Jimmy Henchman

Jimmy Henchman Charged With Ordering Murder Of 50 Cent Associate

(AllHipHop News) James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has officially been charged with ordering the murder of an associate of 50 Cent.

Jimmy Henchman, who is already in a Brooklyn federal prison for running a $10 million a year cocaine operation, now faces the death penalty for the murder of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher.

Lodi Mack was gunned down in September of 2009 in the Bronx, just two weeks after he was released from prison, after serving almost two years for smacking Jimmy Henchman’s young son, as well as an unrelated narcotics charge.

The incident happened in March of 2007, during an altercation between 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, and Lodi Mack.

Henchman’s young son was walking to the Czar Entertainment offices, which were on the same street as Violator Management, which manages 50 Cent’s career.

50 and crew allegedly spotted the young man walking down the street wearing a Czar Entertainment sweatshirt, at the height of the feud between G-Unit and rapper Game, who was managed by Czar Entertainment at the time.

The young man was surrounded by Tony Yayo and his associates, harassed and eventually smacked in the face.

The assault was condemned by activists like Charles Barron and Al Sharpton.

Tony Yayo eventually pled guilty for his role in the altercation.

He was sentenced to probation and ordered to create anti-violence PSA’s.

In June of 2011, two men were officially charged with the murder of Lodi Mack.

Rodney Johnson and Brian McCleod, two men from Florida, are currently in jail, accused of being the triggermen in the hit.

The men claim they did the hit in exchange for a shipment of cocaine.

Jimmy Henchman is being represented by Gerald Shargel, who has refused multiple requests to comment on the case.

Prosecutors have not indicated if they will seek the death penalty against Jimmy Henchman.

  • Eli Pinilla

    i remember that shit..50 wsnt even in the country when that shit happened, yall need to get yall facts worked out

  • Guillaume Pilon

    yeah its a yayo associate

  • therealest1

    I recall during the aftermath of the incident when 50 Cent called his lawyers The Jew Unit. That was hilarious, classic, on point.

  • dominicancoke

    jimmy been grimey since the 80s and 90s this the same dude who had beef with pac.he was keeping it real thorough he had lodi mac merked and tony yayo’s moms crib sprayed at

  • rep87

    When the FED’S get done with Jimmy Henchman this guy will be in jail for the rest of his life every dirty deed he has done is going to popout and every dirty deed he’s connected to is going to come out. someone put their hands on your child you can understand thats a line you just dont cross , but my man was living that gangsta life style for real but the sad truth it allways end two ways prison or death

  • H. U. S.

    Damn, what ever happened to fights? This little azz altercation cost 2 people their lives, just fight or flee….damn people so weak nowadays!

    • Lodi – Grown Man
      Lil Henchmen = Kid

      No fight!

      • acb87

         kid my ass once your 16 180lbs and 6ft plus your not a kid

      • Hmm, that is a big kid, but he’s still soft…mentally, & the kid was 14yrs old at the time.  

        No excuse for Lodi. Big kid doesn’t = pass

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         so u trying to tell me you would do the same just to meet the same fate … yall are some real stand up dads … our fathers today are just looking for any excuse to not being around to raise our sons and daughters … this is why we will continue to live in this cycle of not being around … smarten up … a real man will throw down for his kids so he will be there for them tomorrow … 10 year old kids run thier mouth so i can image what lil 14yo jimmy was saying … ijs saying … yall making it seem like he was @ the innocent age … most ny kids are on the streets selling crack by 12 …. still no excuse for hitting a minor … but coming back to kill anyone over a smack is just suicide … as we are seeing with jimmys case ….. of course most will react overtop in that situation ….. but we are bless to see it from another perpspective ….. and i cant agree with these actions having this view …..

      • Nope! Not trying to tell you that , just saying , that after smacking the minor , Lodi lost all claims for a fair one with Jimmy.

        What ever he got , he should have expected , when he targeted a man’s family / kids.

        Certain things you don’t do & that is one of them.

        He had to expect some type of retaliation / feedback…..or should have.

      • palindrome82

        You cannot be serious with this comment. So to you everything is live or death? That’s a pretty sad way to live sir.The reason why so many people (mostly men) in the black community are dying from gun violence is because they think like this. Do you even realize how valuable and precious life is? You don’t have claims to any man’s life, not even your own. Everyone has been given life and purpose in this world and to plainly say what you said is mind boggling to me.

      • Casor_Greener

        man stfu. 

      • churchboy2

        Naw duke, Palindrome is right.

