XXL 2012 Freshman Cover

XXL Reveals Cover For Its 2012 “Freshmen Class”

(AllHipHop News) Every year XXL releases a cover and issue dedicated to their “Freshmen Class,” a group of upcoming, emerging, and buzzing MC’s that the magazine feels are going to be the “next to blow.”

This year, in addition to the XXL staff choosing nine of the cover’s 10 artists, the fans were able to decide who would be the final lyricist chosen.

On the webpage featuring this year’s “class”, the magazine wrote, “in the past five years that XXL has been picking Freshman classes, never once has making the list been easy. This year included. Similar to 2011, the hype around the Freshmen Class has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, surprising even us with its popularity. For this class the buzz began earlier than ever, four months before the cover was even shot. And it seemed like everyone had a list. From subdued music fans to diehard rap junkies, from Twitter stalkers to industry heavies and featherweights, folks wanted their list to be the XXL list. We listened, asked opinions, took notes.”

The lucky 10 to make this year’s cover includes Future, Kid Ink, Danny Brown, French Montana, Macklemore, Don Trip, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Iggy Azalea, and Roscoe Dash.

In 2011, artists Meek Mill, Big K.R.I.T., CyHi Da Prynce, Mac Miller, Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar, Diggy Simmons, Fred the Godson, Lil Twist, and YG were selected. 2010’s list saw J. Cole, Pill, Wiz Khalifa, Freddie Gibbs, Big Sean, Donnis, Fashawn, OJ Da Juiceman, Nipsey Hussle, and Jay Rock land on the cover.

XXL has announced that exclusive content from the “Freshmen Class” will be released beginning on Monday, March 5.

XXL Magazine 2012 Freshmen Cover

  • mike4282

    Iggy’s really the only one I’m excited about. But will see with the other’s thou.

    • Don Trip is that dude out this group. Don’t know much about Maklemore or don’t really care about MGK but Trip is serious with it.



    • anemia716

       Macklemore is on point.  You should check him out.

      • woohah623


    • macklemore has better music than everyone else on the cover

  • BeautifulBabyyJeesus

    so no A$AP or Kreayshawn? smh

    • jordan tyrell

      You said Kreayshawn…Please Stop

    • NoGoBoi

      I can see A$AP but come on wit da bullshhh fam???

  • chris vasilakis

    How is Roscoe Dash a Freshman?

  • LouieDaSaint

    mighty whitey…

    • anemia716

       Get out of here with that prejudice nonsense.

  • kyle_brenton_10

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea hopsin

  • ASAP Rocky should’ve been on the list

  • fuck comment haterz


  • maaaaannnnnnnnn! quit playin in yall asses!! yall know my nigga Future got dis shit click clack!! LOCKED UP!!!

  • French makes great records period, but that bear jacket with a head for a hood ain’t gangsta, I don’t care if you’re a coke boy, bad boy, whatever. MGK iz relevant for the kids(espcially with whiteboyz), not for me.  Can’t wait for Nicki to go at that Iggy girl, cuz it WILL happen.  Macklemore is whatz up tho.  But yeah no ASAP? No Schoolboy Q? No OFWG? I mean yall got Roscoe Dash on the cover and he been out for like 3 yrs, u could at least put Tyler on that bitch. 

    • Rico King

      A$AP Rocky couldn’t make it to the shoot.

  • Rico King

    This has to be the weakest freshmen yet, without a doubt. I will check out Macklemore but man I wished ASAP Rocky could have made it to the shoot.

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  • NoGoBoi

    Don Trip, French, MGK bout the only ones I can understand. I don’t kno Macklemore so I can’t knock him, the others I’m not really feeling the picks. Roscoe not a freshman, Future makes good club songs but he’s gar-bo overall, Kid Ink… smh… imma give hopsin, danny and macklemore a listen doe. shoulda had Vado on last year, since they didnt shoulda been on dis year, A$AP Rocky shoulda been on here, Frank Ocean and Trademark shoulda made da list. Shhh at least Stalley

    • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

      Damn, that’s exactly what i was thinkin lol 100!

  • rep87

    This look like the weakest Freshman class ive seen in the last 12yrs its some real garbage up here maybe French has sold the most units but most coke dealers wouldnt wear a bear head they dress slick and fly the hunters cap is more elmore fudd !

  • Its all about Don Trip the rest I dont see the reason for them even being on the cover 

  • Hip hop is dead

    If this the future….Damnnn

  • Who What Why When

    That cover symbolizes almost everything wrong with this shit(materialism, fake personas, and destructiveness). yea we had it in the pass but we had other end of spectrum represented too.

    *sigh* what happened to my dope music that inspired me, related to the shit i was goin thru, and even put me on to shit happenin that i may not have known about? The sound stuck to my ribs like grits and moved me in almost a spiritual way. smh.

    God damn you suits and ties for extracting the soul, making that lush sound change into synthesized ring tones, and making the voices shoot blanks. Another way out successfully ruined of its purpose. Soon we’ll have to use our powers of creation ONCE AGAIN to create something for our essence to express thru once more.

    • Alexis Vea

      Ja Rule: PIL 2 

      on itunes now….

    • right, but more to the point what people allow to continue and then brand it as hip-hop…that group just looks….pathetic. i don’t even want to hear them rhyme.

    • your completely right. but you need to listen to “hopsin” (hes in the light blue jacket with white eyes). he reminds me of what hiphop was suppose to be

  • BTV Global, LLC


  • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

    I’ve been to 2 MGK shows and he gets the crowd movin like a white Flocka! I can respect Future, Trip and Roscoe for sure. I don’t know the other members to say whether or not they should be on. But I didn’t know K.R.I.T last year and now that dude got me listenin. But A$AP shoulda made it! He’s touring with Drake like c’mon son. He’s doing it big.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    good shit minus roscoe dash lol smh just cause hes been around for a min lol 😉

  • no a$ap rocky…BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! thumbs down or no Tone Mack da Beast lol

    • jeff black

      lol dont know bout tone mack da beast jus yet i googled him…but hes pretty dope for a up comin rapper lol (shows u how much unknown talent is out here) but asap shouldve definitely made it

  • Macklemore should be by himself on this cover

  • james uptop

    They suck.

  • james uptop

    I just noticed Danny Brown was on the list…should’ve been on there by himself.

  • brotha_man

    thats right hit the white girl wit dat brick she garbage

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  • Everyone here needs to go to youtube and search “ill mind of hopsin 5”

  • Steve

    Barely any love for MGK in here…

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  • TheNewAge36

    Kid Ink and Macklemore are the best here

  • steve

    2 Pak, Busta Rymes and Iggy seem to catch my attention.

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