Hip-Hop Rumors: Game Explains Spitting Debacle

Earlier this week, we reported that rapper Game was caught on video spitting on fans from the VIP section of an Australian nightclub. Well, Game has now released his side of the story, and it sounds like he was provoked into the disgusting act. Check out his comments below:

“This girl and her dude were at the concert, and we had a meet and greet. It was like 100 people, plus we have to get to an after-party, so we [focused on] doing everything on schedule. You shake my hand, I sign one thing from each person and take a picture with each person. So, they wanted to hold up the line, and there’s other people behind ’em, and we got time constraints. They acting crazy, [saying], ‘we paid all this money and we can’t even chill!’ I guess they wanted to chill, go back to the hotel and smoke with a nigga and be my kid’s godfather. So, security had to take them out because they got a little crazy.

“We go to the after-party and here are these same two people. They by the VIP [area], kind of doing the heckling sh*t, and throwing sh*t, throwing Red Bull cans. But ain’t none of it hitting me. The dude starts spitting loogies and drinking shit and spitting it. The shit started getting closer and closer to where we was at. He keeps spittin’ and finally, the f*ckin’ sh*t hit me. So I went over and I f*ckin’ spit.”

That’s still no excuse to spit or attempt to spit on someone! Why not just call security to remove them from the get-go? I don’t know about you, but Game’s explanation sounds like it has a few holes in it.

  • Shut up.

  • DHTG

    Sydney Lace is a agent,the feds running this wack ass site.Kill yourself sydney lace!!


    i no 1 thing the 5 million dollar judgment dont have a hole in it and they about to collect that so hes gonna be touring for a while to pay that off ??????

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  • tonysnow7

    game is wack for that bullshit excuse

  • 7yoyo7

    A message to Sydney Lace : 
    shut ur gob zipp it shut the fu3k up silence 

  • rep87

    All you can do is take the man for his word its a pretty low thing to spit on someone or have someone spitting at you ,we got limited footage of what went on that night , This is a bullshit story with big holes in it !

  • DesignatedH8R

    “Holes in the story.” You think Game just spit on them for no reason…

  • Illseed is rolling over in his bed right now.

  • dayleedumped

    sigh i wouldnt expect a female to understand how a real nigga react. Holes in the story?? “That’s still no excuse to spit or attempt to spit on someone!” WHAT????? getting spitted on is the MOST disrespectful shit you can do to someone

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  • water_ur_seeds

    he should of fcked the dude with fists up and spat on the women

    You don’t think

  • D_Ably

    He thought it was cool. Then everyone thought he was a twat for it and now we’re at part where he trys to justify being a utter fanny hole. The dudes a moron who couldn’t tell the truth to save his own life.

  • wait, somebody throws cans and spits at u until their mouth is damn near dry and thats not a justified reason to spit back at them? yo somebody get this sydney chick the hell off this site. people have been stomped out for less. if someone spits on me they’d be lucky if spit is the only thing comin back at them.