        This attitude of Henchmen that peeps are supporting in this discussion is EXACTLY what has decimated the black community.

      • EL_BARK

        Porch boy.

        You have thisind frame, because you still stuck on the porch.

      • churchboy2

        Run out of witty things to post have we?

        You are alone in the name-calling game.


      • Casor_Greener

        Black men are not incarcerated at a high rate because they are protecting their children.  You 2 dudes are really on the wrong path

      • churchboy2

        I was being sarcastic, we actually agree.

        It is, in fact, the bravado/immaturity underlying Jimmy’s act that denigrates us.


      • EL_BARK

        Co-sign 1000x

      • a b

        Are you niggas that dense? He didn’t smack the average man’s son, he smacked the son of a “G”. Not your average rapping types, but a real active “G”. Some of you are too caught up into this music stuff.

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    i call bs.

    if jimmy really wanted whoever smacked his son, and they happened to be in the joint. they would have been hit there. why wait til he’s out on the street.

    and i don’t mean hit. he couldve had some cats run in whoever smaked his son.

    they’re trying to hit jimmy with anything so he’ll eat the cheese. they have a prize and it’s not jimmy.

    • EL_BARK

      Depends sometimes.

      Hitting a cat can be easier or harder, if they in the joint.
      In some cases its easier, but sometimes, it can be more diffcult getting at somebody, behind them walls. As compare to them being home walking the streets.

      In jail you need the time & oppurtunity, and alot of people had to be involved.
      Or atleast more then one.

      Hitting dude after he came home, could had been easier.


    This is just insurance………
    Just in case, jimmy somehow manage to beat the fed case……

    Same thing they did with preme, indicted him on the gun case,
    Just to make sure, he had to stay put, until
    His murder trial.

    Damn jimmy,
    I mean you could had copped out to a 10-20 for the dope case,

    But if your shooters are ratting in the murder case,
    It might be a rap for you….

    I hope jimmy been stacking shet for a rainy day.
    Cause its only one way to beat that murder bid.
    And its prolly going to cost, a lot more because the shooters are in custody.’
    & prolly PC.

    Say what you want bout jimmy.
    He put these fake rappers on ice, & make them chilly niggas.
    You thought 50 & yayo would had learn, from how he chase pac to the westside.

    These real street niggas, dont be playing with these rappers.
    Sheeps & wolves dont mix………..

    And that niggah jimmy. That niggahs is a wolf.

    Puts on e-vest for the pac & 50 stans. Just in case.

    • churchboy2


      Why do black people have to make everything into some kind of conspiracy?

      Did you consider for a second that perhaps he deserves the murder rap for actually ordering the hit? He certainly had motive…

      • EL_BARK

        Look porch boy……

        I didnt say it was an conspiracy.

        Also in this country, your innocent until proving guilty.
        Your talkinh as if, you know 100 % for sure jimmy is guilty, on both charges.

        And just case you didnt know, these types of situations happen to people all the time.
        It called “applying pressure”.

        In jimmy case, they are just stacking the chips up against him,
        More then likely to either get him to fold, or prepare to
        Fight for your life.

        Its leverage, and right now this murder case, is puttinh the ball on their side of the court
        (Pun intended)

        Jimmy could very well beat the fed case, so just in case he does,
        This murder case, insures the police. That even if he spank the fed case or cop
        Out to a deal. He still has to remain in custody, in case he is acquitted.
        Remember when he was caught in ny, he was making plans to flee the country.
        Now if he beat the feds case, he still, got murder charged,
        Which prevents him, for getting bail, and fleeing.. That the most important part.

        Also its might enticed him to take a deal, on everyrhing now.

        Stop thinking you are a know it all, and hop
        Of your moms porch. And take a walk
        Through the hood. And you might learn a thing or too.

        You talking as if, you was there when jimmy gave the order.

        If this niggah hit a 14 year old kid, that should speak volumes about his character,
        And its not no telling who else, might had had an motive to do something to him.

        Dude could been a real slimeball, who had many enemies.
        You forget 50 & yayo were also at odds.
        With the inc, & preme. It could had been anybody.
        Not to mentiom bang em smurf, and domination.

        Just cause the cops accussed of something dont make it true.
        Any niggah from the hood no that.

      •  You never get tired of sucking so much dick?

      • EL_BARK

        Neither does your father.

      •  Yo Papa joke lol That’s all you have? You white boys crack me up.

      • churchboy2

        Most of your gems I’ll simply ignore, but this one almost made me laugh out loud:

        “Stop thinking you are a know it all”

        You have to admit that calling someone a “know it all” in the midst of a lengthy “I-know-more-than-you” post is beyond ironic.

