Five Shot, One Killed At Pleasure P Concert In Wichita

(AllHipHop News) One person was killed after a concert featuring former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P. in Wichita, Kansas.

Pleasure P. performed at Doc Howard’s Lounge on Friday (March 9) in the Old Town district.

According to The Wichita Eagle<;/em>;, a dispute broke out in a parking lot around 2:00 am Saturday morning, after the concert, resulting in gunfire that wounded five people.

Police engaged in a gun battle with a suspect who was chased into a parking garage.

It is not clear if the suspect who was chased into the garage was the person killed.

The owner of Doc Howard’s Lounge denied that the shooting took place in, around, or near the venue.

“We’re an easy target,” owner Bryan Shapiro told The Wichita Eagle. “We’re the biggest boy on the block, and the biggest boy sometimes takes most of the blame.”

Police plan to release more information tomorrow.


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30 Responses to “Five Shot, One Killed At Pleasure P Concert In Wichita”

  1. water_ur_seeds

    Has nothing to do with Pleasure P concert then? Happened in A parking lot, in the same town? If it happened the day A rock concert was ‘in town’ would it still Be news? This the reason hip hop gets bad name by association…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       when you hitting the cracks and crevises … YUP!!! why cause these spots dont get to see the big stars on the daily … so when someone with a name comes thru …. its light work @ the min depending on how much entertainment hits that area even Pleasure P could be a big deal lol

      • immackulate

        on the low ,,, i was born in that little mf city @ WESLEY MEDICAL CTR – fortunate enough to make it out before i even know better @ age 6 – before it was worse but after BOEING closed it became a death trap – crack runs the city! they could have brought THE LAST POETS and it was still gonna be some shyt cuz thats all there is to do is to get yo WEIGHT or yo REP up! everything get shut down or shot up in the city (research)

  2. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    small town news reporting and nothing is confirmed. who was shot and killed usually the cops make an official statement for the media. the club owners screaming nothing happened. someone should be fired for broadcasting incomplete info. where the pictures at? we don’t believe you- you need more people………….

  3. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    not surprised Pleasure P be on the chitlin circuit he made apperances @ a few suspect spots out here … but it is what it is thats the life of an artist with a “name” but no hit records 😉

  4. rep87

    This what happen when you put out ignorant music  some ignorance is going to jump off at your show .someone need to tell Pleasure P to put a shirt on And it give R& B a bad name !

    • suge380

      LOL, can’t give you that one. Dude is a R&B singer not a rapper. Dis Cat makes love songs. So my question is, Who girl got holler at, and why the cat started trippin so hard. She must have had the FIRE.

      • rep87

        You are correct mis print on my part im up on him from the group pretty rickey never would call what they put out R& B  ITS GARBAGE !

  5. suge380

    OK, WTF does this have to do with hip hop. That Cat probably wasn’t even there at the time. ROFL/ Just cuz some one has a show somewhere doesn’t mean they was involved or make it hip hop new. SH!t


    yall no what it is??????

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    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K


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