Drake Sells Miami Condos to Mario Chalmers; Cops $9 Million Mansion

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Drake recently sold his Miami condos to Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers.

The two side-by-side apartments sold for $2.4 million, almost $100,000 less than the original asking price.

According to the listing agent, Jill Ebert, Mario Chalmers got a great deal in for the luxury apartments which are located in the prestigious Marquis Residences.

As for Drake, the rapper is far from homeless.

The Toronto, Canada based MC recently bought a $9 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

The new property comes complete with a five stall horse stable, a riding arena in a water “oasis” that leads to a wet bar.

  • real estate agent knew exactly who they were dealing with when it came to selling that mansion…

    “How would you like to wake up in the morning, saddle a horse, and ride to your very own personal water oasis….. well for nine million, you can”

    niigga face lit like a christmas tree!

    “Ill Take It!!!!”

    • rockchalk81

      I bet he said “I’ll take IIIIIIIT!” in a high pitched, sing songy way like Oprah.

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  • Sounds MC Hammerish, but hey, it’s his money.  I’d just want a nice secluded spot overlooking the ocean with space for my friends and family.  I never get why people want all these amenities that they will rarely use.  Do you really bowl enough to put a bowling alley in your house?  Do you even ride horses more than a few times a year?  

    The one thing that I could understand, being a black man, is an indoor basketball court because we love to shoot around.  Plus that is low maintenance.  Just replace the goals when people hang on them and get the floors waxed.  

    I mean, I understand that you’re not used to that much, but damn, now that you have it, you can go ride horses whenever you want. And as someone who does ride sometimes, it’s not the horse that makes the ride fun, it’s where you are when you ride and who you’re with.  So keeping one at the house defeats that purpose.  If you want to ride a horse, go to a beautiful park with amazing views, rent two horses for a couple hours and just get your ride on.  

    • agree but once people who never had money get it they started spending it like they going make it back in hour or some ish like that…… Just the other day meek mill twitted his bill from Grey Manor which is located in LA… His bill came out 4 racks and he spent 500 on a regular bottle of peach ciroc and 210 for water like really????

      P.S. No homo for worrying about another man Finances 

  • Correction* Drake is renting the Hidden Hills house. He didn’t buy it. At least not yet.

  • rep87

    Why is this even news  what you expect him to buy a dump he has to live some where and as far as Drake when his 15 min is up and he realize Baby done ripped him off he will be back on moms sofa

    •  stfu hating ass drake aint goin no where…the only person on they moms sofa is YOU

      • rep87

        Stop your hating you sitting on your moms sofa now, you dont have a clue about the rip off game in music stick your head in a book and learn something before you open your dumb azz mouth ,

      • The_REAL_realtalk

        Niggas who dont even know each other, arguing about where they live = FAIL

      • rep87

        Not i homie lil dude didnt like what i said about his hero homo Drake and Baby ripping his artist off ,it would be unfair for me to engage this boy in a debate since he doesnt have a clue on music biz

      • ..

      • rep87

        Baby has a history of ripping off his artist im sure it hasnt change he ripped the hot boys off and thats fact , Mannie Fresh stated he left over money issues unless you have seen this man publishing contract im willing to bet Baby getting apiece of that to

      • Forwhatitsworthtowho

         its important to know the facts so u can properly hate on a n****a.  congrats.

      • rep87

        never hate dude its sad when you see people getting ripped off and i have no reason to hate on no one its a waste of time just commenting like every one else on here

      • rep87

        i stand by my statement and i allso have seen some of Babys Contracts from a artist who was once sign to the label its nice to engage with someone who know ,

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  •  THis dude get like a 100 thou a show and is always performing. His face is everywhere and his voice on everything. Drake is doing ok and will be for a long time. But who knows???

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  • DrPrepper

    I got nothin but good things to spit @ any and all men of color and non color who are making cream and smashing fly heauxs. It could be much worse like home invasions and jooks taking place. Not that Drake is built for that thuggery but hard times can make us do desperate things. So, um, Salute to all who gettin bread.

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    he should have bought his home in the dry part of cali on the count of him being a Canada dry nn?igga ?????

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