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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did the President of Jive Records Encourage Too $hort to Degrade Women?

Too $hort has been taking a lot of heat for his “Fatherly Advice” video message to young boys, and it turns out, his label may have pressured him into it. Check out excerpts below from his interview with Hip Hop DX where he says Barry Weiss, the president of Jive encouraged him to put out a nasty album.

“And, I’m not gonna blame this on anybody, but I was actually being pushed into a direction where I would talk to people at Jive [Records], I would go talk to the President, Barry Weiss, and he was like – I always wanted to do these [side] projects like the E-40 duet album, which was one they never would let me do. Jive would never let me and E-40 do an album together. They kept making excuses and so it never got done. I also wanted to do an album that was filled with songs like “The Ghetto,” “Life Is…Too Short,” “Money In The Ghetto,” “I Want To Be Free.” I wanted to do a whole album of positive Too Short songs, just to keep that balance. I had made a verbal deal with Barry Weiss, where he was like, “Right now would be the perfect time, you should do like the raunchiest Too Short album ever – the album cover, the songs, just do a dirty f*ckin’ Too Short album.” This is the executive running the company advising me to put out an entire album of just cursing and sex.

So I’m like, “If I did that I’d have to then do the exact opposite and follow-up that with an album that’s all positive.” And so, I did the album for him, we did You Nasty. I thought it was a funny idea at first – we had like a porn star on the cover, I’m naked, the girls are naked and we really did a butt-naked photo shoot. And it got a gold album and all that stuff. But when it came time to do the positive album, it was never a good idea. It never got the green light. Once I did what they wanted, they would never let me do what I wanted.”

While his advice was a bad look, kudos to Too $hort for exposing the evil and corrupt corporate influence on Hip-Hop.

Source: Hip Hop DX

  • rep87

    Short just another puppet in the game if its true he should have stayed retired

    • chaseHARDER

      Stay retired or make more money? I’d choose option two too.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and thats the sad part and they know it … they as in too short and the label ….. if short wont do it someone else out there will ….. smh 🙁

      • Like selling crack….to pregnant chicks & school kids.

      • chaseHARDER

         lol right. What’s the limit mane? There’s nothing wrong with exploring other options and projects but if you known for making cakes and you open up a chick joint, not everybody go flock to that. Bottom line, we talking business. What’s to stop short from dropping a mixtape??

      • rep87

        Short been in the game long enough to tell them industry heads what made him sucessful and not be a puppet and once he got called on it hes making excuses ,by any means make money not ever knocking that ! Tupac said it best hold these artist accountable for them lyrics

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      true artist also gotta own up to the part that they play … all though im not gonna front i luv the way songs that Wacka, Gucci, Love Rance and countless others got the ladies bustin it open in the club … but theres a forum for that …. it should be adult music strickly for those who choose to listen to it …. twerk team should not be getting any promo via 106 n Park … thats just setting every YOUNG female up for failure if u ask me …. cause when the tough get going shes gonnna get to stripping just like our black been hitting the block like thats the only way out when the tough gets going …. most of these artist making the music are grown men and woman …. start expressing WHAT IT TAKES TO BE ONE FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!!! and i guarantee an artist like waka and gucci can go from selling 200-300k to millions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Its time for more artists to come out and talk about these kinds of things. Its the corporate, corrupt, NON-blacks that have been responsible for marketing these negative ideas and culture to our community.  Of course you still need puppets and thats where the rappers come in. But its hard to tell a kid with no $ to say no to being rich if you just rap about a certain thing. They are going to take it all day.

    • immackulate

      it aint just the NON BLACKS homey (please dont fall vic to that shyt) its US behind too
      go research who funded OUR black colleges, and the supposed BLACK “GREEK” FRATS/SORORS – just like there’s always a PINK TOE trying to keep a bruvah down lol i promise there’s a SELLOUT niggah standing next to’em taking orders and infultrating the POSITIVE BLACK INFRASTRUCTURE

      and isn’t a BLACK GREEK a double negative anyway?

