BReal and Supernatural Exclusive Pics & Video of Cypress Hill’s SmokeOut Rally

(AllHipHop News) Cypress Hill frontman B-Real led a crowd of supporters from the steps of City Hall to the Federal Building in Downtown Los Angeles on March 1, to protest the Federal government’s and the Los Angeles City Council’s position on medical marijuana and its dispensaries. Although medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, dispensaries providing it have recently come under attack from both Federal and local governments.

B-Real was joined by the freestyling phenom MC Supernatural and Daddy X of The Kottonmouth Kings for this event, held just a day before The Cypress Hill SmokeOut concert in San Bernardino, California. was on hand to capture some pictures and video of this peaceful, smokeful protest – check them out below:

  • Roberto Ciamora

    lol, B Real done let this Hip Hop Hippie position of his go to his head, all the things going on in the world and this is the cause he fights for??

    • In reality , this is about the only cause B Real has supported %100 , since day one. Only makes logical sense that he is there , too bad Snoop wasn’t!

      • Who What Why When

         You can bet wherever Snoop is right now..i bet he high as hell. LOL

    • yea and its a good cause 50,000 people died since the begining of the us war on drugs  because the govt does not want to except the fact 20,000,000 people have used and continue to use on a weekly bases and it only grows and if we dont fight for this it will only become more violent prohibition does not work if the govt would see it we would have more income flowing in our own country instead of it going over the border.            legalize marijuana medicaly and recreational ppl.

  • rep87

    I have to agree with my man below me on the blog ,Cypress Hill came into the game over 20yrs ago smoking and promoting it these hiphop junkies ,the american people got serious issues facing them besides such a  petty issue of getting high

  • P.S. SuperNatural Killed the Freestyle!
    +1 Super Nat

  • dayleedumped

    marijuana is medicine … and thats the truth

  • Yeah! Its time to change the world! Marijuana is Medicine!

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