Drake and Andre 3000

Hip-Hop Rumors: Andre 3000 Inspired by Drake!

While rappers like Common and DMX are coming at Drake’s head, Andre 3000 is giving him major props.

”Now I talk to Drake, and I know he had to be like 10 when he was listening to what we were doing. You just never know who’s listening until you hear a connection. I didn’t even know Drake dug my music, I just liked him as a rapper because I felt he had a balance. I didn’t even know that he grew up listening to me. But it’s cool to know that it’s a real lineage thing. I’m happy to see Kanye and Wayne and Drake and all these new artists. They inspire me in a way because they reach back and they say, ‘Hey, we want to get you on these songs.’”

Let’s hope this Drizzy inspiration helps 3 Stacks come out with some dope music!

  • johnblacksad


  • The_REAL_realtalk

    3000 trying to get Drake on a feature lol

  • David Daniel

    The industry is trying to help Drake again!!! lol Drake is soft and not real. Stop feeding the public bad music.

  • Realist4200

    It f#cks me up every time one of the greats co sign these cornball ass “artists” that the industry forces down our throats. First it was Bun B, now Dre’s fallin in with it too. Smh

  • 3K was flattered by the admiration. Hardly means he was inspired to create similar music. At least I hope not.

    • NoGoBoi

      Prob not inspired to make his type of music because 3stacks was already making that music, The Love Below album and so on… I’m not a huge Drake fan but dude makes great music, u can’t deny that even though he’s too emotional in my opinion and at times makes some hatin azz music on some straight up grown man talk.

      • Drake gets some great tracks thrown his way, but that’s about it far as I’m concerned. I see the comparison though.

  • allhiphopsucks

    im done with this site…dueces.

  • johnblacksad

    The Vets ain’t tryin to be labeled as “old azz salty hataz” so they tryin to remain cool with the Youngins the “men in power” have picked…

    Wish Pimp C was still here… he’da pull a few more ninjaz cards out!

    • pimp c liked drake doe why you think he so closed with bun b n zro ugk was backn him up wen he first came out bk n 06

    • shieky24

      Boy u hit that right on the head well said

  • Drake has talent! He is as soft as any size extra smedium pants wearing , fruitloop trooper , but I can see 3k appreciating & returning the support.

    Listening to Drake’s music , is like shaking hands with a guy who has softer hands than your wife…it’s awkward.

    Nothing wrong with chicks digging it or men playing it for chicks.

    I think a Drake 3k collabo would be good, & I hope it inspires Outkast to drop another album.

  • at the end of the day at 6 3 n as big as he is the guy cant be that soft yea we knoe he has no goons n all that n yea we knoe he sings but thats like sayn everyone who sings is soft if i was getn 9 mill everytime i put an album out id be singing to bottom line is we dont knoe that man we cant call him soft as a man i dnt care how soft he is i sure if you hit drake hel hit u bk its human nature

  • D_Ably

    How dare anyone compare Love Below to anything by Drake. Love Below was art Drakes shits just processed garbage for the masses, you know the coat tail riders and ‘trend setters’

  • greenhouse records

    Ill feel inspired too if i a ninja swagger jacked my style.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Rap about drugs, gang banging (which I’m not advocating) folks complain its sending out a wrong message (Rick Ross), rap/sing about love people say you’re soft (Drake), rap about political issues people still complain (Common).  It all balls down to one thing, people can never be satisfied.the music industry evolves as the human race did and continue will be. if you don’t like someone’s music dont listen to it and keep your opinion to yourself instead of putting up negative posts about their music. these people are trying to make a living and believe it or not “what you eat don’t make them sh!t”

    • dareal504

      True spit homie.. U just broke that bitch all the way down..

  • rep87

    Really inspired by what

  • brotha_man

    I wonder if he’s talking about rapper drake or degrassi drake- there is a big difference

  • drake is a canaidian child actor, rapping with a fake southern accent,, nothing impresive about his lyrics ,flow,style nothing .

    • Torrey Winston

      who then came out in the last 5 years as fresh as drake? J.cole and…………ill wait 

      •  The Weeknd bruh

      • Torrey Winston

        i thought we was talking bout rappers?


    he would be impress by a dry nn?igga ho cares what Aundrea thinks anyway i bet if he was to drop a album since its not outcast it probably wouldn’t even sell more that jezzy weak album sales and even if they where to come with another outcast album that still wouldnt go platinum either so why care he spends more time at home wondering which make up to put on his face down low nn?igga????

    p.s now that my opion everybody has 1 deal with it p?unks?????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

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  • Torrey Winston

    why cause a nigga not taking bout killing and drug dealing(actually someone elses life not theres) he’s considered soft….ya’ll nigga talkin bout how soft he is are really cotton swab soft

  • urhating

    how many of u putting money in Drake’s pocket!?….So u really think he care bout yall hatin azz comments….these other artists trying to get paid! and it always helps to get attention from someone else’s fan base…thatz why haters like yall stay broke and have to blog about they dont like this dude’s music and how soft someone is…hell im pretty sure you don’t like country music put they getting paid more than hip hop and RnB artist…why dont yall hate on that!!!….stop being ignorant and broke, and support each other or keep your mouth close..these dudes got record deals do you!? 

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