Jim Jones

Jim Jones Arrested In Connecticut Casino Brawl

(AllHipHop News) Last night, Jim Jones was involved in a fight that turned into a melee, resulting in his arrest and reportedly requiring the use of mace.

According to TMZ.com, Jones was walking through the party hosted by Diddy at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, when an intoxicated patron began arguing with Jones.

Jones allegedly ignored the taunts, but when the patron hit Jones in the face, the rapper fought back in self-defense.

Both sides then began to fight and it took five officers to calm the angry Harlem-bred rapper, who was arrested and has since been bonded out.

The hotel, Jones, and the Connecticut State Police have not responded to the reports at press time.

  • If he hit Jimmy….all bets are off!

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  • Apollo Showtime

    Chrissy STILL touched it Miami, that’s why he had to propose to her in Miami, he had to erase the memory of Max Biggavell. #Oww

  • rep87

    People will test you when all you talk bout is gangstr shit and jimmy is really not a tough guy some fans get caught up in what these rappers are claiming jimmy screaming soo woo and guns and dope kicking azz all make believe

  • princesslox

    When is Jim Jones going to realize his status has changed and finally get proper security. Dude, you’re a celebrity, therefore a target for these knuckleheads trying to get some kind of street cred ,PERIOD. These are people have nothing to lose, not even a minimum wage job.  They’re trying to get at you so they can get at your money. Understand this. Diddy left escorted not only by Foxwoods security but by state troopers on each side. He understands the game, he’s not a punk. He’s worked too hard to build his empire to watch it all go down the toilet . Jimmy, I promise, mad respect for you, but for real you’re no longer an everyday guy like you want to be. Get security, we need another album not to hear about foolishness like this that could have been avoided. Proper security especially when you’re traveling with your wife. If for no other reason to protect her. I have to admit she was holding her own though. Peace and love and more music.

    • I’m sorry, Miss. No one is checking for a new Jim Jones album. The only reason he’s still somewhat in the limelight is because of the drama his lady brings to reality TV. And, furthermore. “Gangstas” don’t do security. Didn’t you know?

      • EL_BARK

        You stole my post. Lol

        Samethings i was thinking.

        jim is done as a rapper.

      • I’m just sayin’, man. Capo ain’t had a hit since Cam was wearin’ pink Timbs.

      • atle fjeldstad

         Hahaha! Pink timbs. I forgot about those! Remember he had the ones with the bandana pattern and shit.. Oh, and jim jones` style is really a mix of Max B and Stack Bundles.

      • princesslox

        One voice speaks for millions, Jim has more than one album left for his fans.  Jim Jones’ smooth style will always make music to move to…

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    Thats what niggaz get fo actin like they cant get touched.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      Cause some drunk dude, tries to snuff you thats getting “touched”. Maybe he just wanted to walk through the party, without being harassed. Does the man not have the right to do normal things? I hope the drunk dude got his ass beat for being a damn hater. Thats the problem. Cats always waiting to “touch” someone.. man go “touch” some money and you wont be worrying about the next man

  • suge380

    Self Defense? Well go through the bs, get some publicity, drop a album…charges dropped.


    Lol jim aint no celebrity.

    Okay maybe an -C list celeb. But cats goimg to try him,
    Not because he rich.

    But because that niggah boast a bravado, macho attitude.
    Like he bout that when he not. All thst soo-woo
    Bird gang shet. Him getting griddy with white jew
    Managers on TV. Niggas going to pull his cards.

    1. because they dont believe him.
    2. Its been documented, that jimmy aint no goon.

    Chase around the rucker,
    Got his ass whip in philly at power house, for leaping in the crowd.

    The he cried on TV, cause his mom & girl cant get along. Lol

    It was only a matter of time, before somebody call his bluff after seeing that.

    Plenty of celebrity, walk these streets without body guards.
    And be in the hoods, in differernt cities.

    Okay maybe not plenty, but there a couple.

    Dude need to keep chrissy went him, she might be tougher then he is.

    • Fernando Morales

      the person who wrote this is da problem with people. people cant go out because of people like el bark and that drunk guy who probably lost his paycheck playing the slots and saw jim and decided to act up

      • EL_BARK

        Fool how you figure, people like me, is why people cant go out.

        I swear, you off brand, living in the middle of
        East bumble fuk, has no clue whats going on. Outside of yall worlds.

        Where did i say, that i go around and start fights with people.????

