A$AP Rocky

A Shocked A$AP Rocky Meets Rakim For The First Time

The internet can be a very cool place.

For those that don’t know, ASAP Rocky is named after the god of rap, Rakim. Well, Angie Martinez of Hot 97 interviewed the young rapper and gave him the shock of his career.

She introduced him to Rakim for the first time and he lost all his cool, an awesome kind of way. But, what is more interesting is the back story that includes ASAP’s mother.


  • Q.

    Wow. Crazy full circle moment! Dude signed this kid’s Pamper. LOL

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  • DrPrepper

    That’s awesome. Only in Nueva York is this story possible!

  • churchboy2

    The first truly great interview moment that I have seen in a long time!

    And one of the few truly heartwarming moments in Hip-Hop. Period.

  • rep87


  • Montezuma1

    I’m happy for ASAP Rocky and the new breed. These old dudes are clogging the lane. Hip Hop is a YOUTH oriented culture. Always has been. Music made by kids for kids. That’s not to say there should be an age limit on hip hop but the focus should be on the new acts because the old ones should be able to stand on their own merits and acco,plishments if they have any.