Argument In Club Preceded Young Buck Shooting

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Young Buck and his girlfriend were involved in an altercation just moments before a shooting that riddled the rap star’s SUV.

Young Buck, born David Brown, was inside of club La Bamba in South Nashville early Sunday morning, when he and his girlfriend were involved in a heated exchange with another group of people.

Security intervened in the matter and Young Buck and his girlfriend Kenyetta Rainey left the club, along with the party they originally argued with.

Moments later, a white Chevy Tahoe pulled up alongside Young Buck’s Cadillac Escalade and fired upon the vehicle.

The Cadillac Escalade was struck 11 times, and Young Buck’s girlfriend was grazed in the shoulder.

Rainey was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released.

Police are still seeking suspects in the shooting, which occurred hours after Young Buck hosted a video shoot and cookout.

  • Damn!!

  • I saw that video after the shooting
    on the news website.  Buck talking to the police and everything.  That nigga shook for real!!

    • So why don’t they know who did it yet?????? They made the car a crime scene at the hospital. They already took Buck’s statement. All I saw Buck do was look at the bullet holes in his car.

      VIDEO LINK… http://www.wsmv(dot)com/story/17074650/shots-fired-at

      Those dudes had a public argument earlier so what is there to tell??? smh

    • Tony G.

      what makes him shook? and furthermore if u just have ur vehicle riddled with bullets wouldnt u be a little noid too?…guess not tough guy

      • immackulate

        niggahs like that aint never had nothing happen to’um thats why its easy to type so gangster – and somebody posted up the actual link below as proof that BAD AZZ JOHNNY SMITH perpetuating the cycle

  • HazelDonkey

    this is crazy, hope the catch who did this

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  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Stay outta the phucking clubs people.

    • GhettoBruce

      im wit you on that 100%………..f#ck these clubs!!  MF’s don’t know how to act & have a good time no-more with er-nigga gettin too tipsy & ready to set sh*t off^…f#ck da’ clubz & who’s up in em too^

      • dareal504

        Real tlk.. I don’t deal with them clubs no more either homie. I be phucking with these white bars in my area it be damn near like a club vibe with a dj and s#it anyway.. The difference is these mf’s really just be there to have fun aint no tuff guy s#it going on and if so my white friends beef is so easily defused it’s like it’s over before it began.. Never once escalated to trigger play just some fist flying every now and then..

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  • rep87

    Be glad when they catch these cowards and lock they ass up

  • dayleedumped

    young bucked

  • BigSeannY

    I guess he knows that you are a target everywhere you go.Young Buck better be careful.

  • damn son… niggaaz put a slug in my girl, im going john rambo… “NOTHING IS OVER!!!!!”

    • thuglifefukdapolice


  • H. U. S.

    Cowards always gotta shoot their problems away…scared to take a azz whoopin,, SMDH!


    These silly rappers aint learn nothing from TI,
    I see…….

    Rappers need to stop running around like they are superman,
    With a cape on…..

    Plus if you shot my lady, or dump on me with a chic in the ride.

    All bets are off, if i catch you leaving church,
    With your grandmom, on a sunday morning, i airing you on the steps,
    In front of the pastor.

    Also 11 times, Meant they were intending on giving buck a set of wings,

    • immackulate

      HA @ set of wings … FOR REAL DOE this aint nothing like that TI shyt – BUCK well known and respected in Nasheville for being a stand up niggah NO EGO wit resume and stripes – AND HE STILL IN THE TRENCHES – right or wrong? he one of the few rappers you can hold to what they say – and its still a lot of niggahs getting fat in Nasheville off of Buck … this seems to be some PERSONAL good money turned bad blood IMO – time uh tell

      • EL_BARK

        Judging from past squabbles, i can see buck being a stand up guy,
        But, man sometimes these rappers, act like they invinsible or untouchable,
        Not just buck, but a lot of rappers. Espically when they in the club enviorments,
        Add in a tree,& liquor to that. A simple bump, or a rapper snuffing or iggging somebody, or leave me alone i in the club chilling, attitude.

        Can turn into a mess very fast. Cause now a niggah, think you shetting on them, or they take the rapper shunning them as disrespect. I bet in most cases like this, prolly half of the niggas, that end up beefing, prolly a fan of the rapper. words get said,
        Then the Rapper say them “magic words” niggah do you know who the fuk i am or.
        In diddy voice. “what the fuk you going to do niggah”

        The shun fan, then get extra e-motional, and he match the tuff talk back to the rapper,
        And then raises him, 8 shells at the let out, afterwards. Lol

        Meanwhile rappers in his truck, plotting his next move, thinking the shet is over,
        And before he know it, thangs is flying every which way.

        Diddy and that niggal scar
        Ti and them cincinnati niggahs
        Proof and the niggah who shot him
        Busta rhymes & his bodyguard
        Diddy and that niggah in the compound,
        Fab and them brooklyn niggas, who he was beefing wit

        Just to name a few…… Well maybe fab incident was a long running feud.

        But you see my point….

        Bottles service is the way to go if you clubbing. Lol
        Seperate yourselves, from the have-nots.
        They the ones, thats down to set it off. Lol

      • C C

        whats this ti and the cleveland niggas? i aint hear bout that

      • churchboy2

        Well said.

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    well if you do the math on it 50 cent got shot 9 times he would have been to bullets more on him????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K