let it start because of what they want to.. not because of some manufactured BS .. 

  • Like he said people dont want to be them, why doesnt Ross rap about his school days his jobs, just like piles,, nothing wrong with going to school, but so many of them want to sell you an image they never lived or wouldnt live,, rap on the radio is grabage, HIPHOP music is around but the crap on the radio and tv is commercial garbage that major labels will only put out what they think HIP HOP should be and they choose the fake image of drug dealers, u have real smart talented MC’s that wont get play no matter how good they are

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Sidney…please stfu.

  • hating much my dick, this website has gone downhill for real bruh bruh im on the comeback illseed committee real talk

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    real shit Trick… niggaz should just own they shit. If you was a a yes maam ass law enforcement officer then own it if you was, dont lie and then re-invent yourself into something worst.

    if you was top of the class and getting honors in college and all that then why re-invent yourself into being something you weren’t.

  • hate much???? this bitch must be young tell her to stick to the skinny jean niggas let the street niggas be its above your head!!!!!!!!!!!

    • that’s what I said in my post that didn’t go through lol. This chick had to be born after 1986. Her favorite rappers must be drake, nicki minaj, and post carter 2 lil wayne. this chick be killing me lol. I 1st I thought most of yall were just being mean to her because she filling in for illseed. But now I totally understand where yall coming from. this chick sounds like my 20 year old cousin.

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  • what happened to illseed?

  • lol this shit wont let me post talking bout my post got to be approved. grouchy greg or jigsaw fix this shit my niggas!

    anyway if this go through

    sydney lace, you need to brush up on your hip hop knowledge. trick was speaking the absolute truth. there was no hate involved. milli vanilli and CB4 is running around like crazy in hip hop. SOMEBODY GOT TO SAY SOMETHING.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       stop cursing so much lol cursing is what gets your comments reviewed …leave them out and youll be good …. just be sure to copy you post before you post them just incase it happens …. we cursse so much sometimes u type one with out noticing it LOL 😉

    • lol

  • And I don’t know what trick is talking about that “bruh bruh” shit being from miami. We been saying that in the bay. I hope he was talking about a song or something. officer william roberts aint even from miami or have any ties to miami. that cat was born in mississippi and raised in carol city. He used to be dirt bag, trick and trina’s water boy.

    • bitchpleaseq

       Please niggas in Miami have been saying that crap since the late 90s. The Bay Bay is a wannabe south.

    •  Umm… game you know carol city is part of miami? north miami to be exact near county line. Learn to research…

  • 1SOFLO1

     I have been visiting this site daily since 2006 and I HAVE NEVER EVER posted on this site EVER, but i had to get on this site to post to this Sydney Lace b!t#h that she is a dumb ass and that the owner of this site must be f&%king her.  Where the F is illseed???

    • Dayum!
      7yrs & only post to bring back ILLSEED?

      Oh Well, obviously $hyt has gotten so bad , you had to do something!

      Bring back ILLSEED!

  • 1SOFLO1

    This  b!t#h wrote hate much??? smh.

  • baby nuts

    hate much? yeah fake niggas and bitches and frauds who throw rocks and hide they hand. dumb bitch trick daddy is still selling out shows with out any new songs out. he good where ever when ever those other cats are food waitn to b ate . wonder how much rick ross pays the bloods every show 

  • ha, i remember when all yall “goons” was checkin for this fruitsack back in 2008 now yall nggas flocked over to the next gimmicky thug rapper(wayne/ross)….anywho nothin here to see plies has loss his goon base and Trick is iight. too bad he’s like 45 so he’s too old to be “thuggin”

    • BoldSpice

      So then you too young to have an opinion. I highly doubt your an athourity on “thuggin” so shut the fugg up. 2nd post i done read with your azz talkin that too old shyt. What you think being young is an accomplisment? You want an award or something? Most of the best music come from older dudes 30+. All these kid rappers/ crack babies talk about is licking booty and skinny pants.

      • don’t get mad at me cuz u a old fruitcake with no style. i’m just pointing out facts. u prob. that 54 year old that’s in the club with the young people. smh grow up nigga it aint that serious on here.

      • BoldSpice

        Oops sorry my nigga or whatever you go by! Didn’t realize what the Cd stood for. Good luck with your battle against senior citizens though. Deuces!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    respect to trick for this comment “The n*gga went to college. I would trade for that. You could be Trick
    Daddy, sh*t. If I could go to college and have a clean record and
    graduate as valedictorian, I’d trade Trick Daddy for that.” <—- thats real man speak right there 😉

    • Terrance Goodman

      All day..but instead fools wanna be “hard” and for what.Them f’s are for life not like school

  • LongLiveTheSevyn

    Trick made some valid points…that last paragraph was gold…rappers are mostly phonies nowadays. I was never a Plies fan, dude just seemed like he was trying too hard.

