Diggy Simmons

Hip-Hop Rumors: Diggy Simmons the Singer?

Word on the block is that Diggy Simmons has a future as a singer! While all of the details are not clear, we’re hearing that the young Simmons has an album worth of music where is exclusively singing.

Even though singing rap is highly popular right now, Diggy and his crew chose to stay with the lyrics first and will bus out with it later.

Oh, and apparently he can actually SING, unlike say Drake.  DIggy’s debut album, “Unexpected Arrival” is due out on March 20th.

  • Unlike Drake?


  • allhiphopsucks

    this site is becoming so pop…who cares about diggy that comes to this site on a regular basis? I’m sure your views are falling off and I don’t know why I keep giving y’ll a chance. Can anyone recommend another site?

  • brotha_man

    Now lil dude doing to much, just rhyme make music… make money leave the sanging to R&B artist i.e. musiq soulchild. Rappers these days cry more than mothers at funerals….including drake

    • Black people… Black men… Etc. The one’s who picked us up and put us on their backs to get us here??? Yeah, they sang. And they sang well. They were stronger men, in general, then the fellas out there today. So I don’t get how singin’ is some sign of weakness. Backwards ass ni**as.

      • brotha_man

        first off silly A@@ co-signah, Not saying they weak brothas for singing. Im saying dont sell out or water down your craft because the record label wants more $$$. Stay true sure KRS-one or even Public enemy could sang some songs but they didnt cause they stayed true what they believe. To even think that drake and diggy are sing songs of harmony is just craziness. Jump off a bridge for even putting them in the same category as those who sung negro spirituals to up lift the community…no body calling’em soft im just saying don’t sell out or water down your craft for the sake of. Drown yo self for even proclaiming these dudes give a Fu&k about the events of the hood whether positive or negative. 

      • So if someone is a rapper but sings, that just automatically “ain’t staying true” ??? How the fu** do you know how the label has counseled this kid??? Ge the F*** outta here. About the hood? Come on son, the hood is it’s own problem FIRST. Before we can even talk about what the Government is or isn’t doing. And all black people didn’t stay in the hood. Some left before it was too late 35 years ago, fool. So Drake need not represent the hood. I’ve rarely seen a truly inspiring and transformative African-American come out of the hoods of America in recent times, except for a few brilliant people who would have found success, anyhow (brilliant people who don’t advocate the ills of the hood like you lame-o’s). The hood ain’t exactly a breeding ground for progressive thought either (your opinions are case and point) so why is that the benchmark in hip-hop today??? Drake owes nothing to the so-called “hood”. And negro spirituals? I’m not talking about negro spirituals, I’m talking about doo-wop in the 50’s and soul in the 60’s – 70’s. Those were normal men. Men who served in the military, men who minded their kids, threw punches when it came down to it, took care of the community… Etc. The point was that if these men – real men, were doing it, why is it faux-paux for Drake to be doin’ his thang??? And doin’ it well ??? So how bout’ you shoot yourself for being a basic ass nigga. Who made you the fu**in’ arbitrator of all styles hip hop??? Shut up.

      • Fact… Only 28% of poor African-American people live in the ghetto, nigga. So if anything, he’s speaking to that other 72% of black people who ain’t in the hood, whether rich or poor, who seek unimposing yet inspiring and insightful social commentary in their music.

      • KI

        I F**king cosign you 1000%.. I’m tired of cat glorifying the hood like the hood is giving back to them. the hood mentality got you nowhere but around the hood. N*#ga go to school and get out of there and come back to educate them kids on how to get out of there .. where ignorant ass cat starting talking and eating and breathing around the “hood” you get no where in life but arguing about bull crap that will serve you no good … # Applaud for Jordan Pauley for putting this dude in his place .. I’m pretty sure he is still thinking of something to say but his limited mind can not come up with a response… smh 
        I freaking hate cats that’s poisoning the kids mind with that hood ish….

      • brotha_man

        Oh lawd!! I got drake’s fans cosigning one another. Listen fool(s)there is nobody glorifying the Hood, you can google percentages all you want. I went to college ( U of Minnesota) got a degree, and still find time each week to mentor and counsel kids, white and black in group homes. I dont do it for recognition I do it, to pay it forward be a positive figure in their lives.  so it is not about glorifying the hood u simple minded fools its about giving to the youth, the ones that are being mislead by these so called rappers. Drake owes the hood nothing , but its not about the hood, its about the youth. We don’t have to poison the kids minds with hood ish. some of them live that ish so just because u in the burbs without a worry in the world , does not mean that everybody lives that life. Like I said its not glorifying the hood unfortunately it is a reality that was forced on a lot of people especially the youth, there the ones who have no one to turn to in most cases. the kids I talk to look up to black males and appreciate the ones that take time to do things like go to basketball games, play chess, and movies. Im also in the national guard, thats how i got through college so before you go out there throwing percentages you googled. The hood is more than a rapper rapping about kilos. the hardships are a reality for a lot of youth, the ones most effected.negro. I came up on free lunches in the park, now I dont live that way. I educate and mentor kids whos reality is not knowing were there next meal will come from or taking them to prisons to visit parents.

      • brotha_man

        pauly u better check again ”
         I’ve rarely seen a truly inspiring and transformative African-American come out of the hoods of America in recent times, except for a few brilliant people who would have found success” I dont know where you heard this but I can show you more positive wealthy blacks that aint rapping that made it out the “hood” to become lawyers, business men and women. Dont know what planet you living on bruh.  O yeah what did you google to get your phony statistics from so I can verify. Get tired of ppl saying dont glorifiy the hood, its all bad. The hood made me a strong, black , stand up dude. Not a thug, monster, or predator as the white media often predicts. but a positive black go getter. if you use hood in a negaitive context then thats what you get. Im from the hood and proud of it not proud of all that goes on. but there are real strong sucessful blacks that I surround myself that dont treat the hood like it some sort of fairytale. we put businesses there, we mentor the youth. who said the hood is all black….mexicans, asians, whites, and africans. CNN says the hood is barbaric, we say the hood despite its negativity builds strong men and women of today. You can either be resilient (google it) or fall victim.

  • johnblacksad

    Ya’ll sleepin on Drake on the singin tip! 

  • Wow. Is this a post about Diggy, or a post about hatin’ Drake. The brotha is gettin’ money, ladies, and more money… The kid isn’t out there doin’ well for himself and there is this sector of this culture that stays hatin’. Say player haters, why not just put something out that hits better??? Oh, because you’re spendin’ too much time worrying about this ni**a Drake and how he seems to make your GF’s love area wetter than you can… From proxy, on top of that. Shut up.

    • brotha_man

      you sure doing alot of cosigning….you either Andre 3000 in disguise, his DJ, or his 1 one fan. prolly watching degrassi right now. damn u in love with drake. 
      oh yeah there is better….The Roots, Big KRIT, Yela…etc


    what about his education does he even go to school??????

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    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


    • He graduated the guy had a tutor he was homeschooled people forget this kid is 17 soon.

  • Myambitioniswicked