Will Smith

Hip-Hop Rumors: Star Magazine Claims Will Smith Is Gay?

Hold UP!

These people won’t let Big Will and Jada live, will they? Well, here is the latest in a long line of divorce gossip surrounding Will and Jada.


Now, we aren’t sure of all the contents in this article, but early reports are suggesting Will and his friend and actor Duane Martin are involved in some sort of “bromance.” Well…the mag says the following:

“Will and Duane definitely looked very close,” says a source, who spotted them at Flair restaurant in Trinidad on February 24. And although they were with company, “It was clear Will and Duane both arrived and left together,” the source added.

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane have two kids, and he’s repeatedly denied being gay over the years. Furthermore, he’s said that they are tearing two successful Black men down. They were seen vacationing together last month in light of the apparent dissolution of the Smiths marriage.

What do you think?

  • bollocks

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Really AHH, ya’ll runnin headlines from Tabloid now huh???….. Star magazine runs stories about Hitlers frozen head calling the shots in Washington DC & How Elvis and John Lennon are performing nightly shows on Mars, GTFOH

    • 7yoyo7

      LMAO !!!!!!

  • The_REAL_realtalk

    Wow. This rumor section went downhill. I figured out why. Its because illseed didnt just report rumors. He did it with personality and a perspective that really represented a typical hip hop head.  It wasn’t just “will may be gay, what do you think?” and the only thing the story reads is that they all vacationed together. Wow. 

    But I turn on 90% of this rap mess and these niggas is all shirtless bouncing around dancing.  So who is more gay, Will Smith and the homie for being good friends, or Rick Ross and Meek Mill and co bouncing around in a video shirtless, rubbing and stuff. LOL. Do I even have to mention Weezie F. Spandex?

    • RevrendIke3x

      Gangstalicious Homies Over Hoes.

    •  Let’s not talk about that ultra-kiwi-mango-berry video where the whole Dipset is spraying each other with champagne. Pause. SMH.

    • EL_BARK

      Yo my man, if you going to mention the meek video of him and ross,
      You need to cite me as your refererance.
      Thanks a lots.

      Preciate that.

    • No , but Weezy kissing Birdman :: PAUSES :: in the mouth would have been a good follow up.

  • FAKE ASS STORY!!…no1 believes it…this site is getting like mediatakeout

  • Tril Beats

    Come on now…..

  • TimeWillTellu1

    WTF is next National Enquirer ???  You bored Yo? 

  • no respect for this site anymore

  • Q.

    First, they say we brothas can’t get along and co-exist without destroying each other, but when brothas make money, have families and hang out…all of a sudden we’re GAY?  #GTFOH

    This is SLANDER.

    • MsDiva

      thank you im glad you said that its like good men cant catch a break unless they out stealing or shootin up some club

  • Yo get out of here with these bullshit rumors… bring illseed back… this is allhiphop not mediafakeout… this is whack





  • johnblacksad

    I’ll tell you what’s gay : AHH Rumors…

  • 7yoyo7

    New rumor : I have CLEAR evidence that Sydney Lace is receiving violent and intense sexual relations from AHH’s top management in exchange of having the right to write bullsh1t tabloids as a job/hobby.

    Yeah! For real!


  • we been knowing he was gay,,whats new,   what ever happened to HIP HOP WEEKLY saying LL  was gay, what ever happend with that

  • rep87

    Nothing new here im not surprise at all ,Hollywood turn them out all the time !

  • I think its funny how everybody on here defending them like most ppl dont already think Will is gay. He seems gay to me, I’m a woman an Im a pretty good judge of when a dude is gay. It dosent surprise me at all, especially with all the swinger reports ppl had about him an jada. I think they both are bisexual an were each others beard. They were friends who wanted kids an made the “perfect family” now the kids are half grown an successful in their own right. They have more money then they can ever spend, why keep the fascade goin?? This is only my opinion b4 all the will & jada penis riders come out the woodwork. He may jus be a extra soft ass,metrosexual, sensitive dude who likes to let his woman treat em like a bitch. An she may jus be a woman who likes a soft man an jus comes off like a bitch  lesbian in fems clothes.. I personally dont give a damn, but thats what I think.

