Rihanna and Whitney Houston

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Rihanna Set to Play Whitney Houston in a Bio-Pic?

Rihanna is really stepping up her acting game as of late, and sources are saying that Clive Davis is considering her for the role of Whitney Houston in a biopic that he is producing. Rihanna has some stiff competition, with Jennifer Hudson and Jordan Sparks also on the short list for the lead role.

Will Smith’s 11-year-old daughter Willow Smith is thought to be portraying the actress as a child, and Vivica Fox is being considered to play Whitney during the years leading up to her death.

Clive Davis is finalizing the script now and hopes to begin shooting immediately. Who do you think would do a better job at playing Whitney – Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, or Jordan Sparks? Brandy has also spoken out about the “dream role.” Or perhaps a newcomer would do a better job? What do you think??

Source: Huffington Post

  • NOBODY should be interested. If any of these women actually cared about Whitney, they’d give this whole situation time.

  • Eclipse Da Rappa

    I know I was wrong but the day of the funeral I said Vivica Fox should play her period. I knew they would cash in on this. They do need to wait awhile. But even if they filmed now it wouldnt be out until like 2014. RIP Whitney.

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  • Oknas

    Already? Didn’t she jus die? That was quick. Someone is alwasy trying to make a quick buck from a death. smh

  • I call BS

  • Nobody619

    Who is going to play Bobby Brown? 

    • mike malarkey

       chris brown

  • rep87

    This is just a rumor dont know if she could pull it off

  • Taba Givagops

    Rhianna has an amazing charm.  

  • $18916246

    I love Rihanna, no diss…..Ironically, I said this a week ago and posted my comment on AllHipHop that I think Eve looks like her (young Whitney) and is a good  actress (a little underrated in serious roles she’s done.) I would like to see her play Whitney. Either actress would have to lip sync Whitney’s vocals as Rihanna is talented pop singer, she does not have Whitney’s vocal range there are few (Less than 1%) if any known singers of today who do. Again nothing against Rihanna. Eve,I believe would nail this role.

  • J Hud is too big to play Whitney , but she has the most vocal range & is probably the sexiest out of Riri & Vivica. Eve looks the most like Whitney though.

    Chris Rock could reprise his role as Pookie to play Bobby!
    Then again , no indications that Bobby was smoked out , even though he probably dabbled….heavily.

    Whitney movie? 
    I’ll pass.

    Where is ILLSEED?

  • Jeremy Scott

    Clive isnt missing a step. Whitney dies in a hotel suite he pays for during a party he’s throwing. Raises the price for whitneys music not even a day after her death. While its rumored he didnt wanna help pay for her funeral, he wants to produce a movie based on her? Sound like he had a six sense and prepared to cash in on her demise. Like he did with Phylis Hyman, mighty convenient she didnt die from the illegal drugs she ingested for decades but drowned from being impaired from perscription medication (somebody with a high tolerance from drugs she had I think thats unlikely)? Seems like a setup to me.

  • brotha_man

    prefect fit both got abused by their men…..both found it hard to move on from their trouble relationships. this only makes sense is chris brown playing bobby….

  • brotha_man

    eat the cake anna mae ( Ike turner Voice)

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