Hip-Hop Rumors: Jim Jones Sends His Goons to Attack Disruptive Fan!

This, among many others, is the main reason why Jim Jones will never be able to elevate his career to a higher level. After being arrested twice in three days earlier this week, a video has surfaced of cry baby Jimmy going after a disruptive fan at his show in Boston last Tuesday night.

The so-called “fan” threw a red cup at Jimmy’s head while he performed, and Jimmy being his hot-headed self could not let it go, and instructed the crowd to “point him out.” Several of Jones’ goons then jumped into the mix. Check out the video of the melee below:

Yes, the fan was wrong for throwing the cup, but Jones and his goons could have hurt someone with that major over reaction. It’s not that serious, Jim Jones. Get over yourself!

In related news, last night, Jones performed a show from him “Vampire Life: We Own the Night Tour” to a very underwhelming response as the venue wasn’t even halfway full. The openers, Nyemiah Supreme and Ninjasonik, were barely shown any love; despite strong performances, there wasn’t much crowd energy to feed off of. Then, 45 minutes after he was supposed to hit the stage, Jim Jones got his set started, although based on how low his eyes were, he probably didn’t even know what time it was. Jones blasted through about 20 songs that he hardly performed outside of the hook and maybe a verse, all in under a half hour. When your special guests, Trav and Maino, get more love from the crowd than you, you know that something’s up.

Ballin’? I think not.

Source: TMZ

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    An ignorant Ninja doing ignorant ninja sh@t.

  • Black Exodus

    You get what you pay for.

  • so many artist want 2pac’s image but pac didn’t do stupid stuff like this if pac wanted u to come at u about something he would come see u he didn’t send people also when people look at pac they see him in the wrong light he wasnt no gangsta going around jus fighting people he only defended his self by fighting back so manyy artist want his image but tthey aint using they brain like he did if u wanna follow his image look at his full picture dont jus take bits n pieces 

    • Papi Peligro

      Yeah how old are you.  Someone obviously gave you the rose through concrete glasses pac.  Good or bad he was what he was but PAC WOULD STRAIGHT UP do some stuff like this.  

      • Tee Mac Morgan

        im 23 lol n u maybe right but i was mostly tallking about hip-hop n general not jus this situation i used this situation as a bad example lol  

  • Smashit

    Don’t look like he “ordered” anybody to do shit – they just did it – but seriously Jim is TOO old to act like that but then again it seemed like an act because security was heavy otherwise I think him & his goons would have been whooped in that crowd… just my opinion

    • Tee Mac Morgan

      im not saying did but we seen so many cases n hip hop today where and artist has a problem with something or someone they dont deal with it they self n i think al.ot of artist want pac’s image kuz he had the perfect image for a rap artist women loved em guys wanted to be him and some ppl feared him but it wasnt a imager thing for him he was jus being his self but in my opinion i think alot rappers try to have image he had 

  • 7yoyo7

    How can you even call this a “concert”?

    ONE rapper and 30 something dudes in the back, WTF is this?
    PS : This rumor SUCKS ASS HARD … once again!

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    Where was them goons, when jimmy leap the fence at the rucker?
    Cats not buying jimmy tough guys image,
    So niggahs going to stay testing him.

    Them niggahs only hop off the stage, cause it was 20 of them.

    These niggah better learn from TIP, you going to run up on that wrong niggas,
    Who is bout. And when the smokes clears, a niggah momma going to get that call,
    That her boys gone….

    If they was on the streets, they would ran up on a niggah.
    Because a niggah might have a tool on him.

    1 niggah, with 16 bullets > 20 goons.

  • rep87

    At least he didnt get his azz beat again

  • Papi Peligro

    Is that rae on the far left.  Why Jim Jones got the mic.  

  • Papi Peligro

    Man it used to be you had to sleep with a dude to sue him. Now you just gotta throw the cup and wait for it. Wait for it. 

  • Papi Peligro

    Man YOU GUYS NEED TO GO ON WITH THIS GLORIFIED NEWSFEED Rumor section. Anybody remember when ALL HIPHOP had the breaking stuff. 

  • woop dat trick! lol


    yeah but they got beat down and jim ran off the stage like jezzy did they both should make a album together tittled   runaway????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Human beings just can’t be satisfied, i’m not a die hard fan of Jim Jones but in this situation you can never win. If he ignored it some of you would call him a wimp who didnt address it, he “sends his goons” after the person and people say he’s too grown fro that he should’ve ignored it.  Not condoning what he did or didnt do but y’all need to cut him some slack. Atleast we see and hear about him, lord knows how the people who are behinds screens and type “hood etiquettes” or “words of wisdom” would’ev handled this situation.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    So what?  He won’t get ahead cause he went after a dude who threw a cup at him?  So what???  Yea Jim could have shrugged it off but he has every right to go after that dude and squash it.  It is what it is…

  • Blackboiboobie

     lip  singin ass nigg. nobody care bout him after max left him. matter of fact FREE MAX B!