Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z Forget the Lyrics to “Empire State of Mind”?

Jay-Z is a man who does not seem easily shook. He’s been performing live for over 15 years, has played to sold out crowds at Madison Square Garden. and even sold out Yankee Stadium. This guy is a pro.

Well, according to several reporters who attended Jay-Z’s Amex Sync Show on Monday night in Austin, Texas during the SXSW Music Festival, Jay-Z forgot the lyrics to two of his biggest songs! Reports are saying that Hov forgot the words to his Grammy winner, “Empire State of Mind” as well as to the classic “Jigga What, Jigga Who”.

The concert received mixed reviews, with one reporter commenting, “The concert’s first half gave the impression of a man performing for a corporate-sponsored promo event. This was not the rapper’s finest 90 minutes.” – Wow, really?

Maybe Jay had an off night. We’re all entitled to those, aren’t we? Anyone see the show? Did Jigga really flub his lyrics?

  • therealest1

    Senile shit.


    That niggah saw a cat that look like sigel,
    And them 21st niggahs, in the crowd, and got paranoid.

    Where ever you go niggah mac will find ya
    I’m like yo shadow niggah. I’m right behind ya.

    The long beard gang, must have been spotted.

    • Adrian Barron

      too bad BEANS apologized …

      • EL_BARK

        Beans didnt apologize niggah.
        Wtf you talking bout.

        South philly niggas dont apologize for nothing we do.!!!!!

        Or philly niggaz in general might i add.

        The reporter, went and printed thay bull-shet for a story.
        And sigel saud he was misquoted….

        Truth is your man jay, soft as fuk…..
        Who grown ass man calls the cops on an another man ????

        Just saying……

      • Adrian Barron

        philly niggahs dont apologize (smh) … niggah STOP IT!!!
        CASSIDY didnt apologize to GILLIE lil azz
        GILLIE didnt apologize to BEANS
        BEANS didnt play “make up” with MIKE KNOX touched’em up
        TONE TRUMP apologized to MATH HOFFA after getting slapped

        think about that while i find this BEANS APOLOGY INTERVIEW

      • EL_BARK


        Philly cats beefing with each other, is differernt.
        And its not the same. Squashing a beef, & saying i sorry is to totally differernt things.

        Also show me the interview where mac said i am sorry to jay.

        Show me where cassidy apologize to gillie.

        Show me where gillie said ” i am sorry to sigel”

        Show me where beans apologize to mike knox.
        Or played make up.

        Also mike knox didnt knock beans outs, stop listening to wendy williams.

        Also tone trump is not from philly he is from norristown pa

      • Chrisblackusa

         jigga aint worried about nothing coming from philly,,,its a big world and big things is getting done,,,2012 is lovely so far,,,get them millz and leave the broke talk in the park,,,

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    You saw it here first in AHH comment..Jay-Z got Alltimers. Wow, if that ever becomes true.

    • its Alzheimers u fuckin retard

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Chase Harless…..Alltimers is joke. Take one already.

  • adam pitterson

    Old ass Jigga

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Also true

  • churchboy2

    Maybe Jay should write his lyrics down?

    • LetsBeRealpeople


  • Mos High

    Man why is jay z the only artist at his age who gets constant stupid jokes or comments about his age..why hmm ill answer crabs love to others back in the bucket. I don’t here anyone going at busts like that krs one or countless other brother who are (senior) in the hip hop game.  But if you don’t diss jay z people say you riding his sh#t.  I rate a man who go from hustling illegal products to makings tons of legit money.  My mentor in the street game always made mention of saving up your money and putting into something legit. I’m glad I followed that route. To many others now having nothing there cars gone clothes gone and just memories how good things were.  So for all you keep hating on a brother who has made a success.

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Because he used to make fun of rappers that were passed their prime until he became one, now he is on the business end of the target demographic. The young people see an old man, performing in young man’s medium. ” Mene Mene”

  • Adrian Barron

    JAY aint my man … thas TYE TYE man

    just remembered that battle rapping niggah TECH9 “apologizing” and offered to give the money back after HE won the damn battle – let me find that one 1st lol

  • Funny how some of the comments are making fun of Jay-Z’s age, while most of you are full-grown adults who can’t even spell correctly. “Alltimers”? Really? Couldn’t Google that?

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Alltimers is a joke/nickname. Jay Z used make fun of old rappers until his Kingdome Come album, where he called himself out on the issue. Keep being sensitve for Jay Z. I’m sure he appreciates it. Everyday.

      • Judging by the numerous comments you’ve made, it clearly sounds like you’re the sensitive one. 

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Maybe. You maybe right. I do love attention, more than I would say sensitive.

  • digitallife

    Stop making music, each album takes away from his greatness..sound is wayyyyy to pop and watered down..notice the trend and his next album supposed to be on some space age ishhh…i’ll pass. His last shot at my dollars was kingdom come…i’ve heard everything else since and it’s been meh…Just tour on your catalogue alone homie

  • Chrisblackusa

    there are very few elders in the hiphop world to emulate when it comes to business,,,jigga is from the 3rd wave in hiphop and is a good example of making things happen,,,alot of people it seems are just customers to their own culture and not doing the many business opportunities created hood to hood ,,state to state and country to country,,,,,pick ya face up,,its a 50 billion dollar a year culture and if you cant make a minimum of 6 figures a year in it somewhere then ya not thinking,,,,its something you cant look to the elders in the community for,,the eldest from the culture are from 55 down,,,and 99% of the 50s are from the nyc,,on the business side the south taught the culture how to flip the scrip on making the real money in this culture when it comes to the music,,,but im seeing some brilliance coming out the west ,,,,the money is in your hiphop peers around the world,,,,from tshirts to bracelets,,,the only part of the culture that hasnt been raped to smithereens is the writing on the wall,,,,

  • rep87

    Jay Z is one of a few artist who is not lipsynching his shit hell alot of rappers on stage with that track playing and mic off so if he fucked up a few lines who cares hes a professional he made up for it some how you will have a off night happens to the best of them !

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Jay-Z G.O.A.T or what we like to call Jay-Z Greatest Of All-Timers. Now be mad.

  • H. U. S.

    If I hadn’t seen it myself I’d be surprised, this happens to rappers no matter how great they are! I did security for some musicians…and this does happen, no biggie.

  • i saw the show live… they actually streamed it live. He DID forget the lyrics and they restarted the song. Its not in the edited version. They actually cut jigga what out of the video

  • nastinupe

    If I had that many songs to remember I’d forget too.  It’s not like he reads the words before every show for practice.  Heck, this is his side gig now, he just does it for fun.  

  • BlovedDestroyer

    why do you always ask questions???? that u already know the answer to????? gotdayum syd, seriously join the taliban and blow yourself up for us PRONTO!

    anyway, he forgot them shits @SXSW bc its an indie hipster jawn, and  mc camelhumpface was outa pocket tryna look “hip”  smh…its for the purists, not sold out old men tryna stay relevant.

  • Jay has a catalog as long as the Nile. He can forget sometimes.Give him break…

  • As a female…a female writing the “Rumors” section is just…ummm…

  • Leave the man alone people seem to forget he has a child keeping him up at night now!