Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Fabolous and Emily B Back Together?

Look what we have here. If you all follow VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”, you know that cast member Emily B’s story line has been her constant battle with Fabolous not claiming her in public. Well, the two had a coming out party at the Hennessy NBA All Star Takeover event at VAIN nightclub in Orlando, where we are told the two were very affectionate.

The two also walked the red carpet together at the “Think Like A Man” premiere. Check out the photos below.

Maybe this appearance will turn into Fabolous appearing on “Love & Hip Hop” next season. Hmmm, you never know!

Photo Credit: Thaddeaus McAdams, Exclusive Access.net, Drew Mims of Mims Media, LLC

  • Guest

    My thing was him not showing up to take pictures with his kids.But he took picturs with his Aber Rose and all the other celabs,he a nigga niggas don’t give a fuck,hops he means well.

  • redkapone


  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Im trying not to be a sexist but the stuff that gets reported in this section now________

  • brotha_man

    fu&king TMZ who the “Yawn” Cares….

  • rep87

    She is really a silly azz chick who is only around this dude for his fame if Fab mowed lawns she wouldnt look at him twice and once that corny azz show bit the dust we want have to see her gold digging azz

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  • TamaraG

    If a man can’t claim you, then don’t do it for him. That just makes you look pathetic


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  • BigSeannY

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    he might be back with her i mean after he broke up with his boyfriend ray j its possible?????

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