    • Good points.

    • Agree! Very valid points…

      I heard he was gay through a friend of mines who is a lawyer with friends in the industry…

  • who actually gives a sh*t? at the end of the day we all go on with our regular lives.. smh

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Uh, why are you late AHH. If you are the most dangerous site, you would have posted this 4 years ago. Everybody in the back of the house knows this. Including you. Aren’t you an affiliate of Vibe Magazine? So, you been knowing. Come on. Where’s the Hip Hop News. I’m pulling for you AHH..you can do it! Be a real Hip Hop site..please!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    This is new news how?  lmfao!  c’mon b, he was playing a fag in that one movie…everybody knew jada and will were doing that orgy parties…and they did errybody.  Jada acts like a man now…for real, what’s new?

  • Anyone notice soon as black men are not “gangsta” acting they get labeled as  gay.  What the hell is that all about??  Just about every clean cut black dude out there has had a gay rumor about him.  This is that Willie Lynch shit.  AHH sould be ashamed of themselves for putting Star magazine in the rumor section.  What’s next, aliens plan on returning Tupac to Earth after red niggas on Mars put a hit on him??

    • Realist4200

      With the way these rumors have been, I wouldnt even be surprised.

  • brotha_man

    this is the doings of the man…the same man that set up Tiger Woods, Kobe, Tupac, and Mike Tyson. 

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    I always thought that nigga was limp wrist. Didn’t need anything to confirm it

  • Negro Peligro

    Man dude ain’t gay. He would’ve kissed that man in the mouth in that movie.  

    • bbonyc

      Exactly!  People forget about that $hit.  Will wouldn’t do it cause he said he just couldn’t and he wasn’t comfortable so your right if he was gay he damn sure would have did it.

  • Star = National enquirer… Don’t believe it…. NEXT!

  • dayleedumped

    if will smith is gay, then i need to look at everything in my life over again. cuz damn shit had me fooled like a muthafucka

  • Myambitioniswicked

    Its painful to see ahh go out like this

  • Pierre Carrillo


  • This rumor been around for years, lets not forget the Quincy Jones thing. It has been said that him and LL had to run up in Q for them shows.

  • water_ur_seeds

    whats wrong with best friends go to dinner? with a group of friends at that… seriously? thats gay? tell that to the mafia, dudes go to restaurants all the time lol if i go somewhere with one of my roadogs to meet somepeople who im not close with, chances are im turning up and leaving with that roadog… dun know best friends stick together…

    them rumors been around big will for years, as they are about every successful black musician or actor, seems people are gay crazy… aint no way will is batty…

    smh @ allhiphop posting this shit up, this site is sooooo schitt these days, used to be a dope site, now its getting worse then mediafakeout…

  • Duane Martin is gonna kick somebody’s ass

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    maybe it was a cover up, Tupac said that he use to be in love and wanted to be with someone early on, but she liked women, which I always thought was Jada, so who knows?  They could of both made some kinda arrangement to disguise their sexuality.

  • I WISH they would leave Will the F alone about his sexuality!  Ovy it’s none of our biz what he does in his personal sexual life, if he hasn’t said anything to the contrary, the MEDIA needs to shet the F up and stop badgering.  Even if it has a spec of truth to it, he still wants his privacy. Nobody has a right to reveal another persons personal life, it’s called right to privacy!!

  • Ever notice every black man that makes money they label him a thug or a homosexual  you mean there is not one black man that made it that don’t like dick ? lol White men hate rich black men.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This just in: men can’t have other men as friends, especially if they are going through a divorce. I mean, showing up at a club together and LEAVING together? There’s no possible way they went to get pancakes. They must be seeing each other. 

  • He is Gay…He bought Duane Martin a brand new Bentley for no reason at all…Who does that? He is GAY get over it.

    • Who does that?  Multi-millionaires who are also nice guys do that.  Don’t mean he’s gay.

  • dopebroddi


    • he has that  star  power that’s why  nobody say nothing  ,, trust me i seeing this guy in person he gay that why he talks and walks.. 


    I don’t get why blogs write or re-report “DUMB” stories like this! They’re dumb because NO WHERE in this article does it prove what’s said in the headline!! This is really irresponsible-journalism at its best!! Even if it’s true, this isn’t a good precedent to set!

