Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne One Of The Top 5 Grossing Artists Of 2011

(AllHipHop News) Billboard magazine recently released its list of the top 40 highest earning acts of 2011 and rappers Lil Wayne and Kanye West make appearances on the list.

Billboard ranked the top 40 highest earning acts of 2011, based mostly on tour sales.

The list also factors in digital and physical album sales for the past year as well.

Only two Hop-Hop artists made the list this year, with Lil Wayne raking in over $23 million, while Kanye West earned the number 39 spot with over $5 million in income.

Success for Lil Wayne came via his hit album the Tha Carter IV, which moved over 930,000 units in his first week in stores.

The rap star’s rigorous touring schedule also helped place high on the list, earning the rapper $23,178,722.

Lil Wayne’s income put him in the top five earners for 2011, following behind Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney, U2 and Taylor Swift, who topped the list this year with $35 million in earnings.

As for Kanye West, the Chicago rapper made a total of $5,363,661 in 2011.

West’s money came mostly from his albums My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne with Jay-Z, in addition to the Watch The Throne tour.

Other notable acts to make Billboard’s list include Usher (#35), Rihanna (#22), Adele (#10), Bon Jovi (#7) and Sade (#6).

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  • johnblacksad

    Young moola!

  • Apollo Showtime

    Damn, Ye did over $5 mill off records sales alone? Weezy hittin’ that touring circuit hard as usual, can’t be mad at that.

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  • The_REAL_realtalk

    This doesn’t appear to be TOTAL income made, just music-related revenue.  And the term “mostly on tour sales” makes me feel like they are using tour revenue and allotting it ALL to the artist, calling it a “gross”. When the FORBES list comes out, you’ll see the real numbers.

    One thing for sure. It’s good to be Taylor Swift. Someone needs to wife her up. Where’s Prodigy when you need him, LOL.

    • digitallife

      Forbes numbers are projections..Forbes has never seen a w2 form from any entertainer nor have they seen a royalties report…if you bothered to google it you’ll find that any entertainer on forbes in all likelihood has made considerably less money than forbes is listing..hell they had young dro earning $20 million one year when dude at max earned $2 million his biggest year.

  • MusicbIzsource

    this list is impossible. Jay and Ye were on tour and they did almost $2million a night combined. They also left of Drake who gets $400k a night on some shows.

    • digitallife

      you keep believing jay and ye earn a million a show each…i got the brooklyn bridge for sale as well.

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  • Swole Vike

    i see alot of hating going on lol the same formula they used to come up with wayne numbers is the same formula they used to come up with kanye numbers. Forbes  gonna include more than music of corse but when it come to straight music CM/YM is beating everybody else

    • The_REAL_realtalk

      Thats funny because I REREAD the 4 comments before yours and absolutely NO ONE threw any shade at this story at all.  So where you get this idea of hating?

      Why the heck are niggas so quick to use the “H” word?  Im serious. NO ONE HATED. LMBO!!!

    • Dre Thompson

      yes because they not really getting money outside of rap which is why they are trying to “expand”

  • BigSeannY

    Can’t knock the hustle.Lil Wayne is mainstream hiphop.Jy Z and Kayne West are mainstream,they are way past the underground hiphop era.

  • suge380

    It was a misprint everybody. LIL B!tch made 23 mill but he waiting on Baby and Slim to release the check. ROFL, everybody knows BMB don’t pay nobody. Just ask Juve, Turk, BG, and the producer that should have made more than any of them Manny Fresh. And this Dumb Azz is to high to ask “WHERE’S MY MONEY”.

    • Birdman been molesting Wayne since he was a lil kid..turned him into a strung out homo wearing womens clothes and kissin his ‘Daddy’ in the mouth..n ur right..Birdman keeps his hoe doped up so he stays easy to control, steal from and exploit


    well jay z i guess you loose this 1 with those high aa?ss ticket prices, you be charging] but wayne ho do you think you fooling you got their due to baby buying your album the tours i give you that but we all no you didnt really sell those album you must be outta your  mars mind???

    ¨°º¤ø„ ¸ ¨º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨
    _______REAL REAL
    _______T A L K

  • digitallife

    Ok now Kanye toured all year on those two albums and earned $5 million..Jay-Z toured all year and didn’t make the list..anyone still believe them fake ass forbes numbers? None of these dudes in my opinion are businessmen..they hire businessmen to use their money to make money do any of these dudes take an idea and create a business plan and then go raise funds for it themselves? Nope!! Not one of them!! Ain’t no businessmen in hip-hop…don’t care how big a celebrity you are ain’t no white investment banker handing you $20 million dollars investments without an ivy league degree don’t care who you are.

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