    • Dude, shut the hell up. Short made You Nasty in 2000. His first album came out in 1983. So who made him rap about bitches and ho’s for all those years before he made You Nasty? Short’s a lying his ass off and you just ate it up

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    yep, hiphopdx reported on this yesterday

  • chaseHARDER

    This doesn’t just expose the execs and the game, we already know bout their sharky asses but it more so exposes consumers and that they buy the stereotypical shh. Cant lie, most of too shorts singles been bumping hard and the brauds like dancing too it which makes me like it even more. At some point, you gotta go with the flow. Put out a positive mixtape for free and test the waters on how it will move. Otherwise, they not making an empty investment. In the end, this is business.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      im with you and it also exposes too short more than anything … artist need to be more stern with these exec like he would with his own people in the streets … falling to thier tricknology to get an album out … anybody can play a pimp behind the mic if provided the  fund$ marketing and promotion … this is what u call selling ur soul to the devil … artist still talk aboout it to this day …. OH MY EXEC WANTS ME TO SOUND LIKE DRAKE … who doesnt curse much but rapping about strippers and throwing money everywhere still puts him in that same category … we all have faults but theres ways to show your vulnerability … however it comes off more like a celebration ……..

      • agreed

      • BoldSpice

        Not so much homie. These cats are under contract. Do you know what that means? Just like when you go to work you don’t get to tell your boss what time it is either do you? Wake up playa.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         if my boss is in the wrong i have every right to tell him what it is … im wide awake homey ……. there are times to bend over and theres times to take a stand … not saying too short should of held his ground from the gate … hes a grown man and has the right to make his own decisions … but the fact that he did it as a favor for a favor …. and they got thier favor but HE NEVER GOT HIS … all he got was an ASS TO KISS … makes him look very bad for bending over this go round …..

        if i were in this senario in my real life … i have every right to let my boss know what the deal is and would have in this case and if need be GO OVER HIS HEAD IF I FELT I WAS TRUELY OWED SOMETHING … and i have done this via different “scenarios” cause im not in the music industry …

        see another reason why dudes put themselves in this position is $$$$$ … these dudes control these guys with $$$$$$ … niggaz need it … so they end up compromising to get it …. we gotta work to get in a position of power …. get ya money in stack it …. so when your negotiating your art u dont have to settle for less cause you need the $$$$ get ya weight up be a boss !!! dont drown yourself with bills and kids before ur done being a kid yourself ……….

        ok enuff with the side bar … imma end it like this … great words from MASTER P himself …. ANY CONTRACT CAN BE BROKEN … but only a man or woman who got they mind on thier money can stand on that type of ground … STAY FOCUSED MANNNNNNNNN 😉

      • immackulate

        too short fell for that 40 ACRES AND A MULE promise and ended up getting THE BANANA IN THE TAILPIPE lol

      • BoldSpice

        Easy for P to say that in the late 90’s this cat was at the top of the mountain running shyt. Short aint never been on the level P was on. Don’t let that fool you. P failed at being a sports agent so i bet his opinion on contracts aint the same today. But still he done sold out himself here lately. Remember the I aint cussin no more phase? Heard his new shit lately? So P aint above chasin that all mighty dollar either homie.

      • immackulate


  • This is a hard hitting topic.

    >>>>>Props 2 Sidney
    These execs have a strategy to commit premeditated mentacide!

    • Illuminati got a hold on this nigga.

      • Maybe, but it seems like he broke free?

  • dayleedumped

    but how you gonna release a super raunchy album, then hit them with something positive? that shit wouldnt work, and have zero credibility

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       to say that is like saying a murder cant turn his/er life around and become a man of the lord ……

      • Did Too Short ever turn his life around, though? Considering his advice to middle school boys to basically take the p*ssy, I don’t think so. 19 albums later, Too Short is still on that same ish.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        musically no … but who knows who the real too short is … theres video footage of females saying he aint even no real pimp … saying he got no game … dude might be on some save a hoe shit for all we know … or better yet he could really be on some save the world stuff … it is what it is tho …. im just calling it like it is …..

      •  LOL! True. I feel you on that, bruh.

