Soulja Boy “Kim Kardashian”

[ahh_audio src=/3-9-12/SouljaBoy-KimKardashian.mp3]

  • realhiphop365


  • Vikram662

    Doesnt anyone tell him that his music is garbage? Do they just sit there with a smile on their faces like “yea man that was hot!”. They need to get Souljas dick out of their ass and sit the boy down.

  • WOW. He’s getting worst by the year! He’s makin LIL B sound like JZ right about now!

  • chaseHARDER

    Funny at first but come on Soulja bruh! You don’t get worse, you get better! Is he making his own beats again? You cant have wack lyrics, wack flow, and a wack beat yo.