Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Son Kills Mom For NOT Letting Him Join Gang!


There haven’t been too many “signs” on the site, but there are some we have to report for you and they are CRAZY!

Peep this one:

This week, 19 people were arrested in an online sex sting. One of the men was actively seeking a hooker to give home a disease. YES! A man wanted a VD from a prostitute. This man, Eugene Agbebaku, a 32-year old man, was looking to pay a woman to have sex with him without the use of a condom. YES! And on top of that, he’s married with kids. YES! He’s a UPS driver and admitted to police that he gets the hookers on the hook about 3-4 times a week…without those things that stop venereal disease.

A 14-year Kills Mother Because She WOULD NOT LET HIM JOIN A GANG!

This is the craziest story of the day, I’d say. Very sad. A mother tries to stop the streets from having her son and her son shoots her multiple times with a 12-guage shot gun.

  • Terrance Goodman

    All these lion gates rappers and the fools who believe they killas.Everybody wanna be hard.How bout humble but will handle business.Too many chiefs and no Indians

  • Terrance Goodman

    And if she had let his dumb ass join later he would have been in the pen whining about his lack of home training aka guidance .smfh.A thug is not the fool who wanna rob you ,a thug is the fool who loves his hood and shows it .gives back who rises above the gutter and helps others.Wake up we killing our selves quicker than all other races

  • im bout to start playing a game called “I bet Sydney didnt write this!”

    because i be guessing it right alllll the time.

    shiit, i can tell just by the pictures….

    pic of Nore?  sydney aint write that… pic of cormega…. sydney aint write that…..
    pic of whitney and rihanna… yeah sydney wrote that one….
    pic of erikah badu… yeah thats the old Sydster….

    but here’s the clincher… allhiphop has an ALTERNATIVES PAGE!!!!!!!!
    why is RnB news in the hiphop rumor section??????

    but dont worry….. the stupidity is quite entertaining and i WILL be back tomorrow to see
    how ur gonna out-do yourself… and im sure i will laugh out loud.

    thank you ALLHIPHOP

  • Your Mother showed you love and wanted more for your life than what the streets could ever give you. You repay her with bullets. This sh*t is foul if what they say is true.

    • Jay

      its true ..this was on the news in detroit 

  • first shout out to THE prince of the projects ‘EL BARK”  hey yo bark we gotta implament this the new code the blueprint of g.d. to tha youth capo  we gotta unite our people capo is you wit me hit me up on twitter

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      I got work for you & artist like Black Exodus. 4 ur media fix

    • EL_BARK

      Sup solider.

      I dont do the twitter, thing.
      U figga deal me.???
      I going hit edog, up and get your email. And get at you. When the god get time.

  • Q.

    Sickening. The day you feel like killing your own mother…be sure to practice on yourself. SMFH

  • Black Exodus

    This is what happens when **ggerdom has taken over the conscience and sub conscience thoughts. Yes it’s **iggerdom (The Kingdom of **ggers). Is this what the youngsters have become…walking savages? Want to join a gang? How about education to help your moms out of slums of Detroit…how about a plan to make your situation better, your sister, yourself!!! Now you will be cattle in the judicial and penal system. Another black man that can’t and won’t procreate…that will be a homosexual…and will be part of Americas new slave labor. BLACK MEN DON’T KILL THEIR MOTHERS! What happen to the youths LIGHT? ARE THEY THE FUTURE OR THE END?  Unbelievable… I’m heart broken.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” Youtube

  • This lil nigga is clearly insane

  • Where is ILLSEED?

  • I’m sure El Bark consider this guy as someone who keep it real.

    • EL_BARK

      If you dont stand for something.
      Then you fall for anything………..

      Son kept it real. You aint see south central ???

      Juice, Or above the rim……

      If moms had to go, moms had to go.
      That real word life B……

      One day my grandpop tried to give me the ass whopping,
      That my dad never gave me.

      And i snatch his fake leg off. Had him hopping all down the street chasing for me.
      On one leg.
      Told him next time he try to punk, me in front of my boys.
      I was going to suffocate him, in his sleep.

      And make it look like an accident. I also told him,
      That i will turn the heat up to, 100 degrees, in the house.
      To throw off the detective, that way they couldnt be sure, of his time if death.

      And i will be at dairy queen, having a bananna split,
      As my albi. By the time, someone found him. This way, i wouldnt get caught.

      Gangster get caught for their crimes. But real niggas live to see another day on the streets.

      • jerseynissan2000

        Real niggas take care of their seeds their family. God will make u pay trust and beleive. God bless u and us all.

  • He’s going to get his wish. IN JAIL!!!! SAD!!!!

  • thats why yall need to stop these labels force feeding us theis bull shit rap about drugs and gangstas ,,we getting these fake dope dealers like ross and fake gangstas like wayne and game like all that shit is cool,,    make these kids think being smart is cool and learning cause when u become an adult all the cool shit dont matter no more, u better be smart or have a skill,   we dumbing down our own people,,,, this what happens everyone want to be hard, or a hustler,,, this kid going to get fucked in jail,,,

    • sakiru oresanwo

      I dont agree with that, I’ve been listening to rap etc all my life and it didnt make me want to join a gang and think i was gangsta. I think it depends on the psychy of the individual and unfortunately the kid’s seems weak. R.I.P to the mother.

      • I do agree with @JOEL because tho you were intuitive enough to not be affected by the continual degradation of our cultural and moral fiber the majority of TODAYS youth cannot distinguish between real and artistic expression..  To them all is one and one is all…  IT IS A SHAME that the controlling adults don’t consider the affects this music is having on our youth and our culture…  With the power of music as a whole, it’s hard to understand why its not being used to educate and lead impressionable children in a more positive direction.

      • jerseynissan2000

        Dam I just repeated what u said. Great minds think alike bruh!

      • jerseynissan2000

        OK the music is 99% sex,drugs,violence. Teaching IMPRESSIONABLE young boys and girls to be bangers killers assholes to women. Everyone doesnt listen to the negative but in our minds it has an affect. Whether or not we react on that is different on individual basis. You got crackbabies grown up in dysfunctal houses continuing the trend. So my point is everyone doesnt have common sense in figuring right from wrong. Parents are to blame but Hip Hop can do more.

    • EG

      We fail to see that  the people with the monty behind Game Wayne and ‘Ye dont care about the artist or the fan, the TV Tell A Visoin to our youth thats so wrong that after a while the truth starts looking like a lie to them.
      I also have listened to rap a while, but there was a time when after music u did your homework or read soemthing…not after or even during watching BET we on facebook throwing up gang signs like fools.
      We have tried everything under the sun…but not the Son.


    yeah and it would havt to be in the d to???????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


  • TJ

    Note to self: don’t have no damn kids!

  • illymac

    Thats a damn shame..
    Lil dude shouldve murked him self
    instead of his mother..

    its cold in the D…

  • Conrad Randall

     Time to promote real Hip Hop again. The community stuff that talked about life instead of how to take life.
    KRS1, Talib, Mos.
    One thing though, where the hell did he get the gun?

  • Its a cold world out there.