        My point is simply this: sometimes things ARE actually as they seem, you do not have to always come up with “applying-leverage-insures-the-police-stacking-the-chips” theories.

        One final thought, you actually DID prove the question that I asked you. I repeat: “Did you consider for a second that perhaps he deserves the murder rap for actually ordering the hit?”

        Clearly, you did not consider it.

      • EL_BARK


        Look its not theories, when its proving that cops uses these tatcis,
        All the time.

        My post wasnt the least bit hypocrtical, the differernce between me and you
        Is. I know i am cocky, arrogrant, ass-holes.

        You come across as such, but really dont know shet.

        Now have a good day in church. Boy you know you church folks,
        Are doom, to the pits of hell. Lol

      • churchboy2

        “Look its not theories, when its proving that cops uses these tatcis”

        Runner Up: Best oxymoronic statement that I’ve seen in a long time.     

      • TheOnlyCoop

        It’s not a conspiracy it’s just part of the Feds legal game plan. They look to hit you with so many charges that either you can’t financially afford to fight them or a jury will say “they have so many charges they have to be guilty”

      • churchboy2

        “It’s not a conspiracy it’s just part of the Feds legal game plan”


        Winner: Best oxymoronic statement that I’ve seen in a long time.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        con·spir·a·cy  (kn-spîr-s)
        n. pl. con·spir·a·cies
        1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
        2. A group of conspirators.
        3. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

        AKA a maybe 

        What I’m talking is fact. 

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       yeah word to max b

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  • Michael Jones

    guess we all know why 50 backed off this dude so quickly!!!!

    • acb87

      that why yayo and his goons jumped jimmy at the jesto awards after slapping his son up? why yayo still alive ?

      • digitallife

        Yayo even drunk and high off coke wouldn’t touch jimmy…he may be locked up but there is always the one friend they didn’t catch.. Jimmy got caught but he was middle management someone above him had their money messed up by all this..you fill in the rest..

  • “…man who smacked Lil’ Henchman.” LOLLLL!

  • churchboy2

    So Jimmy protected the “honor” of his son… and now his son will liveout the rest of his life without his pops around. SMH…

    • suge380

      Catch 22 homie, sad to say, but it wouldn’t be as bad if wasnt for the Fed stuff.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       protecting the honor of his son would of been him manning up putting the gloves himserlf and knocking that dudes lodi’s head smooth off … not paying someone in cocaine to go kill someone …. that was a Stupid move (paying dude off with cocaine smh) and a bitch move (not handling it himself with his hands a maybe a bat to finish dude off a bit lol he would of gotten less time) … this is something you expect a young man to do … not a grown ass man thats been around … he was doing more than protecting his sons honor by gettting dude killed … honestly that was selfish revenge ….

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  • Guest

    You don’t put ur hands on anynbody’s child for any reason couse got this punk ass rap beef u and his father have.

  • suge380

    Somebody Plz tell me is it All Star Weekend or Snitch Your Azz Off Weekend

  • Black on Black is WACK…now what has Lil Henchemen learned from all of this?

    • digitallife

      To protect his family regardless of any means..bet you aint nobody trying to touch them now..

      • a b

        No need to…. Jimmy’s reign is over.

  • Now this is what I call G shit! Rick Ross, and Waka should make a song about Jimmy Henchman, that praises his gangsta. We’d love it.  

    • SMH.

    • thuglifefukdapolice


      • digitallife

        Dude with the level of surveillance and the tools the government has any gangster that stays out longer than 10 years gave up info at one point or another..sorry but it’s the reality of the world today. Hell they have HD cameras the size of a pimple now..how you beat that?

  • I slapped him and said rick james bitchhhhh,,,   Ross, Jeezy, wacka,french would love to have that story under there belt to rap about,lol  well they will make a song about it anyway and just twist the names around and hos they were to much of big bosses to get caught,, jimmy should have just paid some cats to beat they ass and real good beating atleast you wouldnt get a murder case, but they still have to prove it, somtimes guys will get fake info to get good deal, never can trust rats, but we will see,,,  

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       def should of ordered that beat down … its 2012 u cant be trying to be a legit business man and putting hits on dudes especially for something like this … especially seeing that justice was served they got yayao and the other dude did 2years behind it … i understand its your son … but look @ what your facing now … now your son is in an even worse position … hes about to have NO FATHER … folks learn from this …. i know we all heard it before … but violence is not the best revenge especially when your talking killing … what big say???? juliani aint trynna see a black man turn into john gotti ….. thats still true to this day!!!!!!!!!

