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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z is Not Happy About the Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunion

Just three years after the infamous altercation between the two Grammy Award-winning singers took place, both artists have reunited on remixes of each other’s singles, while rumors have also been swirling over the past few weeks (months really) that these two are back together and are officially an item.

According to RadarOnline, a source very close to the “situation” has gone on record to say, “Jay was absolutely disgusted by what Chris did to Rihanna. Jay doesn’t understand how a man could ever lay hands on a woman; it just goes against who he is and about. Chris is absolutely dead to Jay, he wants nothing to do with him ever. Now that Rihanna is hooking up with Chris and recording songs with him, Jay is deeply disappointed in her actions. He can’t fathom why Rihanna is doing the things she is doing.”

And if  you’re wondering what Jay thinks about how these collaborations and the “reunion” could possibly hurt Rihanna’s career and fan base, keep reading … “He understands the need for forgiveness, but he is adamant that Rihanna shouldn’t forget what Chris did to her. Jay wonders what kind of message this is sending to Rihanna’s young female fans.”

The debate rages on via Jay-Z!! Is this a good or bad thing for their careers? Only time will truly tell, but in terms of the music itself, they sound good on the tracks together!


  • Casor_Greener

    Jay-Z a fraud, it’s not like his music promotes acceptance and respect for women…

    • Didn’t Jay once get caught ON VIDEO putting hands on a woman?  That, along with his lyrics, means he shouldn’t be talking.  I understand what CB did was on another level, but give me a break.

      • That video was edited/he was playing w/ the chick and they kept rewinding it in the video to look like it was real

      • That was the official story , but that was one hell of a mush!

        That $hyt would have buckled the knees of many a defensive back!
         ( Pause )

      • Something about that footage just doesn’t look right.That was in backstage the movie.It only looks that way when it’s rewound over again

      • Adrian Barron

        man if you believe that shyt … i got a mansion on Area 51 thats for sale

      • That scene was in the movie and it didn’t look like that.When they re edited that footage it looked like that,but there is something not right w/ that footage.

  • xXBXWXx

    “Jay doesn’t understand how a man could ever lay hands on a woman” LOL!!! Jigga himself punched a girl in her face. Do you remember? Google it!!!

    • Yeah, mushed her?

      • If I mush my lady in public the way Jay did his ” female friend”, I’m gettin’ arrested. Jigga needs to STFU and get off Rihanna’s ovaries, bruh.


    Jay just mad, cause he was knocking rihanna off at one point.
    And he only stop, because beyounce, was bout tonleave his ass.

    Jay prolly still beating on the low, but rihanna know they cant never be together.
    So she doing her. I believe jay was smashing, way before she started messing with chris.

    Back in 06,

  • William G. Lucca

    Jay needs to stop acting so homotional.

  • johnblacksad

    Jigga just mad he had to resort to all that simpin so Riri would let’em hit… and now this young rnb cat is displaying a much stronger pimpin disposition

    Breezy made his entry in my book after that Riri incident, and solidified it with his Proteck ya neck MTV VMA performance!
    Very few Rnb cats make it to my book… (Drake is nowhere near it)

    Brandy >>>>>> Drake
    Keisha Cole >>>>> Drake

    • Brandy >>>>>> Drake
      Keisha Cole >>>>> Drake

      You dead wrong for that!

      Remix is a’ight though!

  • Adrian Barron

    “LaShawn Carter …” proves again why he bleeds once a month!!!

  • JoeScorcher

    the “sources” is putn xtras on shit. im sure jay feel some kinda way bout his x side piece getn wit her x but i cant imagine hes feeln the way they say hes feeln. itsa jus drama for dramas sake. smh

  • Google Rihannas face…. Ain’t no remix bout to make me forget that! Shhh look like some lumpy oatmeal.

  • It does send a message that women are weak..yes I’m a woman and I think they should stay away on a personal note cause he surely put her on blast after the incident, showing his boyish behavior..she may love him but shit his new new is not feeling the love… move on girlfriend  to many dicks in the sea….

  • Guillaume Pilon

    jay is all about his money

  • aran corcoran

    did jay z not once upon a time strong arm a hoe ??

