Video: “Vampire Life Tour” Yields Greatness from Opening Acts, But Little “Jonesing” for Jim

They’re the sort of mash-ups that make you scratch your head. The “Vampire Life Tour: We Own The Night”, headlined by Jim Jones, has paired the controversial rapper and “Love and Hip Hop” reality TV star with some unlikely acts along the road so far. Rappers Maino and Trav joined Jones in New York City, along with Dice Raw of The Roots and his protegee’ Young Gliss in Philadelphia, for shows that were billed as “Jim Jones and Friends” but included none of his usual Dipset suspects.

Jones’ tour, which kicked off in Boston this past week and has made stops in New York and Philly, has been been marked with plenty of newsworthiness already. A fight involving Capo ensued in Boston after a fan threw a cup at him, setting off what was called a “melee” by press and police. Then in New York, fans were less than cordial to Jones, who performed nearly shut-eyed, as they showed more love to his so-called “friends” than him. None of the shows so far have produced good ticket sales, perhaps held down by the bad press Jones received after being arrested twice in the tour’s opening week.

The saving grace of the “Vampire Life Tour” may be the stellar performances from the other acts Jones has shared the stage with so far, such as Nyemiah Supreme, Ninjasonik, and Maino. Another standout was Philadelphia’s Young Gliss, a signee to Dice Raw’s Raw Life Records and cousin to legendary Roots percussionist, Questlove. Young Gliss says he’s looking forward to people getting to see him perform at South By Southwest for the first time later this month, along with the release of his upcoming The Glimmer EP, which boasts features from Killer Mike, Prodigy, and others. And, adding a special touch to the Philly show was Brian Fitzgerald, a talented Hip-Hop violinist who accompanied Dice Raw’s musical and lyric-heavy set.

Check out some of AllHipHop.com’s footage from the zany and eventful tour capped by the Capo:

For more info on the “Vampire Life Tour” dates, check HERE.

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  • rep87

    You spew ignorance and try to call it art and name your tour Vampire who are you attracting ? Sorry Jimmy you better wake up fast bro, now you losing money thats how you make the biggest of your money with cd sales way down if the violance keep up no one will book you in fear of getting there venue torn up

    • HatersHater

      Yo Jim, give it up son. One hot single don’t make you a successful artist. You was always wack to begin with. That single “We Fly High” got to your head, but sorry it ain’t happening for you no more. Go try some MTV executive producing for “Love and hip Hop” or maybe your girl can hold you down.

    • immackulate

      lil homey you dont know SHYT FROM SHOEHSINE – artists make MOST of their money off CD sales … ?!?!?!? Nah potna, they make most of their money off Show Money, Endorsements, and Features – most payback that recouplable bread to the record co. from CD sales and pocket the show money!!!

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  • And you 2 are?

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  • Tony G.

    note to jim jones….when u have no talent and a weak catalog…u dont book real hip hop dudes like dice raw and maino to open for u…ur career is slowly coming to a screeching halt