Aloe Blacc

Modern Day Marvin Gaye? Meet Aloe Blacc

Really? A modern day Marvin Gaye? With pop-infused R&B dominating the radio waves, Aloe Blacc’s bringing back a sound many have missed. A sound that makes people feel empowered and ready to get up and do something.

“I Need A Dollar”, the theme song for HBO’s big hit (now canceled) “How to Make it in America”, was written and performed by soul crooner Aloe Blacc. Now, he’s got a new video for his Marvin Gaye-inspired track, “You Make Me Smile”.

“My purpose for music is positive social change,” says Orange County, California native. Overseas in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, Blacc’s already a hit, scoring gold status in all three countries.

“You Make Me Smile” appears on Blacc’s 2010 album Good Things.

Find more information on Aloe Blacc here.

  • rep87

    Somebody Smoking Crack at AHH, This dude is no MARVIN GAYE you tried to say Trey Songs was our next Marvin Gaye , LISTEN THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER MR.MARVIN GAYE get over it

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    ((stab))) why are you at AHH/VIBE naming a Modern Day Marvin Gaye…weren’t y’all all up on Trey Songz last week as the next Marvin Gaye? Last Week son, last week. Before you say Marvin Gaye again…please listen to Marvin Gaye, review his production skill, and his performance. Review his life. Don’t let his taken preciousness be sold to some buble gum standard. You want to be the most dangerous site, then compare this and other cats to those who are living..and possible en route to being legendary. You can do it AHH. Be real. Be For Real.

  • digitallife

    This dude is dope and like 50 times realer than your favorite rapper..You can run into this dude on a brooklyn bound train regularly and he’s humble as hell. Props to the dude he’s probably made millions off that “i need a dollar” track and still rolls with the people like an average joe. This is what real musicians are like not the glamour and glitz eventide harmonizing bullshit..i’ll put my entire bank account on aloe face to face with any current top ten singer and blowing them out the water with no sound effects, no reverb and no eventtide and that’s real talk.

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