      • immackulate

        short useta be a TRICK to a real niggahs standards … my niggah was signed to SHORT back in the day and he told some TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORIES about that man – still respect’em for giving him a chance but SHORT aint never been no REAL PIMP like SUGAR FREE outta POMONA – he definitely aint on no SAVE THE WORLD shyt either – he like yo COOL AZZ UNCLE that still think he’s young!!!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Man this is so stupid yo.  Too Short been about that pimp game for years.  Nobody remember Cocktails?  The jam he had with Biggie and Puffy?  You folks blowing this crap WAY out of proportion for real.  So what did Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” do for young boys?  What did Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Movement do for the young girls?  Wait…what about what did the INTERNET do for millions of young minds who have access to such a glorious interface of violence and sex?  But we getting Sherlock Holmes on this Too Short thing on XXL?  Yo b, this world is a bunch of idiots, followers, and moment instigators yo.  I can’t even believe this an article up for discussion on this rumor page.  Too Short was being Too Short…its also known as entertainment.  This “entertainment” can be found through various sources besides XXL, including this website and through the community forums.  Huh?  Come again?  Who in the hell still reads mags anyway when you go online for this…which leads back to what I said earlier.  Google is a helluva resource.  Boooooooo

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      forget alll the illuminati talk cause thats true smoke n mirrors … but
      this right here is true culture raping right in front of your face … i
      just seen a lil girl no older than maybe 8 yesterday dancing like nicki
      in that stupid hoe video … regardless of what you think kids look up
      to these artist … yeah yeah blame the parents etc …. thier just as
      messed up cause they are buying into the same bs plus artist these days
      aint making it easy …. the whole “its just entertainment” card is
      getting played more than the “hater” card … people are waving these
      flags and getting away with killing our culture slowly … diddy created
      something he calls “lifestyle” most of these people are following that
      same card …. we live the lifestyle or trying to live it (most are here) !!!!!!! the
      dress the talk the walk the attitude !!!!!!! trust when i say this
      regardlesss of who says what ITS BIGGER THAN ENTERTAINMENT @ THIS POINT …. if it were just entertainment people wouldnt kill people over a pair of shoes or any kind of clothing … thats due to the importance our new “lifestyle” puts on material possesions …. 😉

      • Co- Siggity Sign!

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Yo, am I buggin?  Where in my post I said illuminati b?  Where?  Point that out b.  Matter of fact, how did you come to that conclusion?  That I was talking from a illuminati standpoint?  See, I loathe dudes like you.  Brain just as big as an acorn and eyelids slimmer than an asian man on the good kush.  Word to Leadsto, you cats out here deaf, dumb and blind.

        You see, this crap been happening since Kool G Rap b.  Even way before that.  Kids been looking up to mobsters since the old school days yo.  To single out Too Short over a magazine article is stupid.  Just plain, uncut stupidity.  This has been worked into our minds and media since our youth, word to El-bark.  We had no problem when 2Pac was talking thug life.  But we gotta problem with Too Short doing articles in magazines? (and for that matter no one ever read the article but assumed since she said he teaching boys how to rape girls, it was all bad)  So instead of complaining about the foundation, we worrying about the top half of the structure leaning to the left?  Do you follow me b?  I’m not ignoring the problem, I’m telling you how to address the problem at its root.

        You act like when you were coming up, all you ever wanted to be was an angel.  That my bode well with you my dude, but me, I won’t front.  I wanted to be a g.  I wanted to be a thug.  I wanted dudes respecting me in the streets.  I was playing with girls at basement parties and behind buildings.  It happens,  It’s called growing up b.  I was 12 smoking and drinking like a 25 yr old. Let’s be real about life yo.  Instead of creating fictitious scenarios like we were all holy in our coming up.  Reason why the older generation and the younger generation is at odds now.  Older generation act like they weren’t on that same path as these youngins out here.  Get off the high stool and be real b.

