Hip-Hop Rumors: Kid Cudi Slams “Weak *ss Label” and Kills His Old Self!

Kid Cudi is bad mouthing his record label, Universal Republic, for only shipping 55,000 copies of his new rock album WZRD into stores this week. Check out what he posted on Twitter below:

“Ok so just a heads up, my weak ass label only shipped 55k physicals cuz they treated this like some indie side project tax right off [sic],” Cudi posted.”So i apologize on behalf of my weak ass major label. And I apologize for the lack of promo, again, my weak ass major label.”

Cudi also claimed that Universal Republic “tried to rush me thru this so i can just give em another MOTM [“Man On the Moon” album], but guess what? F— that, next album is WZRD. MOTM3 on hold til 2014.” He later added, “Im lettin Universal Republic have it, f— it. What they gon’ do, spank me?? hahahaha.”

In related news, Kid Cudi Cudi posted pictures of his new tatts on his Tumblr page with the caption “The old Scott is dead…slit wrists”

Alrighty then!

Source: Billboard

  • Stay Phokus

    lets see how long thats gonna last with his coke habit

    • acb87

       he not on coke no more that why his music sucks , it so funny this guy try to give my girl a line in Toronto , he gave her a half bottle of patron and she just gave it to me. but in his defense  he was higher a mofo

  • Terrance Goodman

    new flash Cudi kill the new self too……….smfh attention

  • MyssJae26

    This dude is too funny. He would get the attention he seeks if he gets boob implants. It’s that damn Cleveland curse!!! Damn you Bone Thugs!!! Smh

  • TJ

    What is this emo Bullshit? Dude’s like the Lindsay Lohan of rap

  • brotha_man

    you big dummy (fred sanford voice) most of your sales come from Itunes. I dont even look at CD’s anymore my car has a Ipod hook up so thats what I use.   
    When record labels dont want to promote start a beef idiot…call up a rapper you cool wit and agree to stir up the pot (no pun intended)….rappers are dumb these days. 

  • brotha_man

    its also prob cause you music is wack I dont even listen to this singy song sing along stuff…change your flow you music makes me feel like im going to a disco techno club 

  • kid cudi wack lol @ him thinking he isnt and a  “rock album ” dude u rap thats like metalica puttin out a rap album lol

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  • digitallife

    Hey may be wack to you but he’s got a sort of cult following..that’s grass roots and how old school artist built their careers. Hate him or love him nobody has messed with more genres as of late than him so his market is not small..hipsters love them some cudi and them mofo’s go to shows and buy itunes singles..his albums may not sell but his singles surely do.

    • brotha_man

      i dont hear nobody talking about coping a cudi CD nor do I hear anyone say man, did you hear that new single from cudi…some following. 

      • digitallife

        well clearly your circle isn’t as diverse as it should be bro

      • Looks like your circle of friends are the only ones checking for cudi cause no one else is.

  • JustUs Samuel

    Its not across the street its down the road , He wouldn’t even bleed to death with cuts that direction. Still dope. 

  • rep87

    The label no his sales have fallen way off and them wack azz tats the weed and magic mushrooms and popn pills has left little tight pants a little wacky lately i did like day and night tho

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Why haven’t any one of you…anybody…has NOT whooped this man’s azz yet?  He is suffering badly for not having his ass whooped…all I know is “Day and Night”…thats it…and dopeness compared to this wackness is day and night