Plies “See Nann N*gga”

[ahh_audio src=/2-25-12/Plies-SeeNannNigga.mp3]

  • mack4life

    He back

  • rep87

    Dude is wack and fake gangsta on top of that if he couldnt use the word nigga he couldnt write a rap and Ahh you stay putting these Bums on and removing comments of intelligents it appears you want to keep the youth ignorant by promoting foul rappers like this

    • Co-sign like a muthafucka! 

    • Brad Smith

      and your white from the suburbs or no bums or real anything. Plies is bumped 100% by real gangstas just like 2pac was then he was bumped by you white breads. Plies speaks for the hood you speak for who? u on his nutts commenting on every song

    • Chuh Cheatham

      you a fuct pu$$y

  • brotha_man

    trick gonna get’em for using nann ni#ga as a song title
    Plies basically saying im better im on top oh’ yeah i stole ya song title and made it better