        We get mad at Too Short, but Penn State out here playing with little boys?  A pedophile a guide book on how to rape children?  But we mad at Too Short?  The Point?  It’s been going on for years and for us to all of sudden act shock and appalled about the situation is fake.  Take off those damn reality shows.  Have rallies and tell people to stop supporting this pop gangsta music.  Tell em to save money for college for their children.  Help moms in the hood get off that welfare system and trap house special.  Start reenergizing the good b.  But will you do that?  Naw b.  Will they opt to change from that “lifestyle”?  Naw b. 

        And this is a rap magazine yo.  What is positive about a rap magazine?  Lol, for real.  The only thing positive about this site is maybe the truth minista’s articles and thats it.  Sydney Lace over here writing up drama rumours that reinforces the negativity in our world as a whole.  Nipsey Hussle have shootings at his concert-but we over here mad because Too Short did an article about freaking girls but lil boys already played God of War on PS3 watching Kratos getting his freak on?  In other words, I like I said the first go round, booooooo!

        Just advice playboy, use your third eye better b.  Stop being a surface dude.  Learn to dig deeper.  You assumed you knew what I was talking about and you have no clue what I see.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         WHOAAAA lol slow down horsey u didnt mention illuminati i did … lol … cause thats what people are always pointing the blame towards …. 😉

      • AlbertoRipRon

         I can dig it mrkevinwashington.  Just had to clarify

      • immackulate

        I dont think people just scapegoating TODD SHAW i think they just calling BULLSHYT when they hear it … Short never took responsibility in the article he basically passed the buck on the owners at JIVE for his own personal recordings.  A MAN THAT STAND FOR NOTHING WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING, RIGHT? seems like SHORT fell for it – and still falling for it.

        But on the other hand im rocking with the point you trying to make … THE BULLSHYT FLOWS FROM THE TOP – and if WE point figners at TODD SHAWs shortcomings and let Barry Weiss (JIVE) – slide … than whats that say about US. 

  • AugustusPaulo

    I’m not buying this Too Short should live his life as he see’s fit and not make excuses about what where ultimately his decision’s not Jive Records . I’m not judging him by his lyrical content I just don’t like the way he’s almost trying to tell us that he had no choice in choosing pimpology rap over so called positive rap C’MON SON

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       in a sense he did … if he held his ground and wanted to only do positive vs positive there might not be a “You Nasty” …. its the reason why saigons greatest story never told dropped on almalgam digital instead of warner/atlantic …. cause he stuck to his guns unlike too short … short tried to do a favor for a favor but they never returned it …..

    • Actually , he didn’t , it was either that or no record at all.

  • Short is older so he’s probably seeing things different.I’m sure some songs were of his free will and others weren’t.Short is a legend period.I wonder why they didn’t wanna drop that E40/Short album?

    • E 40 was kinda positive ( If I remember correctly ) with 2 short going that route with him, might have changed the direction of Slop Hop.

      • what is slop hop   and them two getting 2gether wouldnt have change jack…you still my homie tho….people need to take rap for what is has become or stop listening……ya dig  homie….i take the shit as entertainment…hey homie sup wit ses


    This aint nothing new.
    Labels been doing this 4 years. In the early 90’s
    When gangster rap went/ commercial and mainstream.

    If you wasnt talking, bout money, drugs, & guns,
    You were not getting a deal.

    Actually prof griff, goes in deep on this subject,

    Gangster rap was usher in to the masses, to counter influence,
    Postive groups, like public enemy, poor righteous teacher,
    Brand nubian,

    Once gangster rap, became popular, the power that be high jack hip hop,
    And been controlling it sense.

    Now that the gangster shet ran it course, being gay, and soft, is the new agenda,
    Or metro sexual.

    Soft is the new hard.

    • salute capo I’M out here grindin GENERAL  hook me up with ya media connect homie
      us soldiers gotta ea   ….
      thanks for holdin tha streets down capo 
      no b/s  lets get this money…..holla

      • EL_BARK

        What up wit the new avi.
        Enlighten me???

      • thats me 

      • EL_BARK


        Naw you bullshetting me solider??????

        What city you in,

        Never mind, i send you an email, i am going to grab it from

        That aint your M-O to post ya pic homie
        I am calling your bluff, for now.


