XXL 2012 Freshman Cover

Hexmurda: F**k A Rap List!!

Lists? We talkin’ ’bout lists?

Man, f**k a list.

Ni**as all up in arms over some f**king rapper lists.

I hope ya’ll defend/campaign for your mother the same way ya’ll do for these rap ni**as. Muthaf**ka’s won’t come to your funeral but you’re ready to go to the grave for them. I don’t give a f**k what somebody else thinks is hot. What another muthaf**ka eats doesn’t make me sh*t.

You either.

At least it shouldn’t.

This mag made a list. That site made a list. So what? f**k them. Make your own goddamn list. Make a list of dumb-ass lists. I put my damn Top 5 MC’s on Twitter once & ni**as acted like I changed the f**king Commandments. One nigga offered to “clean my list up” for me.

My list is my f**king opinion. I got one. Make your own list. Nobody’s probably going to care, but at least you got your own list right?

Then again, that’s what this is all about. You DO have your own list don’t you, dear reader? You want validation. You want everyone ESPECIALLY those mags & sites to agree with you & validate the names that you hold dear. When they don’t you get angry as f**k don’t you? Better watch out, you’re gonna wake up w/ in a roadside ditch.

Everybody’s a f**king critic, & they think NOBODY know’s sh*t but them. Who gives a f**k? ni**as cry over some cats personal opinions like some celestial being etched their lists in stone & gave them to a dude upon a mountaintop. If I were you, I would watch the cats who declined to be included in certain lists. They seem to be the ones who win.

Just know that these media cats compile these names just to get a reaction from the public, rack up hits, & start various discussions & arguments. With that said, I would be remiss to not give you my Top 5 MC’s (really 6) so you can rip it to shreds & call me a “dookyhead” or whatever.

Who gives a f**k?

These are the ni**as I think can spit. Sorry your favorites may not be there, but f**k you. Be careful though, you may end up on my Top 5 “B**ch-ass Muthaf**kas Who Post B**ch sh*t” list.

Hexmurda’s Top 5 Dead or Alive, NOT YOURS:  

5. Guilty Simpson / Almighty Dreadnaughtz – Random Axe
4. Sean Price /BCC – Heltah Skeltah -Random Axe
3. Andre 3K / Outkast
2. eLZhi / formerly of Slum Village
1b. Royce Da 5’9″ / Bad Meets Evil-Slaughterhouse
1a. Eminem / Bad Meets Evil-D12.

Hexmurda is a contributor to AllHipHop and he basically does what he wants regardless of anything. Below are some of the acts he reps.

RANDOM AXE (GuiltySimpson SeanPrice BlackMilk)
http://bit.ly/udbOEP BLACK&BROWN
(BlackMilk X DannyBrown) http://tinyurl.com/3vj89g9

  • Boyenyc Media

    Well Said 

  • wait.. he made a list about the top 5 dead or alive in response to the top 5 freshman?? smh and who the fluck is hexmurder lol.. smh

  • redkapone

    Cut for em and 3stacks but that’s it

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Looking at that cover is seriously depressing

  • rep87

    Never heard of this foul mouth dude and any rapper with the word muder for his stage name need to think twice nothing good come from naming yourself muder just ask C murder,Hexmurda?

  • Roberto Ciamora

    I co sign every word of this, anytime online you give an opinion on summin some clown shows up to argue with you about

    I dont know you, I’ve never met you and I dont care if you live or die honestly, what makes you think I care if you hate my favorite musician??

    Go outside and argue with the cops about police brutality if you just determine to cry and whine about summin

  • Big Love…..dead or alive top 5 rappers

    1. Tupac……because the whole world felt pac….plus records breaking numbers multi platinum….nuff said

    2. Jay-z……he change the way we market ourselves as rapper/branding……broke several artist….left def jam …created roc nation……and took roc nation to another level…..

    3.Biggie……the best lyrical…..rapper ever combined with the ability to make you feel like you are him

    4.Nas……nasty simply put…#youcanhatemenow

    5.T.i.(mypersonalfavorite)……tip has a small bit of all the rappers above him on this list…story telling/lyrical………platinum selling albums……The king Bitch…..

    6.lilwayne.7.kanye.8.emien. 9.Snoop. 10.Rakim

    Runner ups.Scareface. Big-Pun.Royce 5-9. Andre 3000k. The game. E-40

    just my thoughts

  • top 3:
    50 Tyson
    Riff Raff
    Crunchy Black

    • NYCPeruano

      I was thinking the same thing ! NOT

      • medhead36

        it obvious this man know true hip hop

    • Riff Raff : “uh uh article,swanging on them barticles”…Lyrics for days.

      soundcloud. com/jimmyhifi

    • lmao

    • Papi Peligro

      DON’T FORGET LAZ – D. He been cleaned up the rap game. 


    hex aint no rapper ! do your research that man put alot of real hiphop dudes on

  • i have a top 5 but in no particular order. i feel like its a group of the best and naming someone at the top does artistry in general a major disservice. if anything u can argue the best from a city.


    Nas, Canibus, Jay Electronica, Big L, Biggie

    Groups (nobody ever considers groups)

    Wu Tang, Bone Thugs, Dungeon Family, Black Hippie (i said it), BCC

    Honorable mention: a whole lot of people lmao

  • my top 5 is just a part of the group of the best, ppl i left out are still as good but not as close to my taste

  • stanthetech

    Detroit niggas play no games

  • *

    Co-Sign….If you grew up on 90’s rap u would definitely get his point…

  • 5. Dj Quik 
    4. Big L 
    3. Common
    2. Talib Kweli
    1. Biggie             

    Honorable mention:Nas,Jay-Z,Tupac,Bone thugs(all of ’em,except flesh) Drake(We’ll appreciate him more 10 yrs from now).

  • illymac

    Whos the clown in the front
    with the baby bear on his head..
    he look dumb as hell..

    • Papi Peligro

      French Montana I think. 

  • …word!…that’s real talk!…strength.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    looks like #5 is an conflict of interest lol 😉

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       and #4 lol 😉


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  • Guest

    Finally a Sean P on a top 5 list, very nice article

  • Tight article !! 100% on point.

  • Hex dat dude

  • water_ur_seeds

    lol nice article… makes me laugh dudes ask you for your top 5, the moan its not the same as everyone elses! good to hex seems to be recovered… SEAN PEEEEEEEEEE

  • what is the music that goes like am running around am getting it it mine i spend it

  • It’s amazing you would put this garbage up on your site. I feel bad for whoever had to edit it.