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Gunfire Erupts At Nipsey Hussle Concert; 13 Injured

(AllHipHop News) Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a concert featuring Nipsey Hussle last night (March 2) in Tempe, Arizona.

Thirteen people were taken to the hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds, with two of the victims in critical condition.

Police are seeking two black males, who shot the victims in the parking lot of the club shortly before midnight and then fled on foot.

“At this point, Tempe police officers and detectives have identified 13 shooting victims from the incident,” Tempe Police Department spokesman Sergeant Steve Carbajal said in a statement to the media.

Police are still seeking the suspects.

Nipsey Hussle addressed the issue on Twitter as well.

“AZ…y’all gotta be cool man. This s**t ain’t rite,” Nipsey tweeted.

  • rep87

    This is like the second incident of gun  violence surrounding this artist

  • Tyree Dawson

    Live Nigga Rap happened 16 years ago

  • Where are my freaking comments?

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    we would like to think it was under cover cops but more then likely its another black on black crime scene. actually the best way to get away from the crime is on foot because it much harder to trace the path unlike a car with license plates. the under cover cops was probably to busy keeping tabs on Nipsey, no time for parking lot pimping…..

    • Word. I am on that parking lot pimping my G. haha. Shit is so ill these days. You can’t go anywhere man. 

  • dominicancoke

    before you go to a nipsey hussle concert venue think about who his music is going to attract CRIPS ? bloods? people who shoot for fun

    • real talk!

    • xdc845

      true but its a sad state when you can’t even enjoy a concert without having to worry about fights or shootings this shits gotta stop

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  • 2ShitsNot4You

    Thats crazy son. but its normal niggas still bangin strong out here….i dun lost ones to that shit. niggas need to stop promotin it..but all the same, prayers out to everybody effected…even ones who dodged the bullets

  • 2ShitsNot4You

     Out where they was at, they dont use the ghetto bird too often, and wen large parties of ppl are there, its easy to get in wit the crowd…people too busy runnin from the gunshots to pay attention to where the shooter is once he stop shootin.

    • I thought about that as far as people running and not chasing the gunmen. That is the usual thing. Trust me they caught the dc sniper and he was hitting up different areas random. They use the bullet locator technology, it leaves residue and shell casings. I don’t want to go to a show and have to rock a bullet proof for fear of a stray shooting smell me. I feel you though.

      •  The fact you actually said, “smell me” is hilarious.

  • right behind that venue is a bunch of apartments and ASU so if you can get there you can get away on foot no problem. Shit was wack tho we didn’t even get to see nipsey perform before cats started shooting, and hit show the night before in Tucson got shot up too 

    • Oh word apartments. I guess so then. You would figure though they would searched direction of bullets. Forensics have the craziest technology when it comes to bullet trajectory and all. This shit has to stop at some point. 

  • Real talk the nation of islam said years back in a farrakhan speach. He said they will murder or execute any gangbangers or cats that hustle or rapist. They are traitors to the black nation he said. Check it out on youtube. Powerful speech. If they kill the innocent then they deserve death. I have to agree on that note. I played the streets and left it alone. I turned from my savage ways. They catch the cats put them to sleep like you do a animal. Sorry I paid for my crimes. You live foul then you must accept return karmic justice. If I kill an innocent on purpose then I have to suffer the same fate.

    • immackulate

      farrakhan be THUGGIN his cotdamn self – he still got DETROIT REDD blood on his hands

  • Yo moderator why did you remove my original comment because I said the f word? This site is not pro hiphop or pro speech. 

  • SharksBreath

    Nigs with guns stay doing bitch shit. They do some bitch ass sneak shit and start shooting. Then they run like bitches. Then hide and be scared as shit for doing the bitch shit they did.  
    Then they scared as shit when they go to jail. There are no guns. What a bitch ass life they lead.

  • Guest


  • Taba Givagops

    Things aint like they used to be.  It aint exactly woodstock yo

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