Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Is there a “Boondocks” Movie on the Way?

“Boondocks” fans rejoice! Regina King, the voice of Huey and Riley Freeman, says there may be a “Boondocks” movie on the way and hints that the show may be coming back to television!

“I talked to Aaron and it looks like their working things out. It looks strong, like we’re coming back.”

Check out Regina chatting about it and showcasing Riley’s voice on “Sway in the Morning” below:

  • Raheem Classick

    I support the Boondocks Movement.

  • rep87

    BIG UPS TO Aaron  Best cartoon everThe Boondocks cant wait to see the movie and hope the show returns !

  • TherealofUGP

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  • TherealofUGP

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  • Boondocks is funny. Regina Kikng does Huey & Riley? Wow , she’s talented.

    • Om3ga_Blaq

      Bro you didn’t know that?

      • Hell Nah! Regina King is that Chick!
        In Boys In The Hood……she would have been the one I picked…..granted , cuz of the 40 oz , but she is always proper  That Huey / Riley voice is incredible.  I would have bet $$$ that it wasn’t her.

      • Om3ga_Blaq

        Fa sho man, she got mad range and is severely underrated as an actress if you ask me. Then the range between Riley and Huey alone…and how she gotta switch back n forth between the 2 on one show is crazy. Never mind the differences between the characters she played on Thin Line…Poetic Justice, Boyz N The Hood, Southland, Enemy of the State etc. 

  • johnblacksad

    Bet she can’t do Huey’s voice with my sh!t obstructing her throat…



    hope not??????

    p.s he kinda looks like jaden smith dont he????

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    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  • YoungPrime

    Boondocks deserves a better network. Adultswim is drowning otherwise Boondocks would’ve been South Park/ Family Guy status now.  

  • its some house nigga, uncle tom shit

    • What is some house nigga uncle tom shit?

  • The Boondocks are the truth

  • D_Ably

    This shit better be more than a rumor