  • immackulate

    they been giving WILL the side-eye since 6 Degrees Of Separation … he gotta be judged for his own sins not ME so i aint passing no judgement on his  FRUITY azz – he can cont. to do HIM, HER, AND HIM for all i care – still respect his hustle from rap transitioned to hollywood.  However, it does make me think about that sitcom Duane Martin, “DIAMOND” from Player’s Club, and Tony Rock starred in –  Executive Produce by Will and Jada Smith, right?.  I used to wonder why they dug Duane Martin up when they could have went with a more up to date/accomplished actor considering Will and Jada were as powerful in Hollywood then as they are now.


    look take it from me somebody that knows the real truth and dont get mad either its true will and jada have been swinging for years, theirs even rumors they had people that swung with them sign a confidential paper stating the couldnt disclose anything that went on thats nothing new to the game any real person no thats matter of fact rumor has it that j lo and marc anthony was suppose to get on the bandwagon j lo wasint feeling it so marc and jada try to get it in solo will suspected something caught the both of them he ran out the house crying and since then felt like the trust between them swinging had been broken and now hes hanging on to duane which he and his wife swung with the smiths for support now yall can get mad call me this call me that i dont care this is what i feel that happened and whats so funny it wouldnt matter anyway cause people get the truth thrown in their faces on a daily basis and still to stupid to see the light but this is will life and if thats how he wants to live it so what i dont care iam just putting my 2 cent in like everybody else but you best believe my 2 cents is the cents you want to gamble on just like a may weather and paco fight you would be a fool not to pick may weather?????

    p.s dont get mad deal with it like yall gonna deal with the 5 dollar gas prices coming your way
     yall think will cares how much its cost to put 20 per gallons in his Ferrari no he has duane to pump his aa?ss????? i mean gas

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


  • Jay

    a white men hangs out with another white men or any other race its okay

    but a black men hangs out with another black men or black woman hangs out with another black woman their gay?

    a black men has alot of money their illuminati? a white men or any other race thats not black are just rich?

    why does america hates us black people so much?

    • As a white guy I was shocked to see that magazine article.  I instantly thought it was just more BS to sell stuff and I still think this way.  Will Smith is one of the greatest actors ever (of any race).  The fact is even magazines like Star are going to say this stuff to sell magazines … b/c suckers are going to sucked in and buy it.  With free online content the magazine business is getting desperate.  And to interpret this as an attack on black people is not seeing it for what it is (that being business), and then to further say America hates black people is just strait up delusional.  For your own good I’d recommend opening your eyes to the real world.  The majority of people nowadays are far too busy in their own lives to give a darn about what blacks or any other race are doing.  The sooner you get over not trusting other people the sooner you’ll see the real world.  Everyone struggles and everyone is just trying to live.  Instead of jumping to conclusions, try talking to these people and you’ll probably begin seeing there is not much difference between you and them.  It’s a sobering realization indeed.

    • speaknoevil108

      as a black man its comments like this that keeps brothers down, a young black male would read your comment and think is this how the white man see’s me your statement on this issue is worse then the actual artical stay focused and be kind to your neighbors

  • Cynthia Barrett

    Don’t belive this just more gossip to sell papers. You know their children can read and I’m sure it hurts them to see this kind of stuff 

  • who care..is gay that nobody problem .is like saying 50 cent is gay so what..picture this ,,50 cent and will smilli in a  gay movie …who is your daddy heheheheheh,,,,,

  • they look like brother to me ……… 

  • i think you people are out of your f**king minds

  • brenda white

    BS, i don’t think for one second either of these men are gay could they possibly be bi, yes but i don’t even think their bi, i think their just really close friends with a bit of a bromance, bromance not to be mistaken for romance, there is a difference and what, ladies can have a ladies night or ladies only trip together with just your gal pals but men can’t without being considered gay, give me a break, how close minded are some people, i’m not at all convinced this is true and its take more than gossip and tabloid magazines to convince me otherwise

  • June Tyrell

    so what they left together don’t mean a thing two men can t leave a bar together so if two women leave togethet does that mean they are lesbian