Ja Rule

Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule Gets In Trouble For Prison Interviews

Poor Ja Rule just can’t get a break. After selling a measly 3K copies of his new album, Pain Is Love 2, we hear Ja is now facing disciplinary actions for conducting telephone interviews on his birthday.

Ja called two radio stations on February 29, his 36th birthday, to promote his new album and chat about prison life. Unfortunately, doing any press from behind bars without the warden’s permission is against the rules. Once the other inmates caught wind of the interviews, they ratted Ja out and he was written up for misconduct.

Ja Rule’s publicist is trying to take the heat off of her client and is asking that he not be punished for the interviews, which she claims were a surprise for his birthday. So much for that surprise! No word yet on what Ja Rule’s punishment will be, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time Ja gets in trouble for speaking to the press.


    so let me guess they gonna take away his jello for dinner now right?????

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    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    this is not a f***ing rumor.  This is an old news story.  i don’t know why i come to this site anymore.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    oh and no word on what his punishment will be.  its 7 days of work detail. This “rumor” was reported on hiphopdx on “March 06, 2012 at 4:27PM CST”. Your reporting skills are PATHETIC.  Bring back illseed.



  • rep87

    Ja is in the rat den what can you expect !

    • u sound stupid, he is no rat, that is sm ish 50 said cause they couldn’t get who they wanted stop it aki

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Uh, why is Ja Rule getting press//blogged in 2012. Is it because all the real ones been shot and killed..so now he’s a bada$$. Come on. Ja Rule. Y’all need to pick up the pace. You one the same stories:Jay-Z Beyonce Chris Brown The Game Rick Ross DrakeYelawolfthen back to JayZand Beyoncefor whateverreason then you through some ish about JARule. Slowly your good article get put to the bottom. Pretend it’s 1996, before everybody got killed for speaking the truth and had mad beats and at the end of the day Hip Hop was the most dangerous thing in America. You can do it AHH! You got the know how..just do it!

    • bbonyc

       Ja and his niggas ran up on 50 in a studio years back.  Ja aint never been a soft nigga.  Just cuz u make songs with catchy hooks and singin sometimes and shit don’t make u soft.  Yall niggas be killin me with that dumb shit.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Oh, Ja Rule runs up on 50..you might as well have said Fat Boys ran up on Biz Markie. Dont try to make him hard core on some 50 mess. And don’t condone this mug now that everybody real is shot to silence. Hip Hop Mainstream is khaki and trying to front street cred with Ja Rule? Please. That’s embarassing. It’s not even about rushing somebody. None of these mugs can afford to be in “The Life” anymore. If Ja want credit he turn his lyrics to truth and show the shadows behind the industry. Then he will credible as hardcore. You trying to waste time on some Mtv ish. Try grown ish that make mug think and change the game. Please,

      • i swear, people be on some straight dumb shit

  • Who buys a CD. How many DL’s did he have.

  • i am a hugh fan of ja rule and i think that yall need to find something else to do with ur time. ok that ish with him and 25cent was yr ago, leave that alone and let him be. ok he made a phone call so what’s the big deal. get in tune stupids.