Hip-Hop Rumors: Where In the World is illSeed???!!!

Well, hello, rumor readers. I thought it was about time to introduce myself. My name is Sydney Lace, and I have been the one feeding your need for rumors for the past few months (along with some from others on the staff). I hope you have been thoroughly entertained by my postings, or at least partially tickled. While I have your attention, I’d like to address the pink elephant in the room.

I’ve read some of your comments, and I am fully aware of some of your grumblings regarding your beloved illseed. Among your comments on some of the postings, I’ve seen sprinkles of “We want illseed” and “Where is illseed”. Well, to answer your question, I don’t know where illseed is. No one does! After being a staple at the site for 10 years, illseed has up and disappeared, and it’s actually kind of embarrassing for us to admit that. He didn’t leave a note, no forwarding address, and has not reached out to anyone in our camp to inform us of his whereabouts or if/when he is going to come back.

My only guess is that your constant criticism in the comment section drove him off the deep end. I kid, I kid. But seriously, illseed is on the lam, and if you see him, tell him to come back home.

In the meantime, the Rumors section lives on, and Sydney Lace is here to stay! And yes, I did just refer to myself in third person. I hope you enjoy the daily rumors, and if not, PEACE!

Sydney Lace

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    • Flip Ruckus


      • qwerty098789

        Man, used to be when I turned on my computer in the morning, this was the first site I went to. Hip Hop info in it’s purest form, is what AHH was. Times change….

        I understand that a company/business is in this for the money to feed their family, but having to wrestle with unwanted popups and rumors that went from 8 items (fed by inside sources, this was proven by the fact that AHH rumors and Illseed had THE DOPE before any other website) on one click turned to one item per click (of info that was posted on SOHH, Bossip, MTO, WSHH, TMZ, ROL, HuffPo, etc.) DAYS before it was here. I won’t trash whoever is running rumors now, I assume it is a thankless job, but the honest truth is that I find myself going to SOHH for fast information on Hip Hop. 

        Used to love the IC, now when I browse, it’s a constant SMH… from redone formats to the loss of intelligent members due to the constant reworking and modifications…
        I understand that change is the only constant in life, but damn….

        I miss AHH. The genuine AHH. Hip Hop info in it’s purest form, not this stepped-on-until-it’s-no-longer-legitimate website….

        Sorry for the rant….

  1. Casor_Greener

    Stop doing all these b.s. rumors. At least do the old format and put 5-6 rumors on 1 page instead of having 6 updates throughout the day.  We all know you are stealing from other sites, but don’t make it so obvious. 

  2. Brian Andrew Smith

    This site use to be fun.  Everyone on here, arguing and fighting.  back and forth banter.  interesting rumors, signs of the end of the world, epic wins and epic fails.  now its just washed up lazy reporting with “rumors” that were reported as news the day before by most major hip hop media outlets.  And now you put out this whiny letter.  How about you try this?  Instead of writing this open letter to everyone, how about you step your game up and report on something interesting and new and something that is actually a rumor.  Its sad to say this but Mikey T tha Movie Star was better at this job than you are.  

  3. BruceLeRoyGlow

    Syndey Lace…. isn’t that the dude that turned into a female and was having sex with all those celebrities???

  4. Kevin Park

    I don’t care if the articles on this site are composed by Illseed, Sydney, Grouchy Greg, whoever. What I do care about is the actual context of the columns. I don’t care about rumors about celebrities and their personal lives; I care about rumors that have to do with a future album release, a feud between rappers, upcoming projects. If you can’t fill up the ‘Rumors’ page with Hip-Hop related content, and instead write crap about Beyonce taking her titty out in public, then we have a problem here.

  5. Devil_Blue

    Bitch we know Sydney Lace is not real and whoever the real illseed was, quit years ago. How bout you put more “???!!!” at the end of each of your wackass one-rumor-per-article titles? This site looks like shit and it’s only a matter of time before everything gets hacked again. I hope you have the feds on speed dial bitch

  6. AlbertoRipRon

    Didn’t the old board wanted to get rid of illseed?  Now they want illseed?  Oh well…it is what it is…

  7. Dok

    What if he’s dead and we’ll all just never know O.O .. Oh, who am I kidding, I know the answer: I won’t even be thinking about this 5 minutes from now, lol.

  8. NadiaS

    Well “Sydney Lace”,
    Let me say the rumours have not been entertaining at all lately, but I appreciate you for trying I guess. Lets talk about the other elephant in the room since no one else will. This website, as a whole, has been on a serious decline for a while now. Its slow, the new format is wack, too much advertising. I miss what your site used to be. Who decided that you needed a change? There was nothing wrong with the whole site. It was just fine. I can’t even go to IC sometimes because its so slow and I don’t have the patience anymore for real. Forget about illseed disappearing(although I sincerely hope he’s alright). You should think about your audience disappearing. I don’t want you or the AHH staff to take this the wrong way, but I’ve started looking at other websites. The quality of your site is going down and you need to act fast. Again, I hope neither you nor the AHH staff take this personally. I have just noticed a serious change here thats all. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m hoping the owner of this site is reading this message.
    Former AHH fan now annoyed and irritated

  9. Roberto Ciamora

    Illseed was just a character this site came up with, you people complaining about it non-stop made the get rid of the character, its still the same people writing this section tho, thats my opinion anyway, call me cynical

  10. EDOGZ818

    Sydney Lace is Not ILLSEED.
    ( If you think otherwise , put down the 40 0z of Slow Juice )

    To Sydney:
    One suggestion is this:
    Reverse the order of comments , so that the oldest / 1st comment stays on top , and the following/ later comments after it.

    Currently , we have to read the rumors & then go to the bottom of the page & read up to the middle , to follow the comments.

    People used to just read the comments.

    Amen Ra made a good point:
    More articles on one page.
    6 Rumors & 2 quickies = Better than 8 Rumor pages.

    Preserves continuity.Updates etc, keep people on same page / commenting.
    Comments weren’t always about rumors, sometimes ….most of the time , people were just chopping it up, e beefing , or catching strays.

    The business side? It is what it is.

    I find it hard to believe that Chuck can’t find ILLSEED.
    I find it harder to believe that ILLSEED didn’t explain his situation to ahh’s staff.

    Hate is the new love & ILLSEED was hated & obviously loved….by some of the same people.

    Good luck…….you will need it!

  11. Ken_Peezy

    ill keep it 100…this site fell the f*ck off due to a number of things…
    the layout is piss poor…
    too many rumors pages for the same day…this website was driven by the comments…people conversing with eachother whether n*ggas was tryna find their wife on here, tryna get some quick head, or n*ggas going at eachother…all the different pages in one day killed that
    too much reporting on non hip hop sh*t…this is called “allhiphop” right???
    too much outdated sh*t…why come to ahh only to read something copied and pasted from another website you read days earlier???
    too many advertisements…
    yall be cool…shout out to everyone on here
    holla at the boy

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