        But because i know how niggas are, i bet that niggas going to test jim,
        Because how he portrays himself. Further more, people has called his bluff.

        So it even more likely, guys will test him and talk shet

        If jim jones was known, for really smacking niggas up, like a few rapper are cabable of.
        Niggaz wouldnt test him.

        Suck a dik, and have a fuk up night. Fuk you very much.

      • el bark – shut the fuk up, test him? come the fuk on this was some drunk, down on his luck, fuk boi, that seen the first rich rapper and watned to start something, in hopes to gain some qucik fame,  that the damn problem, yall type dont wanna work for shit,  u think u should test a mf, cause they doing they shit, makin they money….  

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         that too wether its a dude trying to test him or use jimmy for a come up … same kind of people if u ask me … either way ur looking to be bobbing and weaving in the end LOL ijs 😉

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        el bark is right sad but true … there are real hardbody super thugs out there that will try dudes … cause its all they got and they think jim aint real about it like they are … its the female traits some of these dudes walk around with … cause thats  def female shit … only females wanna fight and get jealous @ others success … real men just recognize real and get on there grind to get back … like fif said he bought a big car … i come around the block with a bigger whip … 😉

  • suge380

    And Wtf you arguing with a drunk dude in the club, man walk off. That don’t make you a punk, nicca drunk, long as he don’t touch you fcuk em, but if you sitting there arguing, hands gonna fly cuz thats what he wanted in the first place. He do need to keep his guard up, thats the 2nd time he done got sucker punched…Well at least we know he don’t have a glass jaw. He hasn’t been KO’d yet.

    • Jones did try to ignore the guy. Buddy must of took Jones as a bitch (which he is) popped him in the face, and the brawl began. Jimmy isn’t a fault here.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    This article is the problem america. Stop worrying about what Jims got, What celebritys got. Go make yourself famous or rich. How does sucker punching Jim Jones, enhance your life in anyway? Even if Jim Jones got knocked out cold, he would wake up nice and rich still. But if YOU get knocked out, you wake up broke as hell anyway. People need to get lives. Anybody should be able to go anywhere and not have to worry about all these crabs in the bucket. People really need to focus on their OWN lives.

    •  Maybe Jim owed that dude some duckets. *shrugs*

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he prob remembers how the dude who hit suge got famous for 15min smh 🙁

  • H. U. S.

    Jim soft, he should’ve had Chrissy get in this dudes azz!!

  • princesslox

    I was there last night. Jim represented Harlem in the finest, not punked but defended himself. Im not for violence but Jim gave ’em what they deserved. He and Chrissy had em….  It sucks that a “celebrity” can’t have the same freedom broke down good for nothings do. Jimmy could have been afforded the same security Diddy got but wanted to be among the people.  I respect P.Diddy in the fullest for the choice he made because it would have ended differenlty like it did for Jim.  Low lifes who have nothing to live for are responsible for this melee.  But Jim as a man about his money do the right thing, get security.  There were thousands of people there, something was bound to go wrong. Just think about it.

    • rep87

      YOU need to look at world star he let Harlem down jimmy was running from security and was peppered sprayed and just prior to that dude punched him in the mouth/ jimmy on about 6 youtube videos in the past getting punched and seen running all the time this dude needs to grow up and get body guards

  • NYCPeruano

    BRAWLLLLLLLIN -Jim jones voice lol

  • therealest1

    Brawling shit!

  • Jeremy Scott

    maybe this was staged to generate interest cause of the rumor that love & hip hop (a show they pitch & basically created) is going down south. A fight in the lobby of a casino infront of your crew?

  • Q.

    Nigga Shit. Not Black People shit… …Nigga Shit.

    At what age do we grow the f*ck up? Somebody give me a number…

  • SDS_Overfiend

    If a Nigga press you when he drunk… That means he felt he wanted to try you.. Jim pop mad shit and Niggas stay wanting to get at that Nigga. Case in point when you drunk you say what you feel and do… If he was a Nigga that homeboy espected he probably would’ve never stepped to him on that level. I could be wrong but Bottom line… Jimbo Ass.

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  • Shane G

    Jones beat up a state trooper and had to be restrained by 5 cops and pepper sprayed. Crazy.

    • rep87

      JImmy got his azz pepper sprayed by hotel security and man handle by them he didnt whip NOBODY AZZ he was punched in the mouth by a drunk and arrested / GO LOOK AT WORLDSTAR !