Mac Miller

Mac Miller Ft. Raekwon and Posdnous “Of The Soul Remix”

[ahh_audio src=/3-11-12/MacMillerftRaekwonandPosdnous-OfTheSoulRemix.mp3]

  • This guy sucks MGK is way better

    • ThorneSizemore

      After that statement, you need to go chug a gallon of bleach. 

      • You need a make over your so f*cking ugly a gallon of acid to your face could not make you uglier..  I bet you wish you was sitting on the tip of mac miller baby dick you looser..

      • ThorneSizemore

        Hahaha you hurt my feelings with that statement. You’re such a cyber bully. 🙁

        Also, I must point out that your grammar skills are very good.

  • dopefire14

    The Beat Goes Well with the Lyrics Kinda Reminds Me of the Early 90’s and Sounds Very Original Too. IDK Who this Posdnous Is? But Ima Look Out for Him. I’ll Easily Give this a 4/5 Stars..!

  • Sorry, this joint is tight!!!!

  • emitch

    This is nice. Has a J-Dilla vibe.

  • utumno

     Posdnous is one of the 3 from DeLaSoul…80’s group of hip hop pioneers