      • thuglifefukdapolice


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        Damn I. Would feel like killing dude but if I do then he wins … dudes gotta smarten up we don’t need more of our fathers behind bars … that’s what they want so we can contineue to live and think liike barbarians… I’m smart enuff to know this doesn’t require gun action and I got enuff heart to go whooop dudes ass and I’m man enuff to ccome back home so I can finish raising my kids once my justice is served …

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  • If anybody ever lays hands on my daughter I’ll have them killed too, fucc it, I dont blame dude for this one, certain lines you dont cross

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       hopefully this isnt his only kid cause in light of watching this play out … if it isnt … having dude killed wasnt the best idea … he may have gotten his revenge but he lost in the end … u cant raise the fam from behind them bars or better yet from a coffin #deathpenalty …….. sad exchange of events real talk ……….. from the very beginning gunit harrassing kids to dudes being killed over a slap …..

      • Nah, I think his daughter got touched up too, in Vegas? after he first got booked.

        Fair one though!

    • Prostell T J Thomas

      You wont kill shit. Kids get picked on and hit all the time. Teach them how to deal with life, Look all the bullshit he got his kid around like that ok. He putting his kid on the road to be right behind bars with his ass, cuz he making it look like this dumb shit is ok 

      • thuglifefukdapolice


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  • It’s sad it had to come to this,but i’d never let anyone get away with putting their hands on my child.Good riddance & I sincerely hope Jimmy shakes this case,cause old boy deserved it for being a dick riding chump.

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  • No one deserves to die over a slap!!!!! Maybe ass whooping but as many cowards do they use a gun to solve their problems when it only makes it worse. I mean who’s winning in this situation? One person is dead and the other probably won’t see the outside world anymore! 

    • thuglifefukdapolice


      • digitallife

        Co-sign..put your hands on one of mine somebody has to fall.

    • Hobo News

      He put his hands on someone’s minor child… karma’s a b*tch ain’t it Lodi Mack

  • SDS_Overfiend

    50 Snitching!!!!

  • Jimmy mite be one of the dumbiest man alive

    • a b

      By your misspelled words I think you should get that award.

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  • King Cold

    Prayers go to this man’s family, what’s done is done and hopefully he lives even if he gets a life sentence. Yayo and the crew were wrong however jimmy should have better protection over his son. Plain and simple.

  • palindrome82

    It’s sad that this boy has a father like that but he can use it to his advantage. His father can now be an example of what not to do. I hope his mother or someone with sense will help raise him right. He deserves a chance just like everyone else but his father is already screwing that up for him.

  • palindrome82

    Everyone wants to be a mobster or gangster. Go ask the mobsters and gangster yall pretending to be like what the life is about. Oh yeah, they’re in jail or dead. Tony Montana wasn’t real yall and even his story ended horribly. No one wants to die old. Sad.

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  • Did i mention i promise to pay back jimmy henchman in due time i know you bitch niggas is listening the world is mine set me up wet me up nigga stuck me up heard your guns bust but you tricks never shut me up -2pac ‘Against All Odds”

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  • digitallife

    Next time folks wanna say Jay-z is real, 50cent is real, so and so is real..remember this dude had em all at one point or another under his thumb. Ain’t been a new york rapper since the late 80’s that hasn’t had to pay up extortion money. I don’t condone violence but some of these rappers start believing them fairy tales they write and it’s nice to know guys like Jimmy Henchmen aren’t above helping in bringing them back down to earth.

    • a b

      ” it’s nice to know guys like Jimmy Henchmen aren’t above helping in bringing them back down to earth. ”


    • Nah Some Of Us Real Rappers Are Really Tellin Are B4,Present & Behind The Scene Life The Music 4 Us Is A Way Of Writing A Bio But To A Beat And Get Paid For It @ The Same Time. Some Of Us Like Me Been Real Street Tied Sence A Lil Kid In & Out Of Jail Got A Juvenile Life Sentence @ 15yrs Old In & Out Im The Kid That Did The A&R For MC.Breeds Aint No Future In Yo Frontin “91” Two Months After Going Gold & Platinum I Was Jail Never Got Paid Rick Jame R.I P Is My Fam He Said Stop Goin to Jail & Rap About It And Get Paid But Its Not Easy To Evolve So Its Not A Fairy Tale Life To Us That Really Lives It & Alot Of Us Grow Up With Family Members Or Homies In The Industry & Real Steet Ties Thats Where Real Rap Comes From Rapping Was A Slang Word For Talkin When We Where Kids In The 80’s So We Talked To A Beat Tellin Are Hard Life Storys Just Like Poets Or Writers So Those On The Outside Looking In Should Stop Doubting What We All Rap About Is Real! There Are Alot Of Artist Thats Not Real After  The Industry Monopolyzers Took It Over And Started Promoting The Easy To Control Artist Less Resistance Ones Rapper/Actors But To Each Its Own I Learned 2 Think About The Outcome Of My Actions/Consequence’s Prior 2 Doin What Ever It Is And If I Still Doit Good Or Bad In The Eyes Of America! That Was My Choice @BABYDUNE AKA #VOICE SOUTHCENTRAL LOS ANGELES

