Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown

Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Changing Her Last Name to Houston?

With the recent loss of her mother, music legend Whitney Houston, 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina will have to grow up fast. According to some of her friends, Bobbi Kristina’s first “adult” decision will be to change her last name from “Brown” to “Houston”.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly doesn’t want anything to do with her famous father, Bobby Brown, and is looking to rid herself of her last name to cement her separation from her dad.

According to reports, Bobbi Kristina wanted to change her name to “Kristina Houston” years ago when her parents first split, but her mother didn’t allow it at the time. Now that Kristina is free to make her own decisions, friends say she is “anxious” to make the change.

This is a really sad story. I’m sure Bobbi Kristina has her reasons, but I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive her father one day.

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  1. rep87

    Very sad situation over there but every family has problems hope they can work this out and move on life is to short for problems you can work out if you just sit down and listen to each other

    • CARE2012

      How can you refer to another human like this plus making comment about her death. I wish you all the best in life… Mr. or Mrs PERFECT

  2. Antoine

    SMH…It would have been better if she said she wanted to change her name to Houston in honor of her mother. I could understand that! But to say she’s changing it because she doesnt want anything to do with her father makes it some silly, childish emotional sh*t to me. Whatever!

  3. AlbertoRipRon

    Everybody is trying to make news for themselves in Whitney Houston’s death.  Including her ignorant, selfish and spoiled daughter.  Shrugs, whatever b…ayo that Bumpy Knuckles EP is something fierce in other news


    dont be cruel?????
    p.s its her prerogative????

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  5. Shy HoodNerd Gibson

    I’m sure shes changing it to honor her mother. Believe the media if you want to. Everything is to be taken with a grain of salt unless it comes from the persons mouth. Damn…some people are really bitter and mean….

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