    • Ya, but he didn’t bite her. Lol

  • If you didnt see Jay say anything why even comment about Jay. Sources always “say” but doesnt mean its true. 

  • Sorry AHH staff but if it’s not comin from Jay, and it’s not comin from illseed, I’m not really buyin it

  • Numbuh Four

    I read this exact article on another website days ago, why so late with it? But anyway, Jay has money invested in this girl, if her fans turn against her for this and she loses money/record sales, then that’s messing with his money as well. But that’s on the business side of things, if he’s just angry on some personal shit, then he should fall back playing daddy and all of that extra shit.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    He can’t speak. He did nothing to begin with. He’s unhappy. Oh well.

  • 7yoyo7

    Hey yall! Here is some more news about this story!
    We don’t give a f*** about them! We are here for hip-hop not for this female bullsh1t!

    Where the f*** is Illseed? Did he get fired? We need to know!
    AHH is keeping it a secret so they won’t lose 70% of the visitors!

    • No, they don’t want to lose the last %30!
      Bring back ILLSEED!

  • Its personal an business, we all knw that Jay signed Rihanna an my hometown girl (teaairra mari) at the same time. T first song ws a hit, rihannas wasnt, however ppl say jay tried to get at T an she declined, but rihanna (smartly) accepted an so Jay made sure she was under his wing an turned her into a very rich young woman. Ol girl got dropped an had to go bk to Detroit empty handed, she aint play the game right. U dont go around sexing everybody for tracks n shit, but if the biggest man in urban music is gettin at u, an u done fucked bum niggas b4 for no reason why would u throw ur career away? T even came out with a hot song (Sponser) an Jay money so long he had that bitch blackballed, she will never get anywhere in music an rihanna is a superstar. An like one chick said on here yea Jay is mad his side piece is goin bk to the nigga tht bust her ass, but also he aint tryin to lose no money when chicks stop lettin they impressionable daughters by her cd. Cant blame him, money talks tell them niggas to speak up! Jay is uber rich for a reason, he’s no dummy.

      CHECK HIM OUT ON TWITTER AND YOUTUBE ( johnny ray “livin”) on youtube and his twitter is @johnnyray757:twitter 

    • Adrian Barron

      didnt play the game right huh … i hope like hell that YOU aint raising any daughters!!!

    • paul jackson

      Get behind me Satan! 

  • Jay-Z should stop talking about this mafioso shit in his songs and actually do something about it. “R….I….P *silencer shots*”

  • Where is ILLSEED?

  • kids will be kids

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    I’ve had it with this camel headed hatin mf’er

  • churchboy2

    SMH @ peeps acting like the “rumor” is legitimate.

    Not one direct quote from Jay in the article.

    And fools going after Jay-Z in their posts and the man hasn’t said a thing…

    [sigh… the internet…]


    whats he gonna do call the Illuminati on out on them?????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


  • Tim

    You boys aren’t getting any smarter.  When will you figure out that when these gossip sites say “anonymous source/person close to the “situation””, they’re really telling you “We’re making this shit up!  But it’s okay.  We know you’ll believe it anyway”
    Honestly, like Jay has time to call some random person (aka anonymous source) to whine about how he doesn’t like Rih and Chris Brown making music together.  LOL!!!  Like a real source “close” to Jay will call Allhiphop or all these other bogus sites to tell us what the man is thinking/doing.  Fools

  • Jay wonders what kind of message this is sending to Rihanna’s young female fans.”…..I guess he wasnt wondering when she is rolling on the floor in latez and handcuffs, deep throating bananas. But forgiveness…..that worries him. 

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  • rep87

    this seems to be a real made up LIE by AHH editors must be a slow day around the office


  • dayleedumped

    yo … i wonder how many times jay-z and rhianna hit it doe, that shit musta happened. money talks and careers on the line

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    who cares about thier careers … chris brown is the hottest thang smoking right now …. ri ri just trying to get some steam off his engine …. but she def shouldnt be going back out with the dude …. have some integrity …. that just makes it seem like there aint nothing better than a woman beater out here … like the rest of us aint shyte …. smh

  • Lucas Bezerra


  • Jeremey Pope

    Isn’t this what always happends anyways?  I know it’s not right but it is what it is.

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