    • immackulate

      gangsta shyt aint never gonna run its course IMO – it’s too lucrative BUT what they have done is eliminate all the alternatives and replace it with this NEW AGE PHAG SHYT

      ie: back in the gap we had varieties of RAP music – from G.RAP to RAKIM from EPMD to RUN DMC from TRIBE to Poor Righteous Teachers so on and so forth
      and they all got pretty much equal spins in BDS and TV so you didnt have to contribe
      to just 1 formation/sound of rap music

      now everything transitions to either GANGSTA or its flirting with this NEW AGE – young money tight jeans and techno beats shyt

      aint no in between no more – they made it virtually impossible for BACK PACKERS – 5% rappers to eat now adays (LIKE THEY KILLED JAZZ MUSIC) BUT what we gave up in music we gained in technology – it used to be a time when you could hide shyt from NIGGAHS by putting it in a book … now this internet grew a life of its on and the library became prehistoric. 

  • P E

    iam a fan of too short am pretty sure every album too short could of made one or two positive song even a stone killer in anymovie or in reality have a slight change of thought too short just found his lane what was easier for him or what he was good at talking the best and stuck with it just like how some rapper use one flow through the whole album or like how jeezy could talk about doup for 1000 song straight and its still sound good its just that some people are good at talking about a certain topic and are mastered there formula

  • brotha_man

    of course thats the reality of the music biz, i.e Rick Ross, snoop dog, etc. They love for blacks to dumb it down. the story of the real Rick Ross is a prime example of how white america uses propaganda to show we are uncivilized people. 

  • these labels don’t wanna haer nothing positive from a nigga all they want is da gangstar mentality black on black violence treating our women as hoes dats wat they want

  • no excuses for too short…he made all his money now he wants to come forward. 

  • Jive folded and no longer exists… What’s his excuse for still putting out this type of music? Latest single is Money On The Floor WITH E-40 and he wants to blame Jive for his music? GTFOH

  • immackulate

    i remember when i used to have to sneak around just to hear FREAKY TALES in my walkman…

    TOO SHORT 1st dropped during my era … and its a shame to see Late 70’s Early 80’s babies on they GROWN shyt but the music/entertainers failed to evolve with it
    judging by all the straight to YOUTUBE vidz he dropped for this new album i bet AINT SHYT POSITIVE on his new LP either

    short knows he’s the creator of RAUNCHY RAPS and anything out of the ordinary will KILL HIS CAREER – we never respected SHORT for lyricism however we were entertained by the way he coined the phrase …. BEeeeeYitch!!!

  • Luvva J Pimpizzi

    Anyone who KNOWS of Sir Too $hort and his CAREER is aware that he included a positive/knowledge-based track on his albums and is STILL and will ALWAYS be Oakland’s BEST reporter of the gritty lifestyle that people are born, raised and survive within in The City of Dope (C-I-A assisted).  Even with the use of his chosen style of language and content – he is NOT a liar.  He may not be what some people want him to be, but he is perfectly imperfect and spits TRUE content.  If you hate sex and his content… It matters NOT – he is honest.  ALL RESPECT to you Todd Shaw for being who you want to be and ALWAYS being a positive person whenever I have heard him speak in person and whenever asked intelligent questions.  I LOVE TOO $HORT!  One of my favorites… Because he respects the game and is honorable.  SHORT but FUNKY!!!


    maybe messy marv  encourage it  ???????? i mean the bay area already lets white people call them the n word look at kreshawn  old pickle head nn?igga?????? b?iiiiiiicth

    p.s somebody had to say it???????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

    • really …do you hate everything….oh your right but dose everthing you say has to b neg,

  • Interesting interview. Really his rhymes if one looks at the entire catalogue  having always been both  positive and sex talk in his lyrics. Shit Short really told it like it was from a street view honestly. This is the problem with just having “one” or “what’s hot” as the standard barer set for hip hop in the current market.  Sales so what and good they eat but it’s not the standard barer for hip hop ingenuity. Honestly for whatever reason Shortdog is a hip hop icon. The brother hustled his way into the game and stuck around for a very long long long time. How he did it is his story.