    • a b

      Because that’s the only thing you ignoramuses understand, so we market and package that sh*t just the way you all like it.

      • LongLiveTheSevyn

        Thanks for the comments, racist troll….be sure to grab ur burning cross on the way out…

  • brotha_man

    what eva trick or Uncle luke says goes in MIAMI

  • Trick Daddy a real nigga, he came to Charlotte and held his own when some bitch niggas tried him and he right about Rick Ross, dude is very talented I’ll give him that he be going off on tracks but he’s unoriginal. What he talk about is unauthentic and alot of dudes fall for his bullshit and next thing you know niggas is doing 10 years for drug trafficking or life for murder when they know that wasn’t the right path for them from the get go, they not built for that life. Just brainwashed by music.

  • only on allhiphop would they get words misconstrued…wonder why nobody takes this s**t serious

  • Why are rappers trying to pass wisdom, when really, we just want them to take care of themselves? And really, how can you judge somebody based on party attendance, exposure on TMZ, and TV interviews? I love Trick Daddy, but he can be brash at times.

  • stanthetech

    I definetely agree with trick daddy rick ross makes good  music but  after  lieing about something  like  that  just  shows  the length these  rappers would do to  gain any type of  street cred his  music  is  good  but  full of  lies then to  try  and  align  yo self  with meech  and  hoover  ppl  he never meet in his life is just  plain fake and people are falling for it

  • The real is back….enters TRICK DADDY. Remember TRICK loves the kids.

  • Get over it trick…i fucks with cha…and you no these niggas aint real…but its just music…let plies be fake…he still getting paid….if thats the case call out the entire rap industry…..and leave kobe alone he aint ever tired to be street…he just a baller

  • Adrian Barron

    the whole game FRAUDULENT … my thing is if you knew BOTH these niggahs wasnt who they say they are (like 99.9 % of all entertainers/rappers) then why would you campaign to have them niggahs signed or even co-sign they movements – if i recall you was the MAIN NIGGAH on Slip-n-Slide so that means them niggahs DONT/WONT get to drop an album until after you drop or your buzz dies down … HOWEVER you was the FLAGSHIP artists but you had something to do with promoting their success somehow but now aint nobody outside the MIA really checking for TRICK he wanna expose niggahs for what he knew them to be all alone … IMO that make you even worse than them for NOT blowing they spot up from jump … dont wait til they get 2 good feet in the game and start branding themselves … get them niggahs the phuck out ASAP

    and why nobody ever hold the RECORD labels responsible for these fake azz niggahs and flawed azz messages they sending out – niggahs uh jump 2 ft on anuvah niggah neck and let the mf’s thats really getting rich – WALK ON BYE

  • that man said he would trade his entire carreer for Plies’ degree and clean criminal record…..

    thats a powerful statement right there…. because every song i can think of from Plies, dude sound dumb as hell and talk about crime….

    • mouth7

      I feel Trick on that one. Everyone wants to be a thug until the real thugs come at you. Take your degree and go raise ur kids in a stable enviroment. Ur a clown for not doing so. XOXO Trick.

  • I Feel you trick,
    Pac, biggie, DJ Uncle Al and the rest of them are rolling in their graves to see how rap has become.

  • Tril Beats



    it is what it is??????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


  • Tha Bigchance

    And then when I try to kick my real rap shit minus all dat fake ass bullshit niggas push me to the side, still coming soon. Hu$tle 247!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Rick Ross wasnt the only fake dude in the game. c’mon son.  Rick Ross is just easier to remember.  If TMZ or party hoppin is what makes a man, I’m cool b.

    Is that the move now?  Older rappers start off their interview talkin bout how fake Rick Ross is?  Just make music b.  We only know “Nann nigga” and “I’m a Thug”…

    • @ AlbertoRipRon…….NO…. YOU only know 2 of his songs…..REAL FANS know several albums worth of his songs, so if your not a fan why are you even reading this……or better yet why even reply????>>>>hhhhmmmmm

      • AlbertoRipRon

         Then name two other songs without going to wikipedia or google to help you out.  For real, country cats might know his whole catalog…but the WHOLE WIDE only knows two.  And I’m reading this because I can, fan or not.  Take your pms’ing to someone who just as much as a stan as you.  Other than…shut up

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  • Where did he hate at? Seems he just was giving his honest opinion.