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  • johnblacksad

    Must suck to be Lodi Mack… spent two years in jail to come out and get merked two weeks after… damn! must suck for real…

  • thug life nigg_! The ghost of 2pac lives on! F_ Jimmy Henchmen cause he should have gotten blasted a long time ago. Didn’t Pac say he was gone get u fool. SINCE YOU LIE YOU DIE, GOOD BYE!

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  • What do they prove when they kill someone?

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  • savedbyGod09

    As a writer my past experiences helps me to feel what I write. I am feeling the consequences that these guys are suffering.  I knew Jimmy when he use to come on my block back in the early 80s in East New York, Brooklyn. He was younger than I was. He hung out with some of the guys who stayed at a notorious house on the block. We were caribbeans. Some of us were Jamaicans like me, others Hatian like jJimmy, and others Trinidadians. There were Panamanians and Guyanese also in the crew. I also grew up with Tut. We all ended up in Elmira C.f. in upstate NY. We were young men who grew up in the 80s at the advent of hip hop and the starting of the crack era. Caribbean men were getting the reputation as the most ruthless in the gangster game in Brooklyn. We fed off this mystique. We hung out with the toughest Americans such as Tut. We we shot our way through the early 80s, earning reps that would be strengthened in prison. When hip hop was in full swing in the late 80s some who were released saw it as an opportunity. Some robbed rappers others managed them, and  others did both. LOL!  Because the reputation of a rapper was based on his street credibility they started to affiliate with the most notorious cats in Brooklyn and NY in general. They idolized our toughness and prison records. I turned down opportunities because my instincts told me I was going to end up in the Feds. Through bad choices and greed I still managed to do two 8 year bids eventually getting deported. Jimmy and Tut were in deep. If I still did 16 years being cautious what do you expect going hard with these guys.  I don’t know what they did but I know Pac and Big did not fully do their homework. I enjoy Pac an Big’s music but they made choices as men. The circle you choose is where your destiny will be determined. We grew up in a time when gun play determined your status. Men who are serious about this gangster life don’t fight with hands. They fight with guns like all warriors urban or otherwise. It is sad that fathers are being lost but that is nothing new. Our perpective on life is shaped by our experiences and our support system of family and friends. I don’t consider anyone stupid or dumb. Decisions are based on what is presented in front of us. The gangsters who put in work in and out of prison felt rappers should pay homage to them not just through song but through their pockets. Rappers were eating off guys reps so they had to pay out. This reality. Cats are going to prison for life. Some do hard time and get deported. Others get the death penalty. If you deal with men like these do not expect anything good to come out of it in the end. It is a short and sweet philosophy. I do not recommend the gangster life as a career opportunity. I got around a life sentence but still did two bids and got kicked out the country. Even with a bachelor’s degree and a family I was sent packing. There is no love out in the streets by law enforcement or with associates.  Many tough guys turn when they get caught because evryone loves these streets. Be aware. Move cautiously . God bless!

    • Great advice to the youth and other men fighting for a cause that has no love for them. As long as we lack knowledge of self and turn away from knowledge, we as blacks will always suffer. Growing up in the ghetto; it’s not cool to be smart and well behaved……

    • Brian Archie

      Real Talk Brother, Stay Up!

    • $26878023

      nigga u soft

    • Djblackceza

      This was well written my brother..thanks for a alsum read sir.

    • Concerned Citizen

      This is the realist post I have ever read on this site! Good luck brother!

  • Kadafi12BOOM

    “Promise a payback Jimmy Henchman… In due time…” The Ghost Makaveli The Don still killin’ em!

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  • Menka@yahoo.com

    These people like him claim they want to come to America for a better life while making other peoples lives worse. This man is a jealous murder and I hope he gets life in jail.

  • Mia@yahoo.com

    